Opera Scenes – Cosi fan Tutte

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On Thursday alongside my fellow 4th year undergraduate students we performed in a scene from “Cosi fan Tutte”.  It was the finale from Act 1 and I performed the part of Fiordiligi  with Inkeri Kallio as Doribella. The other performers were :

Don Alfonso – Jack Sandison
Ferrando – Robert Forrest
Guglielmo – Timothy Edmundson
Despina – Xinhui Lai

In the opera Don Alfonso makes bet with two younger men, Ferrando and Guglielmo that all women are fickle and are easily tempted.  As the two men believe their fiancés, Fiordiligi and Doribella, are loyal and faithful they see this as an easy bet to win and decide to play along. Pretending to have been called up to go to war the two men agree to return in disguise and attempt to tempt the others fiancé.  Will the deception work? Will the two sisters succumb to the advances of their new suitors?

In the scene that we performed Despina the maid had been persuaded by Don Alfonso to help him win his bet.  She works with the two men who are now disguised as two Albanians to tempt the two sisters to stray.  As part of the deception the two men threaten to poison themselves if Fiordiligi and Doribella do not accept their amorous advances. After refusing their efforts Ferrando and Guglielmo pretend to take the poison and Despina (now disguised as a doctor) saves them from dying.

Pretending to be under the effects of the poison the two men demand a kiss form the sisters who adamantly refuse.  Fearing the bet will be lost both Don Alfonso and the disguised Despina encourage the two sisters to agree to the amorous demands as the Act draws to a close.

I had a great time with everyone 🙂


Then after school I packed up for the weekend as we had to travel to Reading in Berkshire for a concert which was on Friday, 18th March.

George Todica was both accompanying me in the concert and also playing three piano pieces by Franz Liszt, Maurice Ravel and George Enescu.  We arrived in the afternoon and after being shown the recital room we warmed up before getting changed for the performance. During the afternoon we had a look around the beautiful arts centre which was buzzing with life and a fantastic credit to the community.

During our performance we were made to feel so welcome by the enthusiastic audience and the evening just flew by.  We met so many lovely people and enjoyed chatting with them after the concert about the music that we performed.  I would like to say a special thank you to Penny and Brian for their hospitality.


48 thoughts on “Opera Scenes – Cosi fan Tutte

  1. Great, nice news, nice and interesting share, thanks a lot Charlotte. And congratulations to you and George and your singers friends ! All the best for you

    1. Thank you Pascal, we’ve been trying to get a few bookings together to raise funds for ongoing studies, we got fabulous feedback from the event organiser and he said he’d love to have us back so that was brilliant.

      Best wishes

  2. Great update. Looks like you had a grand time. Your lavender gown is adorable… Played your posted song, and was transported. I am honored to watch your career blossom before my very eyes. Cheers.

    1. It was great fun. I missed your message in my notifications but yes I’d love a card, should I order the book direct from you or on-line what’s best I need it in hard copy not e-book he doesn’t have a kindle.

      Best wishes

  3. Cosi is so difficult, in so many different ways, and Fiordiligi is is one of the toughest Mozart roles. But that finale is so much fun! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. You look lovely in that pretty lavender dress! I love Cosi! It must have been such fun performing that scene. I am so pleased the concert in Reading was such a success. Well done to you and George!
    Best wishes,

    1. I’ve not been so busy at the RCS this year with school projects John so it was great to be involved in these opera scenes I really enjoyed working on the project.

      Best wishes

  5. Wish I could have seen it.
    Reading the ‘Women are fickle’ bit, I immediately thought of La Donna e Mobile, but of course that’s Verdi different!

    1. I wish it was recorded so that I could share it, we were proud of the end result. Rigoletto is on my must see list, not had the opportunity yet.

      Best wishes

  6. Hmm. It is not good to play around with relationships like that. Are your shoes pink? Shiny. I noticed that three of you are wearing all black in the photos. Though, two in the foreground are wearing normal clothing. Is there a reason behind that?

    1. No it’s not good. Yes they are pink, you can never go wrong with pale pink shoes they go with everything hehe. The black outfits Keri and I were wearing was to suggest that we missed our boyfriends so much we were practically in mourning. Jack was in a suit to suggest he was a wise man. Xinhui’s character was a maid and the boys were in colour as they were in disguise. I don’t own many black clothes so it’s always a challenge when I’m asked to wear all black.

      Best wishes

  7. What a great moment to share with your friends ~ and you simply are a princess playing a perfect role, the audiences will continue to throw love your way 🙂

  8. I saw Cosi Fan Tutte with my father at Lincoln Center years back. It was one of the ‘new’ Opera productions that use minimalist costumes and sets? Different! But, the music and story come through magnificently, none the less. I would have loved to see your version of it. which seems similarly done, coincidentally.

    1. Thanks Beth, I’d like to watch it too from the audience viewpoint. I saw the full production at my conservatoire they did a wonderful job of it.

      Best wishes

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