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I am excited to share some wonderful news with you all, last December I was invited by Scottish Opera to participate in a week of exploration and development for a new project they were hoping to produce.  It was very hush, hush and I wasn’t able to share the experience with you at the time so that the concept could be fully developed before announcing their plans.  All I can say is that I had a fabulous week and enjoyed every minute of it.  I returned to London happy that I had been involved and excited for the production team as they had some wonderful ideas, I had no idea what was to happen next.  After a couple of months, I was contacted and asked to be part of production, and tour as one of the cast members this summer and autumn.


Here is the press release that I was sent which explains a little more:

The long-awaited follow-up to Scottish Opera’s hugely successful BabyO performances, BambinO is a pioneering and unique piece of music theatre for infants aged 6 to 18 months.

A new co-production with Manchester International Festival and Improbable, the show premieres at Manchester International Festival in July, before traveling to Edinburgh as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe, then to Glasgow for performances in Scottish Opera’s Production Studios.

Written by Scottish Opera’s Composer in Residence Lliam Paterson and directed by Improbable’s critically-acclaimed Phelim McDermott, BambinO will be a celebration of the possibilities of music and the power of the infant imagination.

The show reinvents operatic language and traditions for children at an age when their minds are wide open to new sounds, images, and experiences. Babies are free to explore during the performance and to interact with the singers, musicians and each other.

Programme Bambino

Director, Phelim McDermott, said: ‘It is inspiring to create a new opera for what is possibly the most discerning – and important – audience there is. We all know that babies respond to music and we want to nurture and stimulate that relationship through their very first opera.’

Scottish Opera’s Composer in Residence, Lliam Paterson, continued: ‘BambinO will bring an operatic experience to a little audience with ears open to discovering new sounds. It is so exciting to create a colourful and vibrant work that can engage both babies and adults fully while conveying the drama and passion of opera. The opportunity for me to work with as imaginative a director as Phelim McDermott is fantastic and truly inspiring. He and design team Giuseppe Belli and Emma Belli will bring a beautifully crafted operatic world to a whole new audience!’

Scottish Opera’s Director of Education and Outreach, Jane Davidson, said: ‘Incorporating rich, exuberant colours and images – both musically and visually – we’ve created the perfect miniature opera. Complete with percussion, cello, and tiny pianos, all four performers fashion a magical soundscape that will enthrall and challenge both the babies and the adults who come along with them. This is not a ‘baby’ show in a traditional sense; this is baby baroque as you’ve never seen it before!’

BambinO is commissioned and produced by Scottish Opera, Manchester International Festival and Improbable.  It is supported by Scottish Opera’s New Commissions Circle and Scottish Opera’s Education Angels.


Cast and Creative Team
Composer           Lliam Paterson
Director              Phelim McDermott
Designers           Giuseppe Belli & Emma Belli
Soprano              Charlotte Hoather
Baritone              Timothy Connor
Cello                     Laura Sergeant
Percussion          Stuart Semple
Stage Manager   David Sneddon

I can’t wait to join everyone on the 8th June when we start rehearsals and I will keep you posted as we progress and the tour gets underway.  It will be great to work with Stuart Semple again who I toured with last year in the Scottish Opera production of “ The Little White Town Of Never Weary”

I must admit that it was quite a buzz to see the production listed on the Scottish Opera website in this season’s events and to have the opportunity to work on this new composition which is to Premiere at the Manchester International Festival on 4th July.

Season 2017 2018


70 thoughts on “Bambino – Scottish Opera

  1. That is really really great. I think the idea is fantastic. I think it is the activity that you not just enjoy performing but I think you feel some thing much more special. This is could be great experiences for the later ages for those babies!

    1. I agree, I used to enjoy watching a program on tv that followed children every seven years into adulthood, wouldn’t it be exciting to see if early exposure to classical music remains into adulthood.
      Best wishes

      1. Of course it would be very interesting – and to make every year encounter with the same … In any case, it is sure that there will be an influence on their life, since it is age or develops the cultural bases, The cognitive system and learning is the fastest

  2. What an amazing concept, and how exciting to be part of an initiative you helped with at the planning stages. You were talking about more exposure at schools: this is certainly grabbin’ ’em young!

    1. Thanks Janice, I want to do a really good job with this project, I think it’s so important to keep innovative and involve babies and young children.
      Best wishes

      1. I am sure you will be wonderful! Yes, it is important by getting them involved when they are young. ❤️

    1. I can’t reveal all the plans at the moment but as soon as I can I’ll let you know all about it. It’s going to be awesome 😀, I love that word.
      Best wishes
      Charlotte 🌈

  3. Well done Charlotte, I just need to borrow a baby to accompany to one of your Manchester shows now. So very proud of you. 😘

  4. Great news Charlotte! I’m sure it will be a great success.
    Hope you saw my email about a friend of mine moving to London. Thanks 🙂

  5. Congrats Charlotte on your promotion to the BabyO opera. What an honor and I shall be praying for your success. May the Lord bless you richly my beloved.

      1. You’re very brave swimming in these pools, I love swimming but…
        I’ve had to buy a small fan, I’m not used to London heat and my bedroom has windows that only open about 5cm! Nice to get the dresses and shorts out though 👗🌞

  6. Sounds like a really original idea, and what a great opportunity for you! I could never have kept it a secret for so long :-). Best of luck!

    About your recital next Wednesday–do you have to get tickets, like for the Opera Scenes? Or is it just “come and watch”?

    Best regards,


    1. Thanks Cate.
      Next Wednesday you can just turn up it’s not ticketed. It starts at 2:40 and is a forty minute program, it would be lovely to see you again 😊.
      Best wishes

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