The Tour Hits The Road

This week I have had such a wonderful time! Continuous blue skies with a sprinkling of sun rays and the opportunity to perform for a variety of audiences.


On Monday morning, before taking ‘The Little White Town of Never Weary’ on tour we performed the show at the Scottish Opera Studios in Glasgow, for staff of the institution and a local primary school. My lovely teacher Judith Howarth also came along to support me and gave me some great pointers to aid my singing.

Francis Thorburn, Me, Stuart Semple and John Kielty ( copyright Tim Morozzo )

This was very exciting as it was our first public practise in costume to iron out any wrinkles, but more importantly to make sure it was entertaining for the target audience of 5-8 year old children. To add to the nerves, it was recorded for Scottish Opera records and the wonderful photographer Tim Morozzo took some snaps of it for promotion. The piece ran smoothly and the children were really enthusiastic and enjoyed the jokes which was very exciting ahead of our first public performances. As a company we were able to relax into the characters and take more risks during the later run. After the performance we stayed in costume and created this short video to advertise the show. It was fun to work with camera! A new experience for me.

Iain Piercy ( one of the set designers )

On Wednesday morning at 10:00 I performed my final recital of my undergraduate degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. It took place in the Stephenson Hall and some of my family were able to come and watch, along with some friends and staff from the school. Who all gave me lovely feedback afterwards. I performed alongside George Todica, who did an amazing job of the accompaniment. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I will always remember the lessons I have learnt during my time at the RCS.



After this I got changed quickly and made a mad dash to the Scottish Opera Building and I travelled to Kirkcudbright with Jane and Ian who very kindly took me with them so I didn’t have to drive after my adrenaline filled morning. We had a lovely trip in the most beautiful countryside. After lunch I went straight into a rehearsal in the new performance space so that the company and I were ready for our opening performance on Thursday morning.


In between performances we were able to relax in the beautiful town, everyone was wonderful company. We took some lovely walks around the town and I visited the toll booth clock and Jessie M King’s house which both inspired the stage design for the opera.

By Saturday lunchtime we had performed five shows and then my family and George and Alex came and watched the public show in the afternoon. It was such a treat to perform for them and they got stuck in and helped the young children with the art workshop that takes place during the performance. After that the company and I took down the stage and started to pack it all into the van like a huge game of Tetris! Once completed we hit the road ready for a restful Sunday today.

This coming week we are performing two shows in Musselburgh and three in Falkirk.

62 thoughts on “The Tour Hits The Road

  1. Wow ! Great! Congratulation Charlotte, very nice, thanks for share with us ! Very nice video trail – Have a very nice week, and enjoy ! All the best for you and all the team !

    1. Merci Pascal, the team is a lovely group of people to work with and I’ve had some great coaching from them. I’m having a fabulous time 🙂

      Best wishes

    1. It is so much fun, my family said they smiled and laughed all the way through the show. My parents came up for my recital then had to drive back down for work commitments then drove back up to watch the show at the weekend 🙂 and see my youngest brother for his birthday.

      Best wishes

    1. It’s a great video and such a fun project. I’m also enjoying seeing a bit more of Scotland especially as the weather has been so good.

      Best wishes

  2. Wonder picture with George there Charlotte, and so happy for you. God is blessing you for your faithfulness. We are celebrating Memoria Day Weekend in America. May the Lord continue to bless you is my prayer.

    1. It has been great fun, my family loved the show and the scenery and technical bits. I will share a few more photos after the tour ends on the 12th June.

      Best wishes

  3. SO much fun seeing these! What a great tour that will be. And seeing these, you have an incredible asset for costume, makeup and hair people—not to mention directors: your eyes will always read from the audience, if you know what I mean. Lucky girl! And you can sing, too!

    1. Thank you very much Peter. I have to keep pinching myself as this has been such a fantastic opportunity for me to experience the way a professional company works. I love my costume and those of all the other performers they help bring the characters to life. The set designers are so talented to produce a dynamic set that is easy to set up and take down again yet still capture the imagination of the audience is such a great skill 🙂 My Mum said years of acting and dance classes are paying off in this show 🙂

      Best wishes

  4. It sounds like you are having an amazing time!! I am heading into my senior year and am getting ready for my recital this Fall here in the U.S. I hope mine goes as well as I’m sure yours did. The show looks wonderful. Have a wonderful tour! 🙂

    1. I love the word ‘merriment’, it’s been a great laugh. I’ve learnt so much from the whole team and it’s been a real useful experience. Thanks Annette.

      Best wishes

  5. I am sure you did brilliantly in your final recital! The opera looks so much fun and I loved the trailer. Hope this week goes as well as last. Much love and best wishes,

    1. Thank you Clare, I was as prepared as I could be and I did my best. I was very grateful to the people who showed up to watch as it was quite early.

      Best wishes

  6. Cute video trailer! Looks like you had a busy but fun time. You look nice on camera! I bet the children loved your performance! Congrats! All the best to you and your troupe. 😘

    1. It’s been great working with the young children, they are so expressive and you never know what they are going to say and do during the interactive section which is wonderful. Thank you Janice.

      Best wishes

  7. I’ll wager that your final recital at the RCS was terrific. Congrats!
    Have a great time touring, it looks like a lot of fun and work.

    1. Thank you Konstantina, it’s a very comfy dress to wear too. I was going to wear a long dress but at 10am I thought my favourite short recital dress would be more appropriate. The video was an exciting thing to do I’m glad you enjoyed it, it makes me smile when I watch it.

      Best wishes

  8. So many things and fun in a week!Much kudos on your final recital,I am glad that your family and friends attended it.Lovely the video,already 65,193 views in You Tube,right now,one is mine,and wonderful the photo from the quaint town.All the best to you,dear Charlotte.Keep shining 🙂

      1. My pleasure Charlote.It’s interesting to watch how succefully you have started building your future career.All the best, Doda

  9. Goodness, you certainly have had a very busy few days. Just as well you didn’t have to drive. Yes it is lovely country to drive through and a great pity you did not have the time ti do some more exploring. Is that your time completed with the RCS?

  10. This is so neat… I like this different approach, concerning your music and talents here, dear Charlotte… congrats on your versatility too… sending love and wishing you a very nice weekend. Aquileana ✨☺️

  11. The expression on your face in the first photo is too precious! Glad amidst the bustle of performing on the road, you are getting to see a little something of the places you are visiting.

  12. What a fun-packed week you had, and the costumes are wonderful. The video/trailer is great and you looked an absolute natural before the cameras. Congratulations, too, on your final recital. It sounds as though it was a great hit with everyone. Fabulous photos, as always. 🙂

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