20 Holiday photos, recharged, ready and raring to go!

My Sort Of House – Fiera di Primiero, Northern Italy.
Fiera di Primiero, Trentino in the northern Italian region.

Having spent a beautiful day exploring together with my family in Fiera di Primiero on Sunday 9th August, Dad drove down to Bologna early on Monday, hairpin bends, narrow roads edged with mountains (you get the picture!), breathtaking scenery and a thunder storm on our arrival! We continued south on the Tuesday afternoon and arrived in the busy port of Civitavecchia near Rome in the late afternoon and found the hotel and decided to try out the restaurant as it specialised in locally caught seafood and fish.

The Port Of Civitavecchia in the central Italian region of Lazio.

After joining the ship for a seven night cruise at Civitavecchia (the port of Rome), our first stop was at Livorno, Italy where we travelled inland to Florence.  It was great to go back and enjoy the beauty and history of the city.

The Streets Of Florence
The ‘Ponte Vecchio’ over the Arno River from the aria ‘O Mio Babbino Caro’.

We then travelled to Cannes in France and went ashore by tender (one of the ships many lifeboats) into the small port.  It was great to explore the old part of the town and visit the market and practise our French.

Cannes – In The Old Town
Cannes – The Flower Market

From Cannes we made the trip to Palma, Majorca, we only had four hours in the port so had a short time to walk around before it was time to leave for Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona was an interesting mix of old and new with some beautiful buildings and interesting sites.  We left the main tourist area and had a search for a quieter restaurant.  I plucked up the courage and sampled a local paella which I shared with my Mum it was delicious.


The Gaude Museum – Barcelona

Following Barcelona we had a day at sea to rest and relax before arriving in Naples, Italy on Tuesday 18th Aug.  We had all been looking forward to this stop as we were to see the ancient city of Pompeii.  I had read about the site and was curious to see the excavations and get a feel for the way the city must have been back before the eruption in 79AD.  It was both interesting and a little unnerving at the same time, especially when we got to see the artefacts and plaster casts of the remains.

The Gladiator Training Arena – Pompeii in the Campania region, once a thriving Roman city.
Pompeii – In The Musical Amphitheatre – so tempted to burst into song.
It Got Really Hot, our tour guide was a fabulous archaeologist, very interesting.
I Finally Found Some Shade.
The Day At Sea – On Our Way To Naples

We arrived back at Civitavecchia on the 19th and then travelled in to Rome for the last couple of days.  It was lovely to walk around at our own pace and explore a little more of the city.

Rome, it was raining when we arrived but it soon got very, very hot!


Renovations At ‘The Coliseum’ also known as the Flavian Ampitheatre in the centre of the City of Rome
Playing Statues with my brothers Tom and Matt who looks like he’s about to somersault off
On The Spanish Steps

It was fabulous to spend a little time with my family, relaxing, celebrating birthdays and enjoying exploring the languages, arts and culture.

I missed my train back to Glasgow on Friday afternoon, we were delayed at Rome airport two hours and I had to drive back quite late, which was exhausting, as I had a recital in Edinburgh on Saturday (the header picture is me just before the concert), but I’m now back in Glasgow and raring to go, batteries recharged and feeling energised for the start of the new term and my final year as an undergraduate.

Tim Edmundson, Beth Jerem, Robert Forrest, Me and Michael Gibson

70 thoughts on “20 Holiday photos, recharged, ready and raring to go!

    1. Thanks Dianne, I wrote the first part of the post last week but the Internet on the boat gobbled up the post because of the pictures I loaded, luckily I’d done the text in notebook so it didn’t take so long this evening ☺️. You’d be surprised how often I refer back to blog posts to remind me when I’m writing biographies for concerts and trying to remember dates of previous events, so glad I kept it up now.
      Best wishes

  1. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of Italy. It is such a wonderful place to visit. We went there last year and loved it!!

    1. The people are so lovely and patient with me practising my beginners Italian on them, I’m quite good at ordering food now 😀. The beauty of each region is quite unique I love it.
      Best wishes

  2. WOW … your photos really give a great idea of the places you visited. It was almost like a Travel Brochure. I’m so envious of your opportunities, but am enjoying the fun through your pictures and blog. So glad you’re sharing it all with us here at the blog.

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I thought of you a couple of times there, you would love the art shops and ideas. I got some great ideas to update my home made pictures. It was a special birthday for my Mum and Matt’s 25th the following day, just a wonderful treat.
      Best wishes

  3. Looks like a fantastic vacation with the family. The photos are beautifully done. Great family photo too. New look (?) looks good on you.
    Nice to see you back, Charlotte.

