The RCM President’s Visit 2017


A couple of weeks ago, I had the magical moment of receiving an email inviting me to attend a special event on the 7th March 2017 at the Royal College of Music. His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, would be visiting the R.C.M. in his capacity as President of the Royal College of Music. During the annual President’s visit, HRH confers honorary awards for services to music and the Royal College.

In the email, we were asked to keep the information confidential which as you can imagine was incredibly hard for me, especially when I felt like Cinderella being invited to the ball!! I was practically bursting at the seams to discuss it with you.


Before the event, we had to collect our invitations in person having first produced a form of photographic I.D, and then send an email to confirm our attendance. We were told that when attending the event, we would need to present our invitations and student I.D.s otherwise we wouldn’t be allowed onto the premises.

Having collected my invitation, I then put it away in a safe place, usually one so safe that I can’t remember, but I was so excited and so determined not to forget where it was, that I told my Mum where I put ‘the letter’ (a.k.a secret invitation) in my room. She seemed a little bewildered as to why I would need to keep a letter safe, but I guess she is used to my silly antics and went along with me.

The night before the event I was planning which outfit to choose, enjoying deciding what to wear, and what I was going to do with my hair, etc. I finally decided to go for a colourful light blue dress with flower bursts all over it, since spring was just around the corner! In the letter with the invitation we were told that we had to swap our invitation for a ticket and that this would be available from 9:15 on the day, so this meant an early start. With everything laid out ready, I settled down and tried to get some sleep.


Claire Swale, Katie Thompson, Hannah Crear, Me, Davidona Pittock, and Samuel Dewese


On the morning of the big day, I traveled into College with two of my friends, we felt so glamorous and eager to collect our tickets. We were met by security guards at school who asked for our ID, we exchanged our invitations for our tickets surrounded everywhere by beautiful flower arrangements. Every one of us was full of excitement and smiles. It was such a wonderful atmosphere, and a joy to be part of. I took my seat in the Amaryllis Hall at 9:45 ready for the ceremony to begin at 10:00.


It was slick and well organised with everything running to schedule. When HRH entered the Hall, I was desperate to catch a glimpse and wished that he would come close enough so that maybe I would catch his eye. I managed to see him and smile and then I watched the procession take to their positions. The RCM brass ensemble began to play the National Anthem, and we were all invited to join in. I found it quite overwhelming to sing the National Anthem in the presence of HRH, and it felt quite a surreal moment for me, I loved every second. Then followed the presentation of the awards, medals, fellowships and doctorates, which were all handed out. With musical performances decorating the event.

I have decided that I will have to work even harder and wish on even bigger stars so that one day I can curtsy and shake the hand of one of the Royal Family! Now what an experience that would be!

If you want to read more about the event click through to the Royal College of Music website [click here]


80 thoughts on “The RCM President’s Visit 2017

  1. Wow – what an awesome experience. You did super well to keep it a secret – especially from your Mum! Congratulations – another feather in your cap so to speak.

    1. It was exciting, I’ve never been this close to the Royal family before, I’ve stood outside Buckingham Palace and watched the Horse Guards Parade.
      Best wishes

  2. Why Miss Charlotte, you look absolutely radiant! (to be said with a Southern US accent, for those who don’t recognize the dialect). What a great experience for you. I envy you a little, and I am sure you will have your moment with the Royal Family.

  3. What an exciting occasion, Charlotte! Thanks for sharing with us. Also, Congrats on your fourth Blogiversary! And many more to come… 🙂

    1. Would love to John perhaps for the best I got my first sight of Royalty whilst not actually performing I might have been fit to burst then he he.
      Best wishes

  4. What an honor for you Charlotte to be invited by the Royal Family. Very favorable for you. May the Lord bless you richly is my prayer.

    1. It was an honour Rev.Tim Prince Charles does an awful lot of young people with the Princes Trust and it was super seeing him close up at the college.
      Best wishes

  5. Quite wonderful. What an occasion! You looked great for it. Congratulations on having received such an invitation!
    I have always wanted to meet a member of the Royal Family in person. Even though my father photographed them from close up in Rhodesia (as then was) he never actually met them face-to-face. I have seen them on two occasions — once very close up — but nothing like the chat my aunts once had with the (then) King and Queen when their train came to an unscheduled stop in South Africa. My mother was luckier. Danced with the Prince of Wales in India, and sang before Queen Alexandra by invitation.

    1. hat a wonderful tale your family have to share, it’s always nice when something out of the usual happens makes me feel good. I’m glad I bought back happy memories for you too.
      Best wishes

  6. Wow, congratulations ! very nice share, thanks a lot ! Nice to see you radiant !!

    wish you all the very best, sure that you’re dream will It’s sure, your dreams will become reality !! 🙂 proud and Happy for You !

  7. Wow, that is really one of a life time event. I can understand how excited you were. Hiding the letter would be mild, I would think I could do more silly thing. Congratulations!

    1. I’m very conscious of security in this world of ours so I understand the rules, I think Mum was more disappointed I didn’t manage to get a photo!
      Best wishes

  8. Very cool! What a wonderful day it must have been! And such a great opportunity. I have shaken hands with three different US Presidents, but there has only been one Prince of Wales my entire lifetime (I’m a lot older than you, too 😉 ) and there is a much, much longer history to that position. I’m sure it was very difficult to keep under wraps!

  9. What a wonderful experience! I am glad you thought to tell your Mum where you had hidden your secret letter! You and your friends look very glamorous!

  10. That must have been exciting! You must have felt like some kind of spy, having to keep such a secret.
    I’m sure you’ll manage to fulfill your dream of meeting a member of royalty if you keep working as hard as you are.

  11. I am so happy for you! If I was invited to something like that, I’d have to quarantine myself for days to keep it a secret. 🙂 “Eric, why are you running around the room in circles? What’s the letter in your hand?” Yeah, that wouldn’t work. Then, they’d kick me out of the Event ’cause I’m climbing up on the stage trying to get an autograph. Happens every time. I’m really sorry, Charlotte, I can’t help it. 🙂

  12. How absolutely thrilling! I’d be so excited to be part of an event attended by a member of the Royal Family! And I have no doubt that, if you keep on at the rate you’re going, you’ll certainly get to meet them in person one day, when you are performing at the Royal Opera House!

    Best regards,


    1. Thanks Cate for your confidence 😊. I’ve never worked so hard. I’ve been preparing all the new music I need to learn in Aprilwhilst facetiming my Mum today and at the end of a very long chat she said “are you still sellotaping up scores!”. 😀.

      I hope you’ve been enjoying the lovely sunshine this weekend.

      Best wishes

    1. Thank you 😊. My Mum picked my dress it’s a super bright colour and matches the shoes I had for my graduation perfectly 😊. I love spring – all my winter woolies can be packed away and my brighter clothes get an airing.
      Best wishes

  13. It’s been wonderful following your blog since, I think, almost you began. Great to read this one. I don’t often blog about opera but your post and an interview on Classic FM prompted me to do one for the first time in 4 years; then, in March 2013, I blogged about a chance meeting with the Estonian mezzo Helen Lapalaan. I’m sure your wishes on “even bigger stars” will come true; I’ll be watching and, with any luck, listening – live.

    1. Thank you for following along and your lovely message, I must have a listen to Helen. I truly hope you get to a concert one day. Its great when I get the opportunity to meet my blog friends.
      Best wishes

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