3rd Blog Anniversary/The Passage of Time



File-13-03-2016,-19-00-16_ppThanks to a notification from WordPress I just realised this week in March is my third blog anniversary! This will be my 290th post.

At the end of March 2013 I was advised by a blog friend to set up a Twitter page to share my blog posts and music which I did that month, in July 2013 I joined Facebook, then Google+ what an adventure, so many connections, thank you all for visiting with me, I appreciate you all spending time here.



I hadn’t got a clue what I was doing when I first started writing my blog, in fact there were several months delay from when I first thought of keeping an on-line diary to actually publishing it.  Who’d have guessed how much I’ve enjoyed it, meeting all of you wonderful people, learning about all your passions and seeing so many of you successfully publishing books, your art turned into silk scarves, clothing and bedding, wall art, graphics. I’ve learnt about POWs, life stories, crystals, photography, gardening, cooking, DIY, music, farming, Greece and Greek mythology, India, Bollywood, China, surfing,  I could go on and on so much information, the community on WordPress is just amazing.  It helps me to be a more reflective thinker and encourages me to have a real awareness of myself. I would recommend blogging even if you just want to post very infrequently but still want to keep in touch with on-line friends.

This training I do is hard and very challenging and on some days when I’m emotionally drained I can always read the messages on my blog and read your blogs and get a positive boost of energy from you all.  I’m very thankful and I miss it if I’m too busy to visit as much as usual.

Can you believe my undergraduate course finishes in just over three months! It’s all coming to a head.  My ballet module was completed successfully, I’m so happy about that. Now I’m working on a module in Italian Opera History. I also have a performance/oral examination on my submitted research project. I have no academic writing scholars in my family to pick the brains of so I have to hit the books it’s been a really steep learning curve for me but very enjoyable.

The Four Gravatars That I have Used Since Starting Blogging
One tip to any new bloggers reading, please, please, please put your blog information in your gravatar so when fellow bloggers are exploring we can click through the links easily.  Some of your blogs have disappeared and I hope it’s not just the link that’s missing so if you haven’t heard from me in a while let me know.

Thank you all once again I couldn’t do it without your support and encouragement.

103 thoughts on “3rd Blog Anniversary/The Passage of Time

  1. Happy birthday blog ! Thanks you for your time, your nice share, it’s always a pleasure to read you, I learned many things by reading you and I hope that it will last a long time! Merci Mademoiselle ! , best thoughts for you!

  2. Happy anniversary, and keep on bloggin’! Your energy, enthusiasm, and always cheerful smile are an inspiration to us all, Charlotte. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Peter, I really do believe in smile and laugh as much as you can even in the face of adversity and challenge. Blogging has been a really creative process for me in so many ways.

      Best wishes

  3. Happy Anniversary! I am grateful to have found you. Here’s to many more years of bountiful blogging!! <3

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  5. I saw cupcakes. And sparkles! 🙂 Happy Birthday, Charlotte’s blog. I’m happy the ballet module was the bee’s knees. Italian Opera History? Do you get Italian food with that? That would be swell. All of your hard work is paying off. We’re all still rooting for you.

    1. Any excuse to put pink cupcakes and sparkles on my blog and I’m taking it. I was so proud of that ballet result and now I’m back into ballet practice so that’s great. I wish I did get Italian food with it that would be super. Thank you I’m rooting for you too.

      Best wishes

  6. You’re a year ahead of us. It’s 2 years this month since we started, and I agree with you on how much fun and how interesting it is. I agree also with your request to bloggers to put their blog link on their gravatar to make it easy to click through. Hope you have a wonderful time in London. And here’s another great Australian singer, Nicole Car. Have you heard of her?

  7. Congratulations Charlotte, and thanks for letting us in on these years of your life. I’ve loved every minute of the ride, the conversations, and the delight that shines through everything you post, and here’s to more and more. And incidentally, a photo of you and your smile lights up any day. Keep it up, Scorpio Girl.

    1. Thank you Martin, we Scorpios must stick together, did you know one of our main positive traits is being able to focus and keep on our path. We won’t discuss the negatives 😀

      Best wishes

  8. Happy Anniversary for 3 years of wonderfully insightful and fun times blogging. It has been a pleasure to listen to and to read your Blog Charlotte,

  9. Happy Anniversary and congratulations for successfully completing your ballet module! I wish you all the best for the last few months at Glasgow; I know you will do really well! I really enjoy reading your blog and love listening to your recordings too.
    With love,
    Clare x

    1. Thank you so much Clare, it has been lovely getting to know you and reading about your girls and learning more about your area. I appreciate your support I really do.

      Best wishes

    1. Thank you Colin, I do feel it’s an achievement in itself, I like the discipline of blogging and trying to think of innovative things to discuss rather than just repeating myself. Thank you for tagging along.

