Happy Saint George’s Day

Happy Saint George’s day to everyone 😊. It has been a lovely sunny weekend and my last week’s holiday at home for a while as I travel back to London today for the start of the Summer term at the Royal College of Music.

My Nana came to visit so we decided to make the most of the good weather and have a trip out into the countryside. Over the St George’s Day weekend there are usually several activities organised so we headed out to Beeston Castle to see if they were hosting their usual medieval celebrations.

The Entrance To Beeston Castle
Medieval Celebrations

There is always plenty to do at this English Heritage site and it brought back many memories from my childhood.





Me And My Nana


We then had a walk around the area surrounding the castle as it provides some beautiful views of the Cheshire countryside.  Slowly making our way down to the Shropshire Union canal which passes close by the castle and has some great little Inns to stop and have a drink or enjoy afternoon tea.

Beeston Castle





Taking a Break At The Shady Oak




It was a lovely afternoon and it reminded me of the many trips that we used to go on growing up in Cheshire, a beautiful part of the English countryside.

I will get to return to Cheshire on the 5th May though as I have a recital in Chester organised by my friend Anna Cooper.  We will be performing in an evening of song accompanied by Prajna Indrawati at St Werburgh’s RC Church at 7:30 pm.


54 thoughts on “Happy Saint George’s Day

  1. Visited Beeston Castle years ago, always a good day out. It was a glorious weekend here in the NW. The sunshine always makes things seem so much better 🙂 Good luck with your new term x

    1. Thanks Christine, It was a gorgeous weekend weather wise, so much nicer to walk around in the sunshine, especially in Spring when it’s not too hot if you know what I mean 😊.
      Best wishes

    1. They seemed like people who were either on holiday or lived on the boats because many were chatting to each other, eating picnics by the side of their boats, and had their dogs with them.
      Best wishes

  2. My husband used to visit Beeston Castle with his family when he was a boy and living in Frodsham. The concert looks like it will be good fun to attend – if only I could! Your weather looks as though it was brighter and warmer than ours this weekend.
    Best of luck in your summer term, Charlotte!

    1. I used to perform in Frodsham village hall every year it’s a lovely village. He should see Peckforton Castle nearby now, it’s been completely refurbished and fabulous for an afternoon tea or meal out.
      My part of the concert will be a reflection on my training journey starting with two of the first songs I learnt, about six – seven more and finishing with two arias I’m working on now. Thanks for the good luck Clare I’ve got a super busy last term ahead.
      Best wishes

      1. Thank-you! I will let him know about Peckforton Castle. The idea of basing your part of the concert on your training journey sounds very interesting and should be quite revealing too. xx

      1. It was fabulous. I fly to London then on to Switzerland connected with Viking Cruises and cruised the Rhine from Bern trough Austria, Amsterdam,Germany, etc. I recommend it!

  3. How lucky you are to live near such wonderful places to visit! Here in Colorado we have great scenery and wonderful hiking, but we don’t have the beautiful historic sites that you have. And I love the pictures of the canal! What a great day that must have been.

    1. As we drove around I started to remember the different places including a candle factory where we used to go to make our own candles. It was nice just to see open fields and cows and countryside.
      Best wishes

  4. Hi Charlotte. Hi Nana! 🙂 Um, Charlotte, what is the difference between Mezzo Soprano & Soprano? How come you have castles? I can’t think of any castles here in America. Cutbacks, I suppose. I accompanied my sister this weekend upon invitation because she ordered pizza. I loved that job. Have bundles of fun, Lady.

    1. A mezzo soprano has a slightly lower range than a soprano, listen to Joyce DiDonato for an example of a famous mezzo soprano, in a choir there are two types of soprano 1 and 2 and I usually sing in Sop 2 because of my warm middle range but I’m working on developing the top of my range right now so it’s interesting to hear the changes.

      I think we had castles because we were always at war, a lot of the castles were built by land grabbing invaders who then became the locals and on. Chester is right on the English border with Wales and the town centre was full encircled with a wall which you can still walk around now built by the Romans, you would love it.

      Hope you had a fab weekend with your sister.
      Best wishes

  5. Looks as though this was a lovely time. Love seeing all the blue skies and greening of the earth! Your performance on the 5th of May looks like it’s going to be wonderful. May you be more than well received!

    1. Spring is a lovely season, there were lots of cows out in the fields and it was peaceful and quiet. Im excited for Friday it’s always nice to perform near to my parents.
      Best wishes

    1. What a thought Rev Tim 😊. My next performance at the RCM will be in an opera scene in a trouser role (as a shepherd boy) in a couple of weeks.
      Best wishes

  6. Happy St George’s Day! The weather really has been so lovely and perfect for celebrating. I didn’t get too much chance for that yesterday, since I spent the afternoon rehearsing for The Pirates of Penzance, but at least I dressed up in red, white, and blue with my Union Jack scarf!

    Love the photos. I will have to put Beeston Castle on my life to-see list.

    Best regards


  7. Another lovely post Charlotte. I’ve only visited Beeston castle once; it wasn’t ‘open’ but great nevertheless. Any chance of you singing in Leeds, or close? I’d love to hear you live but Chester is a tad too far.

    1. Aww shame it wasn’t open, Peckforton Castle down the road is now a beautiful hotel and adventure club with archery, off road vehicles and so on I can recommend it if you’re ever in the area again. I sang in the Leeds Lieder festival fringe concert around this time last year it was a great event, I’d love to go back. If I’m ever in the area I’ll have to remember to let you know 😊.
      Best wishes

  8. Lovely pictures of a great historical site and countryside. I have to send this post to a friend of mine who doesn’t think the English celebrate Saint George’s Day enough!!

    1. We don’t sadly, we celebrate St Patrick’s Day more than any other. The smaller villages do like to keep some traditions going though and that’s where you usually find events.
      Best wishes

    1. I’ve another opera scene at the RCM on 16th May, it’s only a small role but it’s a trouser role (shepherd boy) so that’s exciting, there should be lots of other fabulous singing though if you can make it lots of second Year masters students on stage that night, I think the tickets are free too.
      Best wishes

    1. I find it really hard to take a week off, in fact I usually end up singing most days but my Mum said I looked pale and needed a rest. Now I’m frantically trying to catch up 😄.
      Best wishes

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