A Cracking Good Easter

This Easter Sunday we decided to get creative as the weather was too drizzly to go for a family walk.  We checked in the cupboard and the fridge to see what we had in and decided to make some Easter biscuits ( cookies ).  In the morning Matthew and I went down to one of the shops that were open, in order to treat ourselves to some fun cutters and extra food colouring.  We had a brilliant afternoon, the hardest part was waiting around:

Waiting for the dough to prove
Waiting for the biscuits to bake
Waiting for the icing to set to add layers

But in between, we managed to distract ourselves by playing board games with our parents.

Whatever you did today  I hope that you all had as much fun as we did.


Should we play catch ?



Matt disapproving of my juggling  



My first bunny



On to the tray and ready for the oven



Out of the oven and too hot to handle !



Art attack






Guilty as charged ( caught in the act )



Our finished biscuits


51 thoughts on “A Cracking Good Easter

    1. We had lots of fun and were listening to all my new opera and art songs I’m learning and one of them is about baking 😄, it was good finding out which ones they all liked, Matt thought it was me singing on the recording so that’s a good sign.
      Best wishes

    1. We ate the imperfect ones first I must admit hehe. I’ll look forward to seeing your gorgeous photos of Germany, I hope the weather is behaving well for your journey.
      Best wishes

    1. I’ve just been told I can’t have another cookie, Mum says I’ve had enough sugar for one day ☹️. That’s probably why I’m still wide awake.
      Best wishes

  1. Beautiful cookies Charlotte that you and Matt made together. Great to enjoy the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ spending time with family. May God bless you and your family on this most blessed holy day.

  2. Oh Charlotte, this looks like so much fun. I made flower cookies with cream cheese icing with little yellow candy discs for Easter. I’ll bet your’s were YUMMY! Good times!!!!

  3. Loving the baking skills! I was baking too on the Easter weekend – under a degree of duress. I made the mistake of asking my sister-in-law if she’d like me to bring anything for the family meal she was hosting, expecting the answer to be “no” – but instead she asked me to bring dessert; something “chocolatey and gooey”. Sadly, the drive to her place took an hour and the day was unseasonably warm – so by the time we got there, the chocolate frosting on my Nutella cake met the requirements more than I’d anticipated…

  4. I just love that you were having so much fun. I was sitting outside in the sun redesigning part of the garden with daughter Amy advising and doing some complex stitching beside me, while Edwin pottered and watched some Formula One… Happy Easter

    1. My Mum was planning some garden changes too, she wants a new small patio but can’t decide between decking or paving slabs. Her boundary fence has started to fall over too! I’ve never watched formula one though. Hope you had a lovely sunny weekend.
      Best wishes

  5. Those biscuits are a work of art! You look as though you and your brother had fun together and made the best use of a rainy day. Our rain didn’t arrive until the early evening but we still spent most of the day indoors!
    Happy Easter, Charlotte!

  6. A fun and very productive afternoon, Charlotte – and all the biscuits so beautifully decorated. I’d have to go jogging the day after such a great baking session, too. Such temptation…

      1. I know! I spent years baking when our 6 children were all at home and as many years jogging (and ruining my knees) to wear off the calories I consumed.

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