Happy Easter

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I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and I hope that you have had a fabulous time. I travelled home for the weekend along with my two brothers Matthew and Thomas to chill out and relax ahead of what is going to be a rather busy few months.

We braved the weather and had a walk around Chester which is beautiful old city close to where my parents live.  I have posted a few pictures of our day out to try and capture some of the history of the city but to really take it all in you just have to come and visit.


Chester Cathedral


The Clock Tower


The Famous Chester Rows ( Covered Walkways )



Inside the Grosvenor Centre with Matt, Tom and Anna

On Wednesday 30th March I will be performing alongside some old friends at Walton Hall in Warrington and if the rehearsals are anything to go by it will be a wonderful evening.

Walton-Hall-Concert There is plenty more to come and I will keep you posted as we get closer to each event.

I have posted a recent recording of “Quando M’en Vo” from Puccini’s “La Boheme” which I hope you enjoy listening too.

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    Happy Easter


      Thank you Jovina. I’ve never used strawberries in a salad, I prefer them with a bit of sugar on even though my Mum goes mad and says they’re sweet enough!

      Best wishes


    And a very happy Easter to you fair maid.

    Annette Rochelle Aben March 28, 2016 at 8:54 pm

    What great fun! Glad you were able to spend Easter with your family and yes, this looks like some place I would enjoy visiting. Beautiful song, one of my favorites. <3


    Happy Easter. It looks cold…


      It was a bit chilly Eric but luckily the rain held off for most of the visit. The old shops that have covered walkways are a great idea because you get fresh air and keep quite warm and it’s always nice to stand and watch the musicians and minstrels there. Sadly lots of the shops on the upper row that used to be full are now empty 🙁

      Best wishes


    Hi, A Happy Easter too! The photos are lovely… the town looks historic and interesting. Have a wonderful family time, Charlotte. 🙂


    I’ve always loved Chester. It would have been far better than the new Batman/Superman film which I watched this afternoon. Don’t let anyone talk you into going and seeing it, it would be more fun washing dirty dishes.


    Bit late but all the best to you andchope you have had a nice time with your family must say you are doing well and you look great xxx

    Douglas Matamoros March 28, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    Looking good, Regards to YOU from Miami, Florida
    Douglas Matamoros


    I thought I recognised Chester! Happy Easter xx


    Nice to see and hear you ! Beautiful place, very interesting… 🙂 A nice depth and alot of harmonics in this recording, your voice magnified my dear. The best for you, and best thoughts to accompany you for the 30 …. and always!


      Merci Pascal, we were really excited to be allowed to record some songs at the Edinburgh Society of Musicians recently, very grateful as their room is great and it’s nice to record with a grand piano.

      Best wishes


    Happy Easter! The town looks gorgeous! I like old historic towns. Next time in the UK I’ll have to put it on the itinerary. I enjoyed the Puccini you posted. Good luck on your Wednesday performance.


      Thank you Trent, I’m singing a new song cycle at the concert so that’s always exciting, I’m pleased you enjoyed the Puccini I’ve enjoyed working on it.

      Best wishes


    Happy Easter and Happy Spring, Charlotte. You always look like you’re having a blast!


      My Mum and Dad go all out to give us nice treats when we all visit like this. My family have the same sense of humour as me so it is always a blast.

      Best wishes


    Happy Easter to you. Listening to your record and enjoying it now..


    Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family. Xo


    Thanks for the tour of Chester. Looks a little chilly there.


    Looks like a great day out, happy Easter Charlotte x


    Great old city captured in some beautiful photos. Thanks Charlotte.


      Thanks Gary, there is so much to see and do in Chester you can walk all around the old city walls and see Chester race track, the Cathedral and the River it really is lovely.

      Best wishes


    Hope you had the time of your life!!


    Dear Charlotte, Happy Easter! Chester is a very lovely place indeed. Especially as a background for a pretty lady’s photo.


    Beautiful. I am glad you are adding various musical pieces to your posts. I only know Chester because I read the Cadfael series. Can’t believe I drove all around it and never got there. Sniff.


      I’m glad you enjoyed my recording Dianne. It’s just a good excuse for another visit sometime. There’s a fabulous Designer Outlet village nearby in Ellesmere Port too. I got a couple of great bargains.

      Best wishes


    Beautifully sung, Charlotte! Thank-you for the tour of Chester – it brought back some happy memories of a visit we made a few years ago. Happy Easter!


    Happy belated Easter Charlotte:)


    Beautiful pics! Glad you’ve had a wonderful time at Easter. The weather looked quite chilly though, wasn’t it? May the blessings of Easter be with you always, Charlotte!


    Excellent pics, dear Charlotte… you look beautiful as always.
    I also enjoyed listening to “Quando M’en Vo” from Puccini’s “La Boheme”, great performance… Sending love and all my best wishes!. Aquileana 😀


    Happy (belated) Easter! 🙂
    Looks like you had fun in Chester. And those pictures really make me want to go visit!


    You look wonderful in Chester ~ what a special place, great photos…and of course what fantastic way to spend a Sunday listening to your voice. Wishing you a great spring ahead.


      My Dad’s iphone did a good job. Thank you for listening to my recording I’ve been working more on the song. I’m really enjoying Spring so far and the lighter nights are just super.

      Best wishes


    love the pics so beautiful love the timber framed buildings


      Thank you, we really should look after some of our old heritage buildings more and not allow ugly replacement buildings. I’ve always liked the upper walkways and the hidden shops and little stairways.

      Best wishes


        I agree with you those heritage buildings should be cared for and not let go. Me and my fiance are wanting to build us a timber framed house when we get our land. They are gorgeous.


    WHat a lovely smile and photos. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.


    Really interesting developments in your voice, Charlotte, I find this very exciting.


    What beautiful pictures! I love the one of you on Godstall Lane, Chester’s romantic heart. Now isn’t that fitting for an opera singer? Lovely post. A belated Happy Easter!


      I love red and pink, hence the trousers and trainers but I’m told they don’t go, so whenever I see them together I can’t resist a pic. There was a violinist playing and I wanted to join in from the balcony but I resisted.

      Best wishes


    Happy (belated) Easter to you, too, Charlotte. What wonderful photos of one if my favourite places to visit. You obviously had a fabulous time there. Your voice is such a delight to hear, Thank you for posting that lovely recording.


    Hope you had a beautiful Easter, Charlotte. This looks like such a great place to visit. Love that cathedral!


    Lovely, Charlotte!

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