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September 11, 2016 — 76 Comments

Today I have been enjoying the September sunshine and preparing for a short trip to Antwerp, Brussels to take part in a masterclass tomorrow morning.

I’m getting quite excited at the proposition of moving to London next week and the new challenges and opportunities that await for me when I get there.  I have had so many wonderful experiences and amazing adventures during my four years at the RCS and have enjoyed sharing them with you all.  It has been such a treat to read your feedback and to see my world through your eyes. Your support and encouragement have helped me to reach this new fork in the road and though I don’t know what is down the path I have chosen to follow I do hope that you will all be there with me every step of the way.



Pascal Barnier created this beautiful picture for the cover of the album

Before I left Glasgow, there were a couple of projects that I have been working on throughout the year that I wanted to finish off.  The first was to record the “Haugtussa” song cycle by Edvard Grieg for release this month, and the second was something totally different, you could almost say that it is entirely bonkers.

Earlier this year I took part in an English Song competition which required me to perform both songs and spoken words.  One quote in the prospectus caught my eye and got me thinking:

“to encourage the communication of English words, in singing and in speech, with clarity, understanding and imagination”.

What if you took the text from a famous piece of literature and tried to mingle in some English song to help enhance the telling of the story.  I found what in my mind was just the perfect story, one from my childhood that always conjured up vivid images which danced through my imagination.

So I got to work reading through the text to find passages that I thought worked well with songs that I had in mind.  With the work complete I sent off my application and following an audition in London, I was delighted to be chosen to perform in the final.  Though I did not make the final three, as I had enjoyed the project so much I decided that rather than leave it there I would record the pieces and release them on a separate album, just in case there was anyone as crazy as me out there who wanted to listen to it.

On both projects, I was accompanied by George Todica, who over the past three years has helped me immensely by accompanying me in competitions, auditions, and my exams.  He even went the extra mile and agreed to take part in an impromptu photo shoot at the Glasgow Botanical Gardens.  It was great fun hunting down the costumes and then dressing up for the photos.  It was as if a childhood ambition had come true, walking through the gardens we were both stopped by passers-by who wanted photographs with us, I was finally living the dream, it felt like being a Disney Princess for an afternoon.

I am sure that you have guessed by now which story I picked.

Before I sign off there is one more huge thank you that I must pass on, I have been given an  award by the Kathleen Trust towards the cost of my first year studies at the Royal College of Music.  Without such an award and the generous support from all of you who bought copies of my first album, it would be impossible for me to continue on my magical journey.









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    You two are utterly charming! Love and adventures in London, m’dear!


    Fabulous Charlotte,
    Love this blog brilliant photos ,you both look like you had a real fun day. Have a good time in Brussels.xx😘


    That was fun. I would love to run into your photo session to take part in taking pictures of you too. Good luck with your new path!


    Your wonderful life right now must feel a little bit like Alice through the looking glass. Enjoy every second!


    You make an adorable Alice in Wonderland! Looks like you were having so much fun. 🙂


    How fun. Did you see the white rabbit? Did any kids want Alice’s autograph?


    Bonkers? You should have said Mad as a Hatter.


    Great ! congratulations to you (and George ! is great pianist and nice actor !)

    The best for you master class in brussels, and very happy for you are help by Katleen Trust !
    You are a magical girl 🙂

    The best for you always !


      Thank you, Merci for the album cover preparation I can’t wait to get it all ready.
      It’s nice to see that someone has confidence in me from one of the trusts 😊.
      Best wishes


    Oh Charlotte, what fun! I love the series of photos of you and George – I will definitely want a copy of both your new albums. Congratulations on being given the award! Have fun in Brussels and good luck for the start of the next stage in your journey xx


      Thanks so much Clare, I really would have to think twice about carrying on with full time intensive training without all of my friends that have bought my CDs whilst I’m training so thank you, my blog post tonight is about Hautussa because the Cd is ready now. I hit the ground running this week and I’ve been making time to meet lots of new musical colleagues too.
      All my best


    Congrats on your award, Charlotte! How wonderful for you and your magical musical journey! Love the photos of you and George! You make a sweet couple. Hmm, are you? So much fun and joy shows in your face! Blessings & hugs! Xo


    Enjoyed the photos and congratulations on your award.:-)


    You know what? It’s easy to support someone when they’re 100. Meaning “all in” with a respectable goal in mind. Passionate about what they do. Talented at what they do. And I don’t really listen to Opera. But if Charlotte is singing, I listen because it sounds good. That lady can sing Opera well. And when you see someone put that much time, that much heart into something great, I’m in, too. So, your support is earned. It’s deserved. And I believe this is “Alice in Wonderland” the Mad Hatter is unmistakable. I’m happy you’re having fun with this, even with pink sneaker moments, let Charlotte be great. I’m happy for you. 🙂


      Thank you Eric for your lovely message, I appreciate your support and encouragement. I haven’t given a full on pink Charlotte 💖 at the Royal College of Music yet, I’m letting them get used to splashes of pink first.
      Best wishes




    Brilliant – I hope you’ll find something similarly bonkers to do in London. Kew would make a great backdrop!


      I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing from one week to the next, it’s very much like Wonderland at the moment hehe. I meet my main singing teacher Rosa for our first lesson on Thursday so we’ll go from there…🕳.
      Best wishes


    Another wonderful episode in the magical journey of your life!


