It’s been a massive change moving to London, far more even than when I moved to Glasgow City Centre from my rural town home in Cheshire.

I am thoroughly enjoying myself and I feel like I have just got used to travelling via the tube rather than just by car, bus or walking. I even quite like the contactless payment that is prevalent down here. Even though it’s a nightmare to keep track of every penny that I’ve spent here and there . There are hundreds and thousands of people of all nationalities in my new home. It’s a very enriching environment. I thought it was going to be daunting but it has taught me to be really aware of each other.

I enjoyed observing a grown man (security officer might I add) kick a bunch of leaves with great childish gusto the other day, only to miss them all except one. Our eyes met and we shared a giggle. I would have joined in but I was being the stereotypical busy local marching along the pavement as fast as my little legs could take me to class because the district line tube was held at a red light for ages. (I’m improving my patience too!).

I still can’t believe that when I leave school I can always see the glorious Albert Hall and beautiful Hyde Park is just behind and lovely to explore.

It is nice to do so much walking, and be a tourist sometimes. So whilst I’m busy with my studies and working hard I would love to hear about moments that have made you smile this week, or perhaps challenge you to be mindful, to make time to enjoy the little moments that cross your path in this coming week.

In my yoga class this morning my teacher asked us all to think of one moment this week that has made us smile. He said it didn’t need to be a huge achievement or lifestyle change. His was the feeling of holding a freshly brewed cup of tea and enjoying the heat flow into his hands and body. So as I drink my tea I wish you all a merry week and I hope exciting things are to come for you all, even if it’s only something that puts a smile on your face. After all, Christmas and the festive season is nearly here as the shops so kindly remind us and the super ice rink by the Natural History Museum allows people to have a bit of joy as the winter weather chills them, I loved listening to all of the laughter and people having fun. Glitz and glamour to come!!

The Ice rink At The Natural History Museum



The Albert Memorial



Kensington Gardens – Behind The Sunken Garden



On The Edge Of Hyde Park – Kensington Gardens

These pictures were from a recent visit to Kensington Gardens adjacent to Hyde Park after a busy morning’s practice.



78 thoughts on “London Life

  1. Thank you for tge run down Charlotte.
    I hope you’re settled in now. I’ll send a message before Christmas wishing you all the best. Love

    1. You’re most welcome John, it’s been a bit hectic as you can imagine getting used to a new regime, teachers, coaches and living area but yes I feel that I’ve settled in now thank you, speak soon.
      Best wishes

  2. My moment was seeing our Boxer dog lying in the sun. She was so happy to be able to stretch out and enjoy the warmth. Your stay in London sounds marvelous. The last time I was there was in 1993. I did enjoy it. In fact, I stumped a cabbie with the question “Who were the British fighting that gave rise to the memorial ay Trafalgar Square?” (answer Spain) have a great week.

    1. What a lovely picture. So much to do in London I barely know where to start with the bit of free time I allow myself. I didn’t know that John I thought it was a French battle, my brother is the history buff, he and my Grandad did a history tour of London together while we all went shopping .
      Best wishes

    1. The museums are fabulous, we are quite spoilt for choice. My favourite is the Victoria and Albert museum, I saw a costume event there once and it led on to me doing a textile design course, at least I can sew on a button and make a hand repair.
      Best wishes

  3. Sounds very much like it that you have settled in nicely to life in London. As you say there are so many wonderful places to see. What has made me smile this week! Well I had the pleasure of attending a concert in Worksop on Saturday evening and performing were two of my favourite artists, Rebecca Newman and Danielle Thomas. Beautiful live music and song will always make me smile 🙂

    1. It’s been strange starting again to build relationships from scratch but I’m settling in a treat now and everyone is very friendly and encouraging here.
      Best wishes

    1. I’ve put a photo of the ice rink on the post now for some reason the link didn’t work. It’s a very busy City, lots of fun but also you have to be really careful on pedestrian crossings as some car drivers just don’t want to stop.
      Best wishes

  4. Beautiful pictures Charlotte and the move to London looks like it is going well for you.
    As we celebrate Thanksgiving in America, I smile when I think of you and how the Lord has blessed you. In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God for us in Christ Jesus. Keep the studies up and school will go by fast.