      Best wishes

  10. Congratulations on your third year. You’re five months ahead of me. And thanks for keeping us up on your growth. It’s always a pleasure to see your work. Oh, and thanks again for the follow and sticking with my blog for as long as you have. Like you, I really appreciate my followers. I am very fortunate at having such quality folks with me.

    1. Reading your blog helps me to improve my writing. I have learnt so much from your creative corner. I hope you can stick with me for the rest of the adventure.

      Best wishes

    1. Thank you Janice, I hope so, the new prospectus from the Royal Conservatoire says ‘Life is not a rehearsal’ I’m so happy now I have a record of my adventures here to look back on.

      Best wishes

    1. Time does fly by. I know you’re really busy at the moment so thank you keeping in touch, I hope you’re looking forward to your Easter break.

      Best wishes

    1. Thank you very much, it was lovely seeing your little red wellies, notwithstanding that I’ve been naughty not keeping in touch with you it’s great to hear from you again.

      Best wishes

  11. Fabulous Charlotte, you are a inspiration to lots of us.
    I love your blogs, they are so interesting is like reading your diary.. X

  12. We are so happy for you Charlotte, and we enjoy reading your Blog. I too Blog, and it is a form of therapy for me. I also would encourage others to Blog, for me as a minister, it is a great way to share the good news of the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So may the Lord continue to bless you with your education and your music career.

    1. Thank you Rev Tim for your kind encouragement and continued support, I agree with you that writing a blog is a great way to share what you love with others and long may you continue.
      Best wishes

  13. Three years! I can’t believe it; how time flies. You’ve shared so many wonderful bits of knowledge and fun experiences through your blog, too–Italian Opera History sounds incredibly interesting, do post about it if you get the chance (but I know how busy you must be, last three months of the program). Good luck with the research project, exams, etc.–I know you’ll do well as always!

    Best regards,


    1. Thank you Cate I am incredibly busy, learning new rep and studying, I have my opera scene tomorrow that I’m excited about. Thank you for keeping in touch I know you’re busy too.
      Best wishes

  14. Happy anniversary, blogger! I’ve enjoyed your blog so much, and I play Canzoni d’Amore regularly. I look forward to following your career as both a singer and someone who writes wonderfully well about music.

  15. The journey thus far had been both enjoyable and exciting. It has been a wonderful experience to share it with you. I look forward to what the next three years may bring.

  16. Your blog has been one of the great delights of my blogging life (I think it’s about my third anniversary now too). It will be such fun following your career and I know it is only a matter of time before I see you in performance.

  17. Heartfelt congratulations, Charlotte. You’re prolific. And terrific. Your wonderful songs would brighten the darkest of days. Warmest wishes.

  18. Wow Charlotte, it’s an inspiration just reading this! I’m on a on-and-off relationship with WordPress too, and still learning it’s so many functions. Just today, I received a post that I have 5 likes .. Am so thrilled! 🙂 🙂 I think it’s just great to have friends walking the journey together!

    I haven’t the chance to run through all your posts, but I certainly will!

    Keep posting!

    1. When I first started I played around with themes and tried new gadgets but I stick to a similar format now. Thanks for your message and I hope that you get chance to return.
      Best wishes

  19. Happy blogging anniversary, Charlotte! You have a blog to be proud of – as well as several other social media sites. I love my blog, but I’ve only just started on Twitter, so I’ll be sure to follow you on that site. 🙂

  20. Happy Anniversary! Mine will also be three soon. I will have to remember to acknowledge it in some way.

    I have been buried in work this year and so not as attentive as I like to be — forgive me. But I do get around to it. Thank you for being so regular at my place and commenting. I truly appreciate your friendship.

    Before I forget, Charlotte, that background and colour in your first photo above is YOUR colour. Wow, you look gorgeous and getting more so every day.


    1. Thanks Beth, the time flies doesn’t it, I did think about linking some of my old favourite posts but I didn’t get time. You’re most welcome I love your blog and photographs, Matt enjoyed your LA posts and has made notes of all your recommendations. I appreciate you too and your help and guidance.
      I love strong pink and you can’t go wrong with a bit of sparkle thrown in hehe.
      Best wishes

  21. Once again, I am late to the party, but happy blog anniversary, Charlotte! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your musical (and non-musical) adventures over the last couple of years, and I look forward to reading about your future ones. 🙂
    (PS: Just out of curiosity, how did you find my blog, anyway?)

    1. It’s been such a long time Stephanie I can’t remember, if I’m checking out say poetry I put poetry in the reader and read and follow interesting blog posts.
      I hope you’re having a lovely Easter.
      Best wishes

  22. So,so busy. But such wonderful and fulfilling challenges. These are experiences you will always remember and cherish.

    I never thought of blogs as a way to understand the world around me. But you are really right. Loved reading this post your energy comes shining through.

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