    1. Just a bit of a tan ☺️, impossible to keep up in Glasgow lol. My winter woollies will be coming out soon.
      It’s good to be back, a busy year ahead.
      Best wishes

  4. What a wonderful trip, it’s great to be able to go ashore at the different stops, and get a feel for the places, if only for a short while. I bet you enjoyed all the different cities, especially Barcelona.

    1. I absolutely loved this break, every time we went ashore Matt’s phone log said we walked around ten miles, we crammed so much in, making sure we tried local foods, and got off the beaten tracks, although Dad took a wrong turn in Palma which gets a bit scary when you’re told the boat will leave without you if you’re late!
      Best wishes

    1. Hello ☺️ it was a really interesting seven weeks, I learnt such a lot, not just the vocal coaching but the culture, atmosphere, my photos don’t do the places we visited justice. Au revoir 😀,
      My best wishes

    1. It was so tasty, very intense flavour, my Mum ordered a tomato and tuna salad but couldn’t resist helping me out to eat it all. I’m so lucky my parents still take us away with them ☺️.
      Best wishes

  5. What a fun vacation – all the sites I hope to see someday. And so much better to do it with your family! It looks like you had great fun – loved the Statues picture – and hope you get some rest while you are settling in at school again.

    1. I can so recommend that vacation, although if you have time the two week tour sounded brilliant.
      I’m not known as Cinderella for nothing I start to get sleepy before 11pm 😄. I was so ready for the break from singing, as I really made the most of the five week opera course. I’ve had to turn down a number of wonderful opportunities this end of summer/autumn season so that I can pace myself so I know what you mean, thank you for looking out for me.
      Best wishes

  6. Nice Photos !!
    Especially the statues,
    Where Matt( i think ),
    Is The Hercules,
    Holding The Invisible Globe !!
    Thanks for sharing Angel Charlotte Hoather.

    1. There I was thinking Matt was larking around but now I see he was taking things seriously lol 😆.
      You will love Italy Terry, which part are you going to?
      Best wishes

  7. Thank you, Charlotte, for the beautiful pics! I feel like I was right there with you! I especially liked the Ponte Vechio in Florence which is an important element in Dan Brown’s latest book, “Inferno” (yes, I am a fan — a guilty pleasure!). Michael

    1. Florence is a beautiful City. I love Tom Hanks in Dan Brown’s movies, he’s very believable and multi-dimensional. Let me know how ‘Inferno’ is.
      Bert wishes

  8. Beautiful, and great to see you having fun with your family in Italy. What a blessing the Lord is allowing you to have. Continue to thank the Lord, and as the Apostle Paul said, when in Rome, act like the Romans, who had great faith.

  9. What a fun holiday, Charlotte! I love cruises, but I have only been on transatlantic ones so far. Someday I will go on a Mediterranean one. I would have been tempted to burst into song in that arena too! Best wishes for your final year!

    Best regards,


  10. Yay! Boats! Cake all around! Does it feel odd being on a ship for long stretches of time? Can you tell that you’re on the water? Did you buy any souvenirs…like a mug or keychain or a container of dirt? Italian food is my favorite. I’d like to visit Italy because I heard they have the real good stuff. “Waiter…I would like extra cheese on EvErYtHiNg!” haha 🙂

    1. You hardly notice you’re on a boat, I like to walk around the boat and look over at the sea. I bought a rosary for a friend. I love Italian food too but the paella was super.
      Lots of cheese 😋.
      All my best wishes

  11. Great pics and I enjoyed seeing all these places I hope to visit one day. I am sure you are also enjoying the temporary tan!

    As for you plans, I think you are spot-on. Sometimes it is better to recharge and concentrate on a few things instead of constantly trying to do everything and burning yourself out.

    Here is to another productive year!

  12. Looks like you and the family had a great time touring Italy. I so loved your photographs. Now, refreshed and renewed, back to dear old Scottish weather and the final year. What is it the Americans say? – Confidence is High!

    1. Thanks John, it’s surprisingly nice weather in Glasgow this past week, although it’s threatening to rain right at the moment.
      Hope you’re well.
      Best wishes

  13. Lovely photos! What a packed and busy holiday – I hope you are refreshed if not rested! I love the black dress with the gold decoration in that last photo – you look gorgeous! Best of luck with the new term, Charlotte!

  14. Glad you’ve had a marvellous summer, Charlotte. All the best for your final undergrad year and I’m sure, a step closer to a most promising future. FYI, Pavel Kolesnikov is coming to my city Calgary in Sept. for an open air public concert to mark another Honens Piano Competition, which he won in 2012.

  15. Great series of photos ~ your smile gives away the fun you had and the beauty you saw during your travels. I especially like the first shot of ‘your type of house’ that was a bit funny as I could see it 🙂 Cheers!

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