From “Il re Pastore” to “Ghost Dances”

This week I had the pleasure of performing at the Britten Theatre alongside my friends in a set of Opera Scenes produced by the Royal College of Music, London. The scenes were directed by James Bonasconducted by Christopher Middleton and accompanied on piano by Ian Tindale.

I had a wonderful time performing the role of Aminta alongside the talented Yiwen Su as Elisa. We performed the opening scene from “Il re Pastore” by Mozart. For the performance, I had to wear a period wig, this was a completely new experience for me and I really enjoyed learning about the process and watching Shauna, the talented makeup and hair professional as she managed to hide all my hair under a cap ready for the powdered wig. To help me feel even more like a character from the 18th century, Shauna applied a layer of white foundation to my face which made me look quite pale. This was because in the 18th century both men and women would wear cosmetics to show social status. However, I wasn’t allowed to wear the fashionable bright pink rouge and lip colour as this would have been considered beyond the social ranking of my character for the scene. I found this really interesting and added another layer to my character profile and allowed me to explore how my character Aminta would react to meeting Elisa who in the first scene would have been considered higher than Aminta in social ranking. The performance was so much fun and I can’t wait to get back on a stage soon!



On Friday evening I had arranged to go and watch the RAMBERT ballet company perform “Ghost Dances” at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London. Because I could not get a student ticket my brother Matthew offered to pay half as he knew how much I wanted to go which was lovely of him and appreciated by me 🙂  This performance was really special for me because I analysed Christopher Bruce’s “Ghost Dances” for my Dance A level. Whilst writing my analysis I was only able to watch video recordings of the piece but enjoyed the dance so much that I fell in love with the chilling choreography and the powerful storyline of the dance. So, when Matthew told me that it was to be performed at Sadler’s Wells I did not want to miss out on the chance to see it performed live. I enjoyed the performance thoroughly and the company used the original choreography, music, costumes, and set, so my memory of this beautiful dance was re-enacted live before my own eyes. The company takes the performance on tour very soon and if you get the opportunity to go and watch it I would recommend the show thoroughly!!


I would also like to share with you all that I will be performing my year end recital on the 7th June in the East Parry room on the 4th floor of the Royal College of Music.  My recital will be at 2:40 pm and if you are in London and able to attend it would be lovely to see you in the audience.

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  1. All the very best in your recital! I know you don’t require me to say anything because I know your talent will spot-light you wherever you go!
    You look cute in the wig, but your own hair is so much nicer!. Glad you had fun.
    How is your brother doing? Such a talented family!!

    1. Thanks GP, intensive memorising of all the music right now 😊. These wigs and white face powder are a new look for sure! I prefer being a girl 😁. Matts’ happy, he’s settled in his job finished all of his exams and has made a nice home in London, it’s great to be able to share our love of contemporary dance together – it made us want to dance again. Our Tom is 21 soon so that’s exciting.
      Best wishes

  2. Really enjoyed your photos. Looks like you had a lot of fun working with your friends!
    Ghost Dances looked quite intriguing, so glad that you got to see it with your Brother.
    Best wishes for your recital, Darlene

    1. Thank you Darlene 😊 I’ve really enjoyed all three opera scenes this year, great working with new Directors and so many talented people. Loved the dance it was superb.
      Best wishes

  3. Dear Charlotte,
    the 18th century costume fits you perfectly! You do possess some air of this noble past. 🙂
    Good luck with recital!

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks Maria, very different role for me, I hope I pulled it off, my parents enjoyed my performance. I’m getting excited for my recital.
      Best wishes

      1. Dear Charlotte, you look very natural in this role. Don’t worry! The recital will pass perfectly!
        Good luck!
        Keep in touch!

    1. I’ve always loved dressing up too 😀. It’s a great production.

      Still trying to take in what happened in Manchester last night, music and dance is about love, community and sharing not hate.
      Best wishes to you

      1. It’s very sad what happened in Manchester. That’s why we should all live for today and embrace the good times, the love and laughter! Who knows when will be our last! X

  4. I learned a bit of pieces about both women and men wore makeup in 18th century. It is also interesting the colors makeup were used to identify ranking of people too. Good luck with your year end recital.

  5. #Beautiful performance Charlotte and it is my prayer that the Lord will continue to bless all of your future performances.

    1. Thank you Rev.Tim, giving thanks everyday for being allowed to do this. So much sorrow today in Manchester near where my family and friends live, so much joy in that concert hall overtaken by hate, we must all pray and hope for peace.
      Best wishes

  6. Hi Charlotte, that’s great news & nice of your brother. The costume reminds me of “Pirates of the Caribbean” because of the style of hair. I still can imagine performing in front of so many people… I wonder what is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen when looking out at the audience.

    1. Ooh that’s a difficult question Eric I can’t recall anything strange, although I was once playing a part and started my performance in the audience which shocked and surprised people 😊. I know what you mean by Pirates of the Caribbean, I started the scene at the top of stage ladders quite Jack Sparrow 😊.
      Best wishes

  7. Hi
    Beautiful costumes.
    It’s so nice to see someone so happy and excited about what they do.
    So pleased that you’re enjoying it.

    1. Matt loves to dance and he took A level dance with Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, big workload for him 😊. I can really recommend Ghost Dances.
      Best wishes

  8. Imagine going through that daily? A life sans old sweatpants and a casual well-worn t-shirt to spend the day bumming around in.

    And it is great to see the projects coming in for you. You have the right idea…stay involved and learn.

    Have a great week!

      1. That is cool that you shared that with me. I have a few friends who were basically at the pinnacle of their chosen endeavors so I have seen what they had to do to have their opportunities. A lot of hard miles while others were having fun.

        Well, the gigs you land are the right ones. You make it the right one.

        Have a great weekend!

  9. What a wonderful time you’ve been having lately, Charlotte and what great experience in costume design and make up. You really looked the part in the wig and male clothing. I’m sure your recital on the 7th June will be perfect, too. 😃

  10. OMG!!! Just hearing about the London Bridge attack. I hope you & all of yours are okay!
    Much love from Canada. _Resa

    1. Hi Resa, my brother Matt who was out in London and I am safe thank you, but absolutely heartbroken and sad for everyone once again caught up in this horror. To be honest I just don’t feel safe going out this morning 😢.

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