I’ve been thinking all day about making connections with others and how important it is for people, and about pioneers, people that leave their homes and Countries to look for a new life.  My Dad purchased the film “Passengers” and this weekend I got to watch it on my iPad.


Without giving too much away if you’ve not seen it, the adventure story is about a man called Jim (Chris Pratt) onboard a spaceship transporting him to a new planet to begin a new life.  The journey takes a bad turn when his hibernation pod malfunctions and he wakes up 90 years before the spaceship is expected to reach its destination.  The spaceship is in danger and the 5000 hibernating passengers on board are all in peril.  He is the only human awake on the vessel and he only has a low-class security pass on the ship which limits what he can eat and drink.  His only companions are the robot cleaners, waiters and a charming and witty android bar-steward.

How long do you think you could last without any other human contact at all? The computer message that he sends will take over two decades to reach earth, and another 30 years for the reply to reach him, he was 30 years into a 120-year voyage with no way of going back into hibernation.  Would you be pleased or sad if other hibernation pods malfunctioned?

In a way, it was a little like when I first moved down to London, so many people milling around but not knowing any of them. I am quite a confident person but I could see how for some that it could be quite a daunting situation, to feel alone and unconnected.  I had the added advantage of connecting with like-minded people in a similar situation to me but I have the utmost respect for people who move away from home and the familiarity that it brings to make a new life for themselves and establish new friendships.

For me, I regularly started asking lots of people how they were, even people who I didn’t know, it might have been someone at an exercise class, or when visiting the adjoining university, or even in a shop.  I just love to engage in conversation, it doesn’t need to be long or thought provoking just something inclusive. I also take the time to call loved ones on the phone, FaceTime, or Skype. Bringing ‘Home’ to my new home. I also have a lot of international friends that I keep in contact with regularly on WhatsApp and Facebook and I always try and make time for my blogging friends on WordPress, some of whom I have even had the pleasure of meeting in person. The world is a big place but we can use the amazing technology that is around us to connect with those we know, but sometimes taking the time to talk to a stranger can be just as rewarding.

With the story and the dilemmas that it raised on my mind I was pleased that I’d planned to take a group yoga session at 10:30 am this morning and that I’d arranged to meet with two singer friends for lunch and a walk out in the sunshine, it’s been a beautiful day here in London and I’d spent most of yesterday practicing.


Ida, Me and Sam


Sam Dewese is an American from Chicago on his first year Masters, his voice type is Baritone. Ida Ränslöv is a Mezzo-Soprano hailing from Sweden in her first year in the Opera School, she’s doing phenomenally well having just got through to the final of the Lies Askonas competition.

I’m sure you’ll hear their names again in later posts or in big bright lights in the future.


We Found This Lovely Mews Street As We Walked Around



Me, Ida and Sam


It is our penultimate rehearsals tomorrow for the performance in the RCM Opera scenes on Tuesday at 5:30pm in the Britten Theatre, my last chance to make a good impression in Opera scenes this year, I’m hoping I can get someone to take a couple of photos for you to see next week from the dress rehearsal.  I’m also busy preparing for my final examined performance singing recital for the first year, I’m learning a completely new program of music so that’s challenging.

53 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Hi Charlotte, Your plate is very full at this time of the year. So glad that you were able to enjoy some time with your friends. Good luck with your final. Fingers crossed for the photos. Darlene

  2. Good luck with your Opera work and your singing exams. Good to know that you are making friends as a city can be a very lonely place without them. Keep happy and smiling

    1. Thank you Les, I’m very optimistic, glass is half full person, it’s hard sometimes on days like today with the shocking event in Manchester but it was good to hear about the people pulling together in the City to get people home and into hotels.
      Best wishes

  3. Lovely post Charlotte. It’s so important to make friends and keep in touch. My best to you in your future. I know it is going to be wonderful!

  4. Hmmm the major trait of human is ability to adapt. Though it is not ideal to stay isolated it has been done many times by those marooned. The thing that kept them alive was the imagination and the ability to solve problems. They make up companions like writers do or they give human traits to animals, plants, and objects. When they come back they are very different but they know who they are better than anyone else. Of if you have faith you were never alone in the first place as they say in the East you were meditating with the higher power. 🙂 Have a new children’s book https://www.facebook.com/waystosayzerobymarypage/

    1. Good point. It’s amazing the human capacity to work with challenging circumstances, I think that’s what I enjoyed the most about the movie.
      Best wishes

  5. I’ve seen the movie. I like it. I am not sure I can blame the person or not. It is going to be hard to tell what would you do in his position. He did not do this right away or very short while after he woke up either. I am wondering this is worst than go to solitary jail time or not. At least he was not confined to small cell space.

