My Final Week

This is my final week at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and performing in ‘The Little White Town of Never Weary’. I have six days; three days in Aberdeen and three in Glenrothes up to and including Saturday 11th June 2016 where we have two public performances.

It’s been an amazing experience, the work is very collaborative which I love and relies on us working closely together and engaging with the audience of very enthusiastic young children. Whilst at the Royal Conservative of Scotland I’ve had access to working with a cross-discipline network of people and this was excellent preparation for me. The company is made up of myself, two very multi-talented actors John Kielty and Frances Thorburn and a brilliant percussionist/drummer Stuart Semple. We are so lucky to be supported by a great team from Scottish Opera who have made this all possible.





Stuart Semple
The Tour Hits Musselburgh

The production has had some lovely reviews and at one of the performances I was assessed as part of my performance portfolio for my degree so fingers crossed 🙂


Last night ( Sunday 5th June ) we travelled together to Aberdeen and I am looking forward to our dates in this beautiful city.

Then on to Glenrothes culminating with our final public performances on Saturday 11th June at Auchmuty High School, Dovecot Road, Glenrothes KY7 5JL.

Coming up next is Don Giovanni on 25th June 2016 and I get to perform the role of Zerlina whose costumes are inspired by the film “Grease” so I get to dress up like Olivia Newton-John’s character Sandy 🙂

Don Giovanni


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  1. Well, I bet you never expected it to arrive so soon.

    You’re going to be both happy and sad: happy to move on to the next stage in realising your ambitions, and sad to leave behind a world in which you’ve been so happy. There’s a line in Lord of the Rings that has always stuck with me: when the Fellowship breaks up, after the great success. They’ll be friends forever, but they will never be all together again as they are in that place now.

    Make the most of what time remains, be glad for your experiences and your friends, and accept that what you and they created together will now lie behind you. Be fond of it, but don’t look back. The rest of your life starts here.

    We all of us know that that degree’s in the bag. Make sure we get to celebrate with you. And go out there and knock ’em dead, kid!

    1. Very nice, thank you for your wise words Martin, I will cherish them. I’ve had a lovely lunch today with the girls and I’m going to miss them all when this week is over, it’s been a real treat for my first professional job.

      I’ve collected some lovely memories, but you’re right I’ve got to keep moving forward.

      Best wishes

  2. Wonderful reviews, this is the next generation being given the chance of becoming music/opera lovers – love it! I imagine you are feeling a bit sad, though, about the end of your time with the Royal Conservatoire Scotland… but I bet you’ll be back there as a performer and a coach one day.

    1. I would have loved to watch a performance like the one I’m in when I was in primary school.

      It would be nice to do that, I have enjoyed my time in Scotland and if I’m lucky enough to have a career it would be an absolute honour to come back to share what I have learnt in the future as its so important to keep this beautiful art form alive and current.
      Best wishes

  3. Good job. Keep Up Your Good Work

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    Charlotte Hoather wrote:

    Charlotte Hoather posted: “This is my final week at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and performing in ‘The Little White Town of Never Weary’. I have six days; three days in Aberdeen and three in Glenrothes up to and including Saturday 11th June 2016 where we have two public per”

    1. It’s nice to strive all the time to improve and be a real team player and learn from the people around me. If the audiences enjoy the show then that’s the best reward of all.
      Best wishes

  4. Great, very nice, congratulations !! You’re a fabulous girl, student, singer, soul !! 🙂 Very proud of you !! Fingers cross and all the very best for you !! have a great week my Friend !

  5. Wow, your last week! That kid’s “musical adventure” looks like a lot of fun. But then, on a different level, so does the hybrid of Zerlina and Sandy.

  6. Those reviews are wonderful Charlotte! Well done! I am so glad you are enjoying your tour. The photos are fantastic! The childrens’ rapt expressions are proof that you are doing an excellent job. I would love to see Don Giovanni with ‘Grease’ costumes – what an excellent idea. Good luck with Zerlina! I look forward to hearing how you get on. Best wishes,
    Clare xx

    1. Thanks for reading the reviews Clare. Children really do let you know what they like or don’t 😀. Today a technical effect got me square in the face and the children loved it 😄.
      Thanks for the 🍀 message.
      Best wishes

  7. I saw Don Giovanni with Teddy Tahu Rhodes in very short black leather shorts- brought the house down! Love Zerlina- how lucky you are to sing it.

