Week Two In Berlin

August 15, 2016 — 32 Comments

In one of my master-classes this week I sang for Lena Belkina http://lenabelkina.com– mezzo soprano, who was a wonderful lady full of vibrancy.  

She gave me some great tips on how to sing Puccini and how to control any nerves before getting on stage.

Then the cast performed in a show called “Opera On Tap” where we got to sing snippets of the opera in a full bar and the atmosphere was great, full of high energy.

Lots of rehearsals, the production is now on its feet and we began doing runs this weekend ready to lead into the final four days of rehearsal this week.

It’s getting very exciting and I can’t wait to perform the role of Frasquita here in Germany.

Together with some of friends from the cast we managed to grab a little spare time for exploring one of the local parks here in Berlin.

 Although we have all worked hard there has still been time to sample some great food and shared many laughs.  

Then on Sunday evening I performed alongside Néstor Bayona three songs from Edvard Grieg’s Haugtussa. (I’ve been told there was a recording (video) hopefully I can get a copy. He was a dream to work with and I enjoyed shaping the music in a different style full of dance tempos and exciting trills.

32 responses to Week Two In Berlin


    Make a joyful sound unto the Lord, let His praises be in all the earth. God bless you, Charlotte.


    Hi Charlotte! You’re doing great. One performance after another. Congrats.


      Thanks Paul taking a bit of vocal rest now and catching up on other preparations for London. I’m not someone who likes to sit around so I’m keeping busy.

      Best wishes

    Douglas Matamoros August 15, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    Good job

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    Great, thanks for share – Very professionnal and nice ! Have a great week ! all the best for you !


    Cheers! Isn’t this remarkable… so are making such progress and one day, before you know it… well, let’s just say, someone else will be filling us in on your world. <3


    Hi Charlotte,
    It all sounds so wonderful. Hope that you can get a copy of the vide,


    Opera on Tap–love it. Wish we could have been there!


      I’m sure you’d have both loved it Karen, the music is fabulous and stands the test of time it’s the second most performed opera worldwide and this was quite a unique presentation.

      Best wishes


    That is cool to be able to perform in other country for two weeks now.


      I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it. At one concert I performed Grieg’s Haugtussa to a lovely appreciative audience, one of my fellow singers is Norwegian so that added extra excitement.

      Best wishes


    What exciting times you are having. Enjoy every minute!


      I have to pinch myself, I’m so grateful to Scottish Opera, the Hope Scott Trust and my parents who allowed me to be able to take this opportunity. I enjoyed the chorus role and learning the Frasquita character role very exciting.

      Best wishes


    So happy to hear your having a lovely time in Berlin even though your working so hard. Everything sounds so exciting. Xx


    Sounds like you are keeping busy but having fun in Germany entertaining. So exciting to travel and meet new people and provide such joy for others through your beautiful voice. You are quite a talented young lady, Charlotte. Blessings & hugs to you! Xx


    Wonderful news. All the world loves Puccini!


    This is so exciting! How busy you are! I’m glad you have a little time for socialising.


    More learning & experiencing your wonderful craft ~ very cool. Continue the ride with your great smile and voice leading the way Charlotte, wish you a great day ahead.


    Greta stuff, look forward to the video. Best of luck with the Carmen upcoming.


      I hope we get to see the video it was great fun. My parents really enjoyed the performances they were only coming to watch one night but came back to watch the second cast they enjoyed it so much.

      Best wishes


    Hi, Charlotte! (wave) I just realized your an International Singer. Yikes! Well done. 🙂

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