Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the absolute pleasure to collaborate with a wonderful composer and friend Nino Russell. Nino is studying at the Royal College of Music on the Master in Composition course. We met each other during our first few weeks of joining RCM at a Cheese and Wine Night arranged for the Postgraduate students by our Student’s Union and decided that we must simply work together in the future.


Nino Russell and Me


Last Friday evening marked our first collaboration together, at the RCM’s Student Spotlight Concert held in the Recital Room. We performed his composition entitled ‘Reign‘. I really enjoyed preparing the piece with Nino and I felt like it raised challenges for me to master in my technique and I would really like to thank my teacher, Rosa Mannion, for helping me to overcome and find new methods to achieve the beautiful colours Nino was imagining and expecting.

It was especially nice when Nino invited me to join his family and his partner’s family to a lovely meal before the performance. It was such a treat to be around a big family again and to have such a welcoming and supportive evening and concert. I wish them all a very merry month coming up to Christmas!  It was lovely to also have some friends supporting me in the audience, I’d like to say a special thank you to Ruth Hallows and Caitlin Redding. Caitlin was visiting London briefly from Berlin and I was very grateful that she made time to come to the RCM and support me.

I really hope that I will be able to work with Nino again in the future! Watch this space.

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  1. Nino and You look well together. May the Lord bless you two while you complete your studies. I need to pray for a Baby Grand Piano so I can get back to my music as well. May the Peace and goodwill of the season be with you always.

  2. Cherish everything, your making fabulous memories,
    Loving every thing you do, while working so hard.
    We wish you lots of success and happiness..😘

  3. How very exciting to be able to work with the composer of a piece of music! Had he already written it or did he compose it with you in mind? I do hope you’ll be able to work with Nino again very soon.
    Best wishes, Clare x

  4. Hi Charlotte, its great that you are getting to know other musicians, and to work with a new composer and enjoy his work and its challenges so much, great, and the meal before hand sounds wonderful. Maybe he will write a peace especially for you. Are you going to try put this on your next CD?

    1. I’ve always enjoyed working with creative people and composers are a wonderful example of this as without their efforts what would we sing 😊. Poetry is also a necessary ingredient and when I compose my own songs is often the key ingredient. My first cd was a reflection of songs I studied during my first two years and the Haugtussa from my third year. I’d be honoured if he wrote a piece for me to record 🙋🏼.
      Best wishes

      1. It would be great, lots of composers either put their favourite poem or even write a poem then write a song or song cycle with a particular singer in mind, look at all the songs that Benjamin Britten wrote for Peter Pears the great Tenor. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

  5. That is pretty cool. It must be pretty flattering knowing that your voice was something he felt would help propel his work to completion. The frosting on the cake so to speak.

    Cant wait to see what new projects you come up with!

    And have a great holiday season too!

  6. Nice having supportive friends there for you. Wonderful you got to collaborate together with Nino and enjoy a family dinner with his family. Best wishes for many more exciting times ahead. Hugs ❤️️

    1. It’s a very collaborative environment, I’m working with the most amazing people, coaches, teachers, professors. I love family dinners as you know 😊. Hugs right back Janice.
      Best wishes

  7. Great, nice new – Very well – It’s nice to work with a talented compositor wich can give you callenge on your voice, with good professor who help you – You are the futur of Opera !

    Good professionnal way !! The best for you!!

  8. Wonderful to be working with a composer – an enormous benefit to both of you.
    My husband listened to your CD the other day and was very impressed, he can hear the development from the first CD and the lovely voice emerging. The other CD is going to our oldest opera friends. We will all see you live in London in the next year or so, I’m sure.

    1. That would be wonderful Hilary it’s something I would really look forward to. Working hard on new techniques at the moment so much to do. I like that the CDs are like a marker at each stage, I can’t wait to hear what I can accomplish after two years here.
      Best wishes

  9. How lovely to be with such genial people, especially a family when you are away from home.

    That said, thinking about your previous post, I spent a semester in London and thought it to be the most civilised city in the world. I loved it.

    I lived on Portman Square and remember pinching myself over and over again when I would emerge onto the street to see its beautiful surroundings. So many parks, so clean, the safe, safe Underground at all hours of the night.

    You’ve really hit the jackpot, Charlotte.

    1. So true Beth. It’s beginning to feel like home, it does feel safe but when I nearly walked through Hyde Park in the dark yesterday to visit a friend I was talking to my Mum on the phone and she made me walk around the long way! 😊
      Best wishes

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