Bis Bald Berlin! (See you soon Berlin!)


Underneath The Iconic Berlin Landmark – The Brandenburg Gate


Goodness! my time in Berlin has flown by and what a whirlwind it has been! I have loved living in Germany for three weeks and I definitely would love to go back in the future.


Singing During The Opera Gala Concert



I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet and work alongside so many wonderful and talented singers from all over the world. I wish them all the success for their futures and I’m sure I will see them again on the opera stage.

For myself, the most interesting piece of knowledge that I have gained is that your own artistic individuality is key to your performance, allowing you to enjoy being the person you are on and offstage. Like a wonderful piece of art some people will love you and others,  whose tastes differ may not. But I know that if I sing with all my heart, demonstrating who I am as a performer with my own bells and whistles, then I know that I can be honest with the story and let my body sing from my soul.

I would like to thank all the staff at the Berlin Opera Academy for a wonderful experience and I hope to catch up with them all again in the future.

Here are some pictures which were taken during one of our rehearsals of Carmen and I hope they give you a flavour of the production.






Looking forward to my next projects and the big move to London!

61 thoughts on “Bis Bald Berlin! (See you soon Berlin!)

    1. Thank you Martin, we had two full houses, on the second night we had to add extra audience chairs which is always good and lots of applause 🙂 My parents came for the weekend with my brother to watch and take a short holiday in Berlin they loved it.

      Best wishes

  1. Charlotte I love your discovery of yourself “your own artistic individuality is key to your performance, allowing you to enjoy being the person you are on and offstage.” Sometimes it can take a while for us to realise that but once you know it is the best lesson in life. Looks like you had an awesome time. Well done to you as always.

      1. I’m sure without a doubt you left a good impression – and like you say there is always someone, who for whatever reason may decide they don’t like you – there loss!

  2. Wow! Those pictures are fantastic!! I got such a feeling of excitement looking at them. You are rounding out your talents and preparing yourself for anything and everything that comes your way. Cheers!!

  3. Wonderful pictures! I am so pleased you enjoyed your time in Berlin and that you have discovered that you have to be true to yourself if you are to succeed. You can never please everyone – sad but true!

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed Berlin! What a city! And I’m so glad to read that those are Carmen production photos. At first I thought maybe you had run away and joined the cabaret.

    1. My first visit to Germany Peter, if I’d have known about the vastness of the City I might have been more concerned about finding my way around but I did great and loved the experience, a few wrong routes but I sorted them out. Hahaha I love that musical.

      Best wishes

  5. Long time no see. I am so happy for you. That’s such a great opportunity and I wish I could see it in person. Is there any chance to post any backstage sneak peak at all? I always wonder what will it look like.

    By the way, I remembered you were interested in crochet and made a crochet flower back in the days. I just published my first online crochet class and think you maybe interested. I teach how to make a finger crochet scarf (no hook needed). The link for my class is , use this link and you can get 3 months of Skillshare premium for $0.99 for unlimited access to this and thousands of online class. please feel free to share the link and I will be delighted to see you in class.

    1. It’s lovely to hear from you and see your girls growing up. I’ll I see any backstage recordings I’ll post a link. My Mum said it was exciting to watch and full of passion.
      What a good idea good luck with your online courses. I don’t have a moment spare at the moment but will they be running all year?

      Best wishes

      1. Thanks, Charlotte. I will be looking forward to it. What’s a treat that will be. 🙂
        As for my course, it runs year around and you can join at anytime.



  6. Great, congratulation, you now open your wings to discover your territory! Yes you are unique with your rainbow voice, your passion, your sensitivity, your approach, bravo! you have the key that opens the door to a huge success: very very proud of you !!

  7. It appears that you had a great experience. I am very happy for you. As you practice and relax into being the unique person that you are, I am sure your performance will continue to improve. When will you be releasing your next recording, so that those of us who love you can appreciate your development?

    1. Thank you Terry I’m happy too. I have recorded two projects I worked on last year, I’m hoping to have time over the next couple of weeks to get them on-line and hope you love them as much as I do. I could not have signed up for my Masters course without the support from you all buying my first album without taking on another massive loan. I wrote to about 35 scholarships and trusts and have just heard that I have been successful with one scholarship from The Kathleen Trust which will help with the tuition cost this year which was a relief that one of them believed in me.

      Best wishes

    1. Thanks Marie, I have more confidence now after my Berlin experience, it was such a big thing to do alone it taught me that I have the self-reliance I’m going to need.

      Best wishes

    1. Thanks so much, very exciting I have a recital booked and a masterclass in Brussels coming up before I move to London but I’m taking a few days’ rest, being quiet and catching up with everyone.

      Best wishes

      1. I am sure you will be fabulous. I sang at the local Town Hall last Saturday with our con community choir. Our first public performance! (It was free and mostly family in the audience) . LOL

  8. Congratulations, Charlotte on the success and insights you are experiencing. The connections, experiences and the knowledge of understanding and enjoying who you are will be of great support throughout your career and in your life.

    Your rendition of Gretchen am Spinnrade was lovely and I very much enjoyed the pianist’s intrepretation as well. Very dramatic.

    Thanks for sharing.

    P.S., I love Berlin.

    1. I met many wonderful people on this course. I had great opportunities to practise my French and German. Thank you I love working on Gretchen am Spinnrade this recording was made with George Todica on piano he is fabulous.

      Best wishes

  9. Really been enjoying following this great experience of yours with your blogs, and photos. Very good advise as well, so remember it as you prepare for your next step, and hope you will really enjoy the new academic year, and al, the challenges it will bring to you. 🙂

    1. Thank you Charles, it became too difficult to catch up with all my lovely messages whilst I was away but I’m having some vocal rest this week so I should be able to catch up with everyone. I’m looking forward to the new academic year and know my teacher allocation so that’s all very exciting.

      Best wishes

      1. Are you staying in South Kensington area, or still looking for a place to stay? really hope all goes well, and that you really enjoy these new experiences as well. You should try and attend some Proms, they are really excellent value.Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      2. I wish I was staying in Sth Kensington 😊 I’ve got a room about 45 mins away from not too far. I loved seeing shows at Scottish Opera, the Conservatoire, operas at the cinema and ballets in Glasgow so I hope I can continue that in London.
        Best wishes

      3. There are lots of free lunchtime concerts to attend, maybe you will be taking part in some. There are many Churches, and other venues than music takes place in, and students usually get special rates. If you stand at the Proms it only costs 4pounds50, and think student get off of that as well!

  10. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time, Charlotte! Congrats on attracting such a big audience! I wish I could have seen the show, I’m sure you were fabulous! Hugs! Xx

  11. You look amazing as always, and I can imagine you taking Berlin by storm 🙂 Just think about what London has in store for you, and I bet that must be so very exciting ~ the possibilities…

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