An Evening Event In Edinburgh

It has been a frantic weekend getting prepared for the start of my final year as school opens again tomorrow, all the new fresher’s will be there, lots of excitement and nerves. It will be exciting to catch up with everyone after the summer break and finalise my timetable. I have a module audition too so keep your fingers crossed for me.

It is such an important year for all us fourth year students, with our auditions coming up over the coming months for entry on to Master’s courses next year or alternate paths we need to prepare for. So lots to do and plenty of repertoire to prepare ready for the challenge.

We have fabulous teachers here at the Conservatoire who just love to help bring the best out of us. Which is why I am so excited about the start of term and can’t wait to see what the year ahead has in store for me.

I have been asked by the Edinburgh Society of Musicians to perform for them at a concert to be held at their recital room at 3 Belford Road, Edinburgh at 19:30 pm on Saturday 21st November 2015 and if any of you are in the area I would love to see you there, I’m hoping to do the full Haugtussa cycle of eight songs in the first half of the program with a few surprises in the second half.


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  1. I’ve only been to Edinburgh twice, but I really enjoyed it, and it’s an attractive place to be on a Saturday night. But sadly, I’m not free. I’m sure it will be a great success, and a great joy for you. Fare well.

    1. Thank you Martin, I’ve an hours program to prepare ☺️. I’ve an event more local to you in the Spring with Russell Lomas. George and I are hoping to arrange more bookings to help towards fees and living costs around out studies.
      Best wishes

  2. Great shre, thanks a lot Charlotte ! finger crossed and all the best for you and George ! 21 November in Scotland…. could be a nice title for a photographies serial….. Have a wonderfull week !

  3. The exciting times continue, and that is a lovely poster. If you keep mementoes of successes and performances, you are going to start having problems as to where to store them – before your actual career even starts!

    1. That’s where my blog comes in very handy to store my memories. I’ve had to turn down a couple of offers for concerts this term because they clash with auditions, which is always a worry that the offers don’t get repeated!
      Best wishes

      1. So much better that than the fate often suffered by artistes of waiting sadly for some opportunity or offer to turn up! And when YOU turn THEM down, you can almost be sure it puts you in even higher demand.

  4. What a great event this will be for you. Luck of course has little to do with it, but I wish you good luck on top of the talent and hard work you will bring to the recital!

  5. That is a lovely photo. It would be so wonderful to be able to hear and see you and George in concert, alas that is a bridge too far at this time. Hope that school won’t be too chaotic. How are the plants doing?

    1. The plants are doing really well ☺️🌸🌺 sadly one didn’t make it 😕. Thank you we’re practising new songs as well as working on the Haugtussa from the masterclass we did in Norway. Wish you could be there too.
      Best wishes

  6. It sounds like a very interesting and challenging year,dear Charlotte.Have a nice start,my sweet friend!Hope you have every possible success in the module audition and not only.I’d love to attend the concert in November,your participation is going to be significant,but our plans for travelling to Scotland are postponed.Best wishes always 🙂

  7. Charlotte, I am far, far away in southern Georgia, but I have been to your lovely Edinburgh and I would so love to be there for your concert! You are a beautiful very talented lady and I’m thankful the Lord has blessed you so much. May you experience His love in the richest way as you start this exciting year.

  8. Hope the module audition went well today. Good luck with the recital. An hour’s programme!! How exhausting! I wish you the best of good fortune in this, your final year. I hope you get plenty of opportunities to gain experience and also plenty of money to put toward your Masters!
    Best wishes,
    Clare x

    1. Thank you Clare it was hard work to get into shape for the audition but I passed with a strict panel so I’m very happy. Thanks for your good wishes for this year, the reality of Masters funding has been brought into focus for me if I’m fortunate to be offered a place. I’m very grateful for all the support I’ve had from my friends that I’ve connected with on my blog ☺️.
      Best wishes

  9. The final and most important year ~ you’ve done it all Charlotte, gaining experience and confidence and getting as much as you can out of life…this next year is going to be amazing and look forward to all your successes!

    1. I love that expression Randall ‘getting the most out of life’ it’s like our family motto. Thank you for your confidence, I may be looking back over these lovely words in the next few months ☺️.
      Best wishes

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