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June 12, 2016 — 49 Comments

Packing Away The Set For The Last Time

What a wonderful experience! Over 20 shows completed across various venues in Scotland, reaching out to different primary schools and families from even further afield. It has really been a joy.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the company and all the team at Scottish Opera Education. I have learnt so many wonderful things that I can take with me and use throughout my training and in any future productions that I participate in.

Performing for children aged 5-8 has been a real treat, even though it feels like I have exhausted all my smiling muscles, and yet the experience has left me with my batteries feeling fully recharged and I now feel so full of life.

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Every Time a new group came to watch we had to tell the story as if it was our first performance, to keep the magic alive and our energies high. It was interesting to see how each group interacted with the story and it was so rewarding to see their reactions, gleeful laughter and imaginative ideas on how to help us fix up the town. I have smelt shoes, broken baguettes, folded paper fortune tellers, banged sweeties and eventually solved the problem with my trusty glue stick.


This experience has also helped me to think on my feet and answer questions from the audience very fast. It reinforced how much I love performing and how important it is to make opera and classical music accessible and enjoyable for children and hopefully foster a love of these beautiful works. I think this is so important because we need to keep the art form fresh and inviting to new audiences and encourage them to become regular visitors to opera productions in the future.

I do hope that I can work more on opera for children and collaborate with other talented performers in order to tell these imaginative stories through spoken word, music, singing and actions.

I am looking forward to starting the rehearsals next week for Opera Britain’s production of Don Giovanni and I get to explore my vampish side for the role of Zerlina.  This is such a contrast to the last few weeks and should also prove to be great fun. Next Saturday the 18th June the whole cast is putting on a fund raiser and we all get to perform some of our favourite songs, it should prove to be a fun evening.

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49 responses to That’s A Wrap

    Douglas Matamoros June 12, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    Good Job

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    Charlotte Hoather wrote:

    Charlotte Hoather posted: ” What a wonderful experience! Over 20 shows completed across various venues in Scotland, reaching out to different primary schools and families from even further afield. It has really been a joy. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the company and al”


    What a blessing Charlotte, that you can perform before the children. Jesus said unless we become as little children, then we would not enter the Kingdom of God. Thank God that by doing this wonderful performance, you are becoming more like what Jesus wants us to be.


    And a splendid time is guaranteed for all. It must have been brilliant for you.


    Great , very nice – Congratulation Charlotte and very proud of you – And yes, classical music and opera have to go to meet kids and young people.
    Shure, you gone to be a very nice Zerlina 🙂
    All the best for you !!


    I can see there’s no grass growing under your feet this summer, Charlotte. Have a wonderful time!


    How wonderful and love the hard hat!


    I think you had great rewards working with young children and keep them smile. I think that is priceless. Have fun!


    I am so pleased you enjoyed your tour! I wish you all the best as you become Zerlina and have fun in Altrincham too!


    Sounds as if you had great fun, and are finding interesting meaty work with ease, though it is usually very difficult, so well done. Have you finished in Glasgow, and off to London in September, enjoy the work and the holiday. Best wishes and blessings, Charles,.


      As you know Charles I like to keep busy and this summer I’m fortunate enough to have plenty on. Though I will squeeze in some me time before I move to London mid-September. It doesn’t seem like work although I’m happily tired each night.
      Best wishes


        Sounds great, enjoy the time, and then they say change is as good as a holiday, so hope things will go very well for you in London.:-)


    What a blessing, Charlotte! May all your wishes come true. Have fun.


    Delightful and great work, Charlotte. All the very best for the move!


      Thanks Iris, I’ve made friends with a couple more people that are already studying in London this last week which is great and I’m back up in Glasgow for a couple of projects in July.
      Best wishes


    Children are always so honest with their responses so to have them truly enjoying the show is testament to what a good job you all did. Well done👏👏👏 see you soon x


      Thanks Gill, I had to keep changing how I performed to each group, so I changed it around with each age group. Some really believed in the magic where others liked the more subtle humour of the show which was really interesting.
      See you soon xx


    Makes me want to be a child all over again!! And sort of makes feel less childlike as I’m currently watching and waiting for critters in my garden pond. LOL


      Some of the adults that came to the show said it was nice just to laugh and smile and colour in the tiles for the roof and flowers a bit of escapism which was cool.
      We used to have a pond and even though it was filled in we still get loads of frogs in our garden.
      Best wishes


    What a wonderful life you are creating with all you give to your audiences – plus you enjoy doing it all !! It has been a magnificent experience to follow the development of your career, Charlotte!!


      Thanks GP I love to share and perform and talk with people and children, I hope I can keep it up forever. I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of catching up with Honor Sheppard this summer, a famous soprano now in her 80s and she says she has a wonderful life and no regrets what could be better than that!
      Best wishes


        I’ve always told you I thought you picked a wonderful career for yourself and you are so great at it!! I think continuing this site and then on to another would be a fantastic chronicle of your life – not just for you and your followers, but future singers that may meet you when you hit 80.


    Children are an awesome audience.


      They are Fraser but to be honest I just love singing for anyone who will watch me, you do get an immediate and open response from children though, several of the little girls wanted me to confirm I was their new friend and I had a few hearts drawn for me – so cute.
      Best wishes


    A meaningful mission indeed. Glad you’ve enjoyed your experience and found it rewarding. I’m sure the school children had tons of fun too. Big Congrats to you all!


      Thanks Arti, one of the Mum’s took time to find and leave me a lovely message on my blog saying her son wants to see more opera now which is brilliant. I was with a great crew 😊💕.
      Best wishes


    What an enchanting time you have had. It is always rewarding to see life through the eyes of a child. I too, wish for you many more experiences such as this. There is so much growth as a performer as well as a person to be enjoyed. Here’s to a terrific time as Zerlina!


      Thanks Annette rehearsals are going well, I’ll be off again at 1pm today after spending all morning going over the Italian again for Act2. My Nan and Grandad are coming to watch so I’m excited about that.
      Best wishes


    I especially like the note written by the youngster.


      So cute Eric, I loved it when they joined in with the ‘tick tock’ or meowing, or when they just said “wow!”. A super experience. I hope you’re well 😊✨.
      Best wishes


    Glad you had such a positive experience, Charlotte!


    Sounds like you had an amazing time, and it’s so great that you’re helping get kids excited about the arts. You’re right; that is so, so important. 🙂


      Thanks Stephanie, They have really good music education in Scotland and even remote locations like the Orkney Islands have music festivals, the RCS is up their with a choir and opera cast this past week.
      Best wishes


    Congrats on your completion of a wonderful show for kids! You did a good deed sharing your talents with the children. Hopefully they will love opera as they grow up. I am sure you learned a lot from this special experience too. 😘


      I never got chance to hear classical music or opera of any kind as a child I really admire these initiatives. It was good to work with Alumni from the RCS and hear they have full careers many years later.
      Best wishes



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