  6. Beautiful write up on connections Charlotte and love the pictures. May God bless you richly my Beloved.

  7. Making connections is very important. I think for a performing artist it is even more important than for the average person. As a computer nerd, I’m allowed to be an introvert, hiding from the world 😉 Even there, I still like to connect with people around me and around the world. It’s great that you seem to be able to make connections relatively easily. Good luck with the performance (if you don’t put up a post after the dress rehearsal and the actual performance) and on your exams.

  8. A very lovely post. It’s always daunting at first to move to a new place but it’s wonderful that you’re able to meet like-minded people from the beginning. I agree with you about the technology. I often think it’s both a blessing and a curse! LOL! But I love the ability to instantly be in touch with family and friends just about anywhere in the world. It’s a plus that you are a confident, outgoing person! Best of luck on your upcoming performance!

    1. Thanks Linda, I’m quite good about not being on-line all the time, I never have my phone on at the dinner table or with guests and I use up waiting time and travel time to catch up, I think anything in moderation is ok as long as you don’t get obsessed.
      Best wishes

  9. I spend a lot of time on my one due to the limitations of my illness and yet, never feel alone. There is always something of interest beyond my window or in my garden, something that ignites a spark within and leads me down a differing path each day. I think humans can live both connected and unconnected and like everything, personalities play a part as do cultures and health and environments but we’re a clever species, and so learn to adapt accordingly.

    1. I agree. It’s always lovely to hear from you 😊. I spend a lot of time alone in solitary practice, language and music learning, I can disconnect and be happy in my own company but I know there are people who can struggle a bit. I don’t know how I’d manage on a spaceship alone though 😀 I’d have to program the robots to sing along with me.
      Best wishes

  10. Uuhhh…this is going to sound bad, but I moved (as you know) 2,500+ miles away from home to get away from everything I knew. Needed a fresh start, which wasn’t as fresh I’d hoped. I’d like to see “Passengers” this week. For me, I’d welcome the alone time for at least a while to focus on my work. Still, even I would go a bit crazy with too much alone time. That would stink..

  11. I can really relate to that first time away from home experience, Charlotte. Hopefully none of us will find ourselves surrounded by frozen humans and robots!

    A big city like London can be so intimidating. In fact, that was my first experience too, because I spent a summer semester there at the University and I felt like a real outsider, being from the US. Beautiful place though.

    You are a succeeder and survivor so I would never have doubted your ability to join the culture and thrive, as you have obviously done.


    1. I’ve made some lovely American musician friends over my studies in Glasgow and here in London, it’s a different culture down here for sure, thanks Beth.
      Best wishes
      Charlotte 💕

  12. I was so interested by your discussion on connections, Charlotte! To be able to chat to strangers – in shops, bus queues – is a great way to feel connected and keeps loneliness at bay. I love time on my own; in fact I crave alone-time but I am not sure how long I could go on without some form of human contact. The idea of space-travel gives me the heebie-jeebies anyway and a journey lasting a lifetime without a human being to talk to is not my idea of fun!
    Best of luck with your performance tomorrow and also for your preparation for the examination later on this term.

    1. Thanks Clare, I don’t normally review or recommend movies Arti and Alex are my favourite movie bloggers, this film really got me thinking though 😊.
      Best wishes

  13. Another lovely, thoughtful post Charlotte. We do, of course, need times with others and times alone to stay healthy. You might be interested in a little verse I wrote:


    Being alone
    Is not loneliness
    For me.
    Sitting on some isolated hill or mountain peak
    As I used to do
    Set thoughts, desperate to escape

    A poem, a verse
    Tumbling about in wondering head
    Till spoken to rocks about, there a while to be.
    Being a lover of the ephemeral, not jotted.
    Words long forgotten
    To die, in their happy solitude
    With me.

  14. Really feel happy to know about your visiting and meeting new people. Nice passion 👍👍👍

  15. Wish you success. Your efforts reminds me my final medical exam in Nov. 1983 when I passed the exam. And I was awarded the membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of UK….good luck for you

  16. Cordial greetings of an old person from Baghdad Iraq, a classic music lover.

    1. Greetings to you, thank you for your message that I’m reading this afternoon in the sunshine in Paris 🙋🏼

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