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December 4, 2016 — 53 Comments

This is my first Christmas living in London and the festive spirit is everywhere you go, lots of lovely carol singing everywhere from the shopping streets to the tube stations.  It is quite magical to walk around the city after dark and admire the beautiful Christmas lights and to soak up the atmosphere.  I am such a child at heart and have put up a Christmas garland in my room to get into the spirit, but I can’t wait to go home once we break up from College in a couple of weeks time as I know my Mum and Dad will have the tree’s dressed and the lights twinkling.

It was such fun last weekend, while Caitlin was staying with me I took her along to Portobello Road market to have a rummage around and explore some of the shops and stalls.  Then as the sun set we traveled back into the City center so that I could share with Caitlin some of my favourite places to view the lights and enjoy the buzz. I managed to grab a few pictures to share with you as we walked around.

I would love to know what your favourite part of the holidays are and what you are most looking forward to. Mine are meeting up with family and friends, with no cooking, cleaning and laundry for a couple of weeks!

Yesterday I went to watch the Royal College of Music’s production of Mozart’s opera “La Finta Giardiniera”.  The students from the opera school really embraced their characters and it was exciting to watch them perform their roles with such enthusiasm and skill, I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were some very funny moments which were well adapted to the modern era in which it was set.  One of my favourites was during the first act which was set in a large gazebo for a wedding, similar to the marquee that they use in the Great British Bake Off.  The singers showed their diversity as they multi-tasked, rolling out tables and organising place settings whilst singing.  I think I need to start practicing whilst I am mopping the floor or using the vacuum 🙂










Me and Caitlin Redding ( she performed the role of Carmen this summer with me )




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    Had a friend from the Netherlands go for the weekend with her Mom recently and thoroughly enjoyed the festivities around the city. Looks idyllic. Wishing you and your family and friends safe and happy Xmas.


      When I was little we used to drive every year to Blackpool, a seaside town in the North West of England to walk through the illuminations and ride on the trams with lights all over them, see the picture scenes at the top of the promenade, it was always chilly but I really loved it. Walking around London’s shopping districts just reminded me of the illuminations.

      Thank you and my best wishes to you and your family,


    Looks lovely and so much fun! I am sure your Mum and Dad (and brother) are looking forward to your homecoming for Christmas. Have a wonderful Holiday! xx


    In fairness to your obvious delight at the season, I will restrain my usual urge to mutter ‘Bah! Humbug!’. I don’t think I need to wish you joy of the season, you are one of those happy few who find it wherever you go, because you carry the sparkle around with you. I know you’re going to have a lovely time of it. Long may that last for you, and may you keep that trick your whole life.

    And don’t forget to treat us all to a few photos of you in your party dress(es) come the day!

    Marry Xmas, xx


      Martin, I’m going to have to sprinkle some sparkle your way 😀 You know how much I love the whole Christmas season, tunes can’t start to early in the shops, I love caroling, I would walk around with tinsel scarves if they weren’t so itchy (I’ve tried it!).

      Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas wishes


    I am happy for you Charlotte and you look as beautiful as ever in London. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Take time to think about the greatest gift that was given to mankind, and that is Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless you richly is my prayer.


      Have a super Christmas time Rev.Tim, I love that this season brings family and friends together again and gives us time and a rest to appreciate our blessings. Thank you for your prayer. I hope we end this year on a cheerful note and the world can have a brighter New Year.

      Best wishes


    Have never been in London at Christmas time. Looks lovely.


    Everything is so lovely and exciting. It’s a great place to be. Have a most Happy Christmas, Charlotte.


    Lovely Christmas Seasons & Festivities to you and all your most beloved ones.
    Have you an Awesome New Year.
    2017 must be a time all your best perspectives & wishes become reality.


    What a beautiful experience! <3 Much love and many blessings at this Holy time of year!


    Always wonderful to read your cheerful posts. Have a very lovely Christmas xx


    Charlotte, hope that you have a great holiday. Beautiful photos! Have a wonderful time with your family. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Darlene


    Happy Christmas Charlotte. How wonderful, Christmas in London. I hope you soak up all the glorious sights and sounds London has to offer. Be well. Hugs to you. Koko 🙂


    Looks like a real wonderland! Can’t wait to see you 😘


    Dear Charlotte Its been a dozen years past and loved my two week visit to London town.I sure miss that city. I had a wonderful time with my friend and daughter we found the English people to be so friendly.So much to see and do I walked my legs off . I always enjoy your emails about your advancements in music and your experiences in the music world.I am watching your future. Keep up the good work love. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Ken McFerrin and yes I am American Irish


      I know exactly what you mean about walking legs off, you’ll have to come back again Ken good exchange rates at the moment . I have lots of Irish friends but haven’t visited yet. Thanks for keeping an eye out for me.

      Best wishes


    Wow.. Are those cameras in that store? Vintage? Retro? 🙂 I especially like the angel of lights and the peacock feather shape. Thanks for sharing.


      You would love the art and craft shops in London. They are very quirky I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The angel lights are just beautiful, they’re on Regent Street and I heard they were a modern version of the original lights and the peacock feather ones are on Bond Street which is a very posh part of town with the most wonderful window shopping 🙂

      Best wishes as always


    You look amazing as always,, brilliant photos too.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the opera, have a lovely Xmas,being spoilt..xx


    My favorite part of this time of year is just how much more you see people smiling. Everyone gets just a tad more pleasant to be around! I’m glad you are experiencing an early sign of this.


    very pretty love the lights


    Season’s Greetings Charlotte! Dare I say Merry Christmas? Beautiful pictures!


    I love cooking for the holidays and being able to get together with family members. Have a wonderful holiday Charlotte.


      I love cooking cookies and cakes, making trifle and Yorkshire puddings, all the fun stuff, I like leaving peeling vegetables to everyone else 😆.
      You too Jovina,
      All my best wishes


    Wishing you the happiest of holidays!


    Very nice share, thanks Charlotte, and very interesting picts 🙂 – When I was in London in november 2015, street lights was very nice, so I imagine that Christmas light are magical. – For me Christmas is remerber when I was a child 🙂 and in Provence there is fabulous night sky , it like the stars danse an sing 🙂

    All the best for you, familly and friends


    Lovely pictures of the Christmas lights and your trip to Portobello Road. (I always think of ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ when Portobello Rd is mentioned!). I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family Charlotte. I love all of Christmas but I’m always pleased once the lunch on Christmas Day is over because I can relax then. I have just seen the staggering amount of followers you have! Absolutely amazing!
    Best wishes, Clare 🙂


      Ooo me too I loved that film and singing along. I know amazing! It’s wonderful so have so much support and encouragement 😊🙋🏼. I just need more time in my week.
      Best wishes


    Go for it – the Glyndebourne Beatrice and Benedict has some fabulous and hilarious sequences of preparing for a feast.


    Have a wonderful family time and a Merry Christmas! <3


    I hope the holidays find you in good health and spirits (but not Dickens ghosts).
    That’s an amazing picture of the classic cameras.


    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of London. It certainly is festive looking and so lovely. I have never been there, maybe someday. May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year! Hugs 😘 xx


    Lovely photos


    So beautiful and festive!
    Thanks for sharing 💓🎀

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