    What wonderful photos. You both look like you’re having a blast, and George clearly has talents away from the keyboard. I love the first album and am now looking forward to the second.


      Thank you Susanna my Haugtussa cd is ready this weekend, I’m very excited to share it because George and I love it, we spent so much time working on the song cycle, our favourite songs keep changing.
      Best wishes


    Oh what fun! You two make such joy together. And I am thrilled for you about the Kathleen Trust – there’s a drop of re-inforcement in your leap of faith to go on with the Masters. Best of luck. BTW I received my first copy of Alice in Wonderland when I was seven years old. My brother illustrated the fly-leaf so it forever commemorates who gave it to me. And just recently I received back the letters I wrote to the giver, telling them all about where I was up to in the story (in 7 year old language . . . groan).


      I love that your brother illustrated the cover, my younger brother Tom does things like that all the time. How lovely they kept all your letters that’s magical ✨. We love performing the Alice recital it’s such fun and a little dramatic, celebrating some lovely English poetry and song.
      Best wishes


    So happy to hear about your award which endorses what we already know about you. I am sure that this will not be the last award you receive to help with your studies. You deserve it for all the hard work you put in. Now, when is your next CD out? I can’t wait 👏👏👍 x


    Congratulations, again! Charlotte, I keep saying it because you keep succeeding. I lived in London myself for one, and attended the University there. I loved it! I cannot wait to see and hear more about your exciting future there. Bravissima!


    One summer. 🙂 I was there for one summer during college.


      It’s still warm here in London I’ve packed for a colder season so I’m sweltering some days, my Mums posting me some short sleeves. I try and just concentrate on the positives I’m lucky to be able to do what I love, it doesn’t seem like work.
      Best wishes


    Wonderful photos and best of luck in London Charlotte.


    Don’t know if I should call you Alice or Charlotte. What fun! So happy to see that this is not the end, but you will take us on your new adventures in London


    Lovely, Charlotte, well done. The photos of both you and George at the Botanical Gardens look wonderful! Have a great trip to Brussels. All the best for London. 🙂


    How brilliant! How do I get a copy of the recording?

    Best regards,



      I’m hoping to have it ready for early December, I was going to put the Haugtussa song cycle and the Alice song and verse on the same album but there are more licences to organise so I’ve got the Haugtussa ready for this weekend 😊 you can listen to it on Spotify too.
      Best wishes


    You SO look the part! Love it.
    So it is London next? Wow.


      I’ve just finished my first action packed week, I’ve watched two masterclasses, had an audition and lined up two for next week, attended as many classes as I could fit in and squeezed in as many getting to know you events that I could that were free, I’m on a tight budget down here and everything is so tempting from shopping to tours to parties 😀.
      Best wishes


    Where does ‘bonkers’ lie on the sanity scale? Is it above or below ‘barmy in the crumpet?’


    Good luck, Charlotte, on the move, and as usual, beautiful charming pictures. Would love to know when the Grieg piece will be available and where. One of my favorite composers! And you are not bonkers, just wildly interesting!


      Thank you Noelle, the Grieg is ready today, I’ve done a post about it this afternoon. I love these songs they really grow on you with the listening, George’s playing is sublime. I will write blog posts about each track over the next couple of weeks, I did want them to be ready but I haven’t had time to type them up 😊 but the music speaks for itself really.
      Best wishes


    A magical journey indeed Charlotte, it is always a treat to see what new adventures you are on and a little craziness makes life that much more wonderful. Wishing you continued fun and success!


    Wonderful, great fun and lovely photos.


    This is so cute. All the best in your move.


      Thank you. The move went well, although how I got everything in the tiniest wardrobe I’ve ever had I still don’t know, my Mum folded everything really well 😀.
      Best wishes


    Looking great as Alice, dear Charlotte!!! 🙂 it is great to read your updates and you never cease to impress me with your achievements… Talent and working hard pay off!!… best of luck with your next moves. Aquileana :star:


    What a fantastic project and congratulations on the originality of the whole Alice idea. I looked for the Haugtussa album but I guess it isn’t out yet. You must already be in the first crazy weeks of your new life in London. I hope it becomes as fulfilling and successful as your years in Glasgow. We should be able to get to some of your performances too!


      When I think of the word imagination I automatically thought of Lewis Carroll. Thank you for your card it arrived yesterday I need to send you a new address 😊. The Haugtussa is out this week we had such a good time recording it just George and I.
      Just finished my first week I moved in last Sunday, nice and warm down here 😊. This is the first afternoon I’ve stopped for a relax.

      I’d love to meet you in person so I hope so.
      Best wishes


    Dearest Charlotte, I just read this post and I see I’ve missed a lot of your adventures while I’ve been away for the year. I really enjoyed reading this post and I’m so excited for you!!!! Congratulations on embarking on your next magical adventure!!! Looking forward to reading more about it!! XO, Violet


      Are you back home, what an amazing adventure you’ve had, it’s lovely to hear from you.

      Thank you I’m excited too. 😀💕

      Best wishes


        I am now back home, and will slowly add some blog posts on my travel adventures from my travel journal. 🙂 Excited for you, and happy adventures to you! 🙂 XO, Violet


    Multitalented, multiversical. Cute Mad Hatter. Hope you enjoyed tea.

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