School Is Over For The Summer – Now For Some Family Time

Well after five weeks of coaching, vocal technique, stage direction and language classes my Summer Opera School here in Italy drew to a close yesterday.
It was a fantastic day for me personally as my family flew out to watch my last two performances which made the day feel just that little bit more special.

Everything seemed to come together for me as I had been asked if I would like to perform the role of Gretel in the first two acts of the Englelbert Humperdink opera “Hansel and Gretel” in the final performance.  I could not believe my luck as this meant that not only did I get to play a lead role but on the same day that my family would be here to watch 😊. I had a fantastic time playing the role and the audience who were very supportive seemed to enjoy the production too.  My parents and brothers then took me out for tea and they all said how glad they were to make it in time to watch as they thought it was fabulous.  

I had to leave them in the restaurant and dash off back to the theatre for a rehearsal call at 20:15 for the last opera performance of the course. It was Puccini’s “Sour Angelica” and I again played the role of a pregnant novice.  It was a different more somber atmosphere for this production and quite a change from my afternoon role of Gretel.

When the curtain closed for the last time I could not believe how the time had passed so quickly and how much work we had all got through in the time we had. It has been a wonderful experience and I will take away so much from my time here. The help and guidance from the fabulous staff, the support and friendship of the students and for reinforcing in me my love of opera and my desire to pursue a career in this beautiful art.

As I am writing this I am about to go down for my evening meal with my family, tomorrow we make the trip south driving down through Italy on a family holiday.  Time to relax and recharge my batteries before I return to Scotland to start my final year of under graduate training. 

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments and for sharing this amazing experience with me, I will catch up with you all as time and the Internet permit😊


38 thoughts on “School Is Over For The Summer – Now For Some Family Time

  1. Charlotte, we are so pleased you enjoyed your 5 weeks in Italy.

    What a fabulous experience you have had,and made lots of new friends. Have a fabulous holiday relax and enjoy.xx😘😘

  2. I have so enjoyed hearing about all of your experiences this summer, Charlotte. Now go enjoy that precious time with your family!

  3. How lovely it all came together so well for the family visit and finale. I’m sure they were over the moon. You certainly have made the best of every opportunity granted you. Enjoy the holiday before your return to Scone-ny Botland and your final year!

  4. Support from loved ones & friends is insurmountable. All your friends are so nice. Wishing you Happy Holidays. Rejoice & be fortified for more.You are my “Sarah Brightman”.

  5. You look fabulous as Gretel, great outfit. Now….. Relax! Enjoy your family time and have a lovely holiday πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ

  6. Congratulations, Charlotte! It always makes achievements feel so much more worthwhile when we have family and friends there to see! Now, be sure you enjoy your summer holiday, and continue to have the best of luck in the future!

    Best regards,


  7. Congratulations again, Charlotte. I am so pleased you enjoyed your summer school and that you got to be in the final performance with your parents in the audience. I hope you have a happy and well-deserved holiday. With love, Clare x

  8. Hi Charlotte, that was quite a lot of learning and performing in a small amount of time. Family makes all the difference, so glad that they got to be there for you. Have a great vacation and come back to us when the time is right. Time to kick back and enjoy. Ciao for now, Darlene

  9. May the Lord bless you Charlotte with your family, and enjoy your time together. Families that pray together, stay together. I am so glad to see how great you are doing in your talents, and God has blessed you with a wonderful family to support you. Praying for your continued success!

  10. Now i’m going to have to go and see Hansel and Gretel to see what you had to do. The Suor Angelica is a strange opera, I saw the whole Trittico a few years ago at the ROH. The three operas really don’t go together, but each has it’s own special drama. Enjoy your much-deserved family down time.

  11. After all that work, I hope you have a lovely family holiday in sunny Italy before going back to Scotland for your final year. Enjoy your family break.

  12. How cool it must have been to have your family there to see your last performances in Italy ~ and also to have them there as you say goodbye to what must have been an experience to remember forever. Congratulations Charlotte and enjoy the family time!

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