  5. NIce, thanks for share Charlotte – I have to say I’m lucky to have cats and kittens at home, so my days are full of little smiles of sunshine – The little scene as you described, the looks of strangers crossing and giving a smile, ‘One that holds a doorway for you, a sparrow on the edge of a fountain, is like a dose of energy in the day to erase the fatigue of the day. – Have a great week, full with little smilles 🙂

  6. My big smile moment this week was falling upon a set of five swans overhead, all headed for an unseen lake nearby, all forming a perfect triangle in the bluest of morning skies. Wish you many more this week!

    1. I love watching birds in formation like that but swans are special. One of my blog friends Paul had a picture of a swan with only one wing this week so that’s two posts mentioning swans.
      Best wishes

  7. I am glad you’re enjoying London. My big smile moment of the week was seeing a grey seal swimming in the Great Ouse – even for a tidal river, which has much more in common with the sea than an ordinary river this is not a common sight!

  8. Seeing your photos have given me my joyous moments for today. Been indoors for a three day university diving meet. Looking at outdoor photos makes me happy, especially gardens! Thank you, Charlotte

  9. Great post! I like you asked us about our week. Quickly, I thought of the little picture of my son at age one (my sister gave me an old Christmas memento I’d given her). He’s holding up his finger after I’d asked him how old he is. It’s so cute and now today he’s nineteen! Impossible. 🙂

  10. Hello Charlotte,

    I love the Albert Memorial–every time my sister and I go into London, we either go to or walk past Royal Albert Hall, and it is so lovely just to look across the street at that glorious monument. Queen Victoria knew how to say how much she loved her husband!

    I just got both your CDs and listened to them, Charlotte–glorious! I especially loved the Kidling’s Dance from Haughtassa–I think I may ask my teacher if I can start learning it, once I pass my Grade 8 exam later this month. I have no time to focus on any other music right now!

    All the best for the upcoming Christmas holidays to you, too, Charlotte. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Cate, I love the gold on it glinting in the sunshine. Thank you for supporting my studies by buying my CDs that’s very generous of you I hope you enjoy them. The Kidling’s Dance is a great one to learn you’ll enjoy it. Good luck with your singing exam.
      All my best wishes,

  11. You are so lucky, Charlotte, to have such wonderful places to run off energy and free your mind between studies. I do love London – will be there myself at the end of June.
    This week has our Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, and since my daughter and son-in-law have moved back to North Carolina, my fun time this week has been planning the Turkey Day menu, knowing we have family here to celebrate with!

    1. Brilliant that you’re visiting the UK and the exchange rate is so good at the moment. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with all the family that sounds perfect.
      Best wishes

  12. What a lovely post. I’m so glad you are enjoying the glorious mix of people and personalities in London. I always feel very at home there, having spent all of my twenties and my Art College days there. Keep enjoying it.

  13. “…only to miss them all except one. Our eyes met and we shared a giggle.”

    A ‘loverly’ moment, a perfect haiku instant. I shall commit felonious theft and steal that moment for a novel someday.

    My week’s smile is not so grand. I received a trade review of a quality to make me blush. Almost.

  14. I always loved working in London and enjoy re-visiting it whenever I can. I am so pleased you are having fun. Your photos bring back good memories!
    Best wishes, Clare 🙂

  15. If I have the chance, I’ll definitely return to London for another visit. So much to see and do. So glad you’re thoroughly enjoying yourself there, Charlotte. 😉

  16. I love walking around London too! So much to see. Certainly wouldn’t own a car if lived there, far easier using tubes and buses. So pleased you are enjoying your time there, perhaps one day I’ll see you at the Albert hall! 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t like to drive down here Michael 😳 it’s busy in the evenings and at weekends, you take your life in your hands at every zebra crossing I really must remember cars don’t stop if you start walking on the crossing down here!
      I just love to sing 🎶 Michael, it’s nice to catch up with you.
      Best wishes

  17. I used to love walking through all the parks and gardens to Oxford rd, and find a cafe in the back roads there, before going to the Wigmore Hall to see what was on there. I could have caught the tube, but what glories one misses by doing that.

  18. Hi Charlotte – glad you’re enjoying the big smoke. A different life tempo, eh?
    If you’re interested in getting to know a jazzier crowd do come down and see us on our Wednesday night residency at Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Bar in Kennington (details via my blog).
    Merry whateverfloatsyaboats to you and yours.

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