Last weekend I spent most of Saturday trying to decide what essentials I needed to pack to take down to London when I move there on the 17th September and what to box up to leave at my parents.Β  It was a daunting task πŸ™‚ but helped by my Mum, who managed to thin out my wardrobe and reminded me of everything else that I will need to take with me to quite a small room, we eventually got the job done!

As I am away in Antwerp next weekend (more about that to come) it was important to get myself organised and not leave everything until the last minute.


With the packing sorted out we decided last minute to spend Sunday over in Edinburgh, it was the last weekend of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and we knew it would be a great time to visit.Β  We arrived mid-morning and though the sun was out you could still feel a chill in the air which isn’t too unusual for Scotland this time of year.


The Edinburgh Festival Fringe takes part in Scotland’s Capital every August and has run each year since 1947.Β  It is billed as the largest Arts Festival on earth and from the number of venues and street performers around that could well be the case.Β  This year the festival hosted 50,266 performances, 3,269 shows across 294 separate venues.


We walked around the streets and soaked up the atmosphere, and as the morning turned into early afternoon, the temperature started to rise.Β  We made our way up to Edinburgh Castle which hosts the Edinburgh Military Tattoo each August during the festival, a great spectacle hosted by the British Military which has raised over Β£8 million pounds for charity.

We made our way back down the winding staircases to Grassmarket Square where several street performers were sharing their talent with an enthusiastic crowd.Β  After a quick stop for refreshments in one of the many quirky cafes around this side of Edinburgh, we made our way back towards the Princess Street Gardens. It was quite impressive to sit in the gardens in front of the Ross Fountain and take in the splendour of the castle high above us on the craggy outcrop which is the visual centre of Edinburgh.




After a wonderful day walking around the city, listening to music, playing crazy golf and enjoying the wonders available to watch at the Festival, we found a great Chinese restaurant just off Rose Street and sampled some amazing dishes which were so well prepared. So with smiles on our faces and full bellies we headed back to Glasgow to put our feet up and reflect on a fantastic day out.


51 thoughts on “Exploring Edinburgh

  1. Time changes things. Edinburgh Festival Fringe strikes my nostalgic cord & Glasgow, as i remember it, was dark & pretty messy then.

    1. So much change, it’s mostly good although it’s sad some of the old architecture has gone. Central Glasgow where I lived and studied is where new and old meet in a complimentary way, lots to do and lovely people, honestly you’ll not meet more friendly, helpful shop assistants anywhere. Edinburgh was very picturesque but smaller than I imagined.
      Best wishes

  2. Beautiful. My sister is trying to get me to go to Scotland. It is the birthplace of our maternal grandparents who were first generation Americans. Thanks for the photos.

    1. There are some lovely places up here John and so many things to see, July/August if you like it warm 😊. What area were your Grandparents from maybe I visited there?
      Best wishes

  3. Very nice, thanks a lot Charlotte, I remember Edimburg castel, I have make some photos there…. All the best for Anvers and London. Take care of you and best thoufghts !

  4. Sounds like you had a great day. Wish I could of been there to enjoy that street fair it sounds like so much fun. The Best to you. Your follower Ken M.

  5. Edinburgh is such a great city, even for a short visit. I’ve been there several times but never for the Tattoo. Maybe someday. What a great day you had – must have slept well that night!

    1. Yes I did we walked nearly nine miles according to my phone. I want to go back to watch the Tattoo the audience sitting area was lovely, and the atmosphere was great.
      Best wishes

    1. I hope you manage a visit to the UK Janice I think you’d love the historic Cities and Shakespeare’s birthplace, Edinburgh, York, Chester, Warwick, Stratford on Avon, London 😊.
      Best wishes

  6. Edinburgh is a favourite of mine and we did the Tattoo many years ago which was awesome! Always watch it on tv now. Looking forward to seeing you soon 😘

  7. We have never been to Edinburgh but it is high on our list – we can fly direct from Southampton. You make it look very enticing but we are too late for the Fringe πŸ™

  8. Your maturity and talent have allowed you the chances to see so much, and experience this interesting sights. What a wonderful life you have now and so much more to come!!

  9. Lovely photos, Charlotte. Soon you’ll be immersed in your studies in London, so I think it’s great that you’ve taken this time to enjoy the festival in Edinburgh. By the way, I’ve received a scholarship to GrubStreet Creative Writing Center in Boston, MA, to study in the nine-month Novel Generator program for students who aim to complete the first draft of a novel. One of my characters, Eve, is a trumpet performance major at a conservatory. So good luck to both of us!

      1. Thanks, Charlotte. My husband is a trombonist and studied trumpet as a music composition major, so he’s one of my sources. I’m also watching trumpet master class videos.

  10. I’ve always wanted to attend the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I’ve heard a lot about it…so it was nice to see it through your eyes. I think it is a fitting way for you to experience the ending of your time in Edinburgh before your next adventures ~ enjoy and take care.

    1. A couple of years ago I sang in a recital at the Fringe a free to attend event, there are lots of events for people to see, well worth a weeks holiday in Edinburgh to experience it all. I think you’d love it.
      Best wishes

    1. I enjoyed a weeks holiday in Malta one year, it was so hot 🌞, I will go back to the festival many of my friends are often in shows there and work so hard to put them on to promote their work, and I want to see the tattoo.
      Best wishes

  11. Enjoy Antwerp, a very interesting city. I have been to Edinburgh quite a few times, as my publisher lives there, and have attended the festival several times, doing poetry readings both for her and for the Scottish poetry library, including reading in Mid-Scots. mainly Tom Scott. Always loved it there, and being at the festival. Hope you have a great start to your studies in London. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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