  8. The time has flown by and look at you now! Congratulations to you and massive good luck wishes for the remainder of your tour. See you soon 😘

  9. MUBLE THEATRE’s post & the review links are great,Charlotte.What a wonderful experience you had in the course of your studies.Such an enthusiastic audience!Your performance did pull the children,and not only, into the story.All the best, Doda 🙂

    1. Thank you Doda 😀 the enthusiasm of all the cast and full production team have made this an amazing project to work on and to have such a positive reaction from the children has been great.
      Best wishes

  10. Congrats on the lovely reviews, Charlotte! Sounds like a fun performance for all! The children look enchanted by it all. How wonderful to engage children like that. 😆😘

  11. Wonderful Charlotte, looks like it is a big hit where ever you go! I hope that there is some celebration time worked into your very busy schedule.
    Congrats on your next role too! Darlene

    1. Scottish Opera and the writers of this show created a great little gem. If I get back in time on Saturday my best friends have persuaded me to book tickets for the ball Darlene so I’ve got my fingers crossed.
      Best wishes

  12. Love the looks on the faces of the children… what an amazing experience this has been for you. Looking forward to hearing all about your ‘greasy wardrobe’ as well as the performance! Cheers.

  13. Congratulations! The reviews were so splendid I was sorry I missed it (even if I’m not primary-school age :-)). And the Grease-inspired Don Giovanni sounds positively sparkling! Good luck with that! (And Zerlina is such a fun role, too–I’m sure you’ll have a blast.)
    A great beginning to the summer and resounding conclusion to your time at RCS–what could be better?

    Best regards,


    1. Thank you. I think you’d enjoy it Cate my grown up brothers and friends did 😊.
      It’s a bit like watching a beautiful sun set knowing that tomorrow brings another day and who knows what that will hold.
      My best wishes

  14. What a wonderful journey you’ve had, and I cannot think of a better way of ending it than the expressions seen here ~ congratulations and your final week will soon be followed by the beginning of brilliance. Take care Charlotte 🙂

    1. Randall that’s so true, the expressions of wonder and laughter is truly lovely and Scottish Opera really are doing something special taking these works and pop up operas all over Scotland, it’s been such a unique experience, I’ve made some great friends and they’ve been so kind sharing their knowledge and experience with me.
      Best wishes

  15. As I’m off FB for a while, so wanted to check in here and read your post, which is wonderful. What a truly uplifting experience you’ve had and the children will never forget their adventure. I love the idea. Congratulations on a jub well done!

  16. I attended the public performance today with my 4 year old son. He was enthralled from start to finish and has already asked when he can go and see opera again! I also enjoyed the performance. Thanks so much to all involved for making this so accessible and allow me to share a new experience with my son.

    1. Thank you Angela, what a lovely message to read at the end of our tour. I’m so pleased you both enjoyed it. Scottish Opera do a fantastic program of outreach for children they even have pop up operas in a large lorry, touring around Scotland, that look like great fun.
      Best wishes

  17. How fabulous to bring opera to children. You look like you could have been one of them, adorable! What an exciting future you have ahead of your Charlotte. I am so enjoying tagging along here. Bravissima!!

  18. This may be the end of your degree course, Charlotte, but your career is now spread out before you. And what fun you’ll have playing Sandy! It will be a bit different to the role of Jessie, so a nice challenge and so exciting. The reviews are excellent and the fact that the children loved it, and interacted with the performers, is great.:)

    1. Thanks Millie, Jessie Jnr was a great character. I’m very excited to sing Zerlina it’s a very challenging Mozart score and a big contrast in character, I’ve enjoyed learning it, direction and rehearsals start Wednesday 😊.
      Best wishes

  19. Congrats, congrats! And how lovely to see how easily you interacted with the children – do I see a budding teacher there? What an exciting future you have just right in front of you…

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