Happy Father’s Day 

June 18, 2017 — 52 Comments


Me and Dad

Me and My Dad

It’s that time of year when we can thank someone who is very special, for their support, love, and reliability. In the U.K., today is Father’s Day and my dad is my superhero. He has superhuman powers of dedication and supports my crazy dream of becoming an opera singer. Especially on days when I need reminding that the final push or the hard work is worth it and that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. The belief he has in me is magical and I swear he gives phenomenal pep talks that he could tour the country giving to people. He has the power to make anyone feel great and always finds the positive in any situation. He is proud of the smallest achievements and always reminds me that when they are all added together these tiny tasks come together to make a huge accomplishment. What seemed insurmountable at the beginning, broken down into smaller tasks is suddenly not so bad and the sense of accomplishment on completion can be breathtaking. I love my dad so much and I’m so thankful that he is my dad.

He is also courageous and he has a fighting spirit that encourages him to never give up. He has taken many risks in his lifetime through business and life choices. Sometimes they pay off and other times they don’t, but he would never regret trying something and once started would never give up.  It reminds me of when we all (my dad, my brothers and I) went to karate and we were training for fighting and he got kicked in his side and broke a rib, but he stayed for the whole session because me and my brothers were having so much fun and were learning new skills, he just got on with it and always encourages us to do the same.


Graduation With Dad

My Dad and Me on my graduation day

He has the strong moral code of a superhero and will help people in need, he has taught me right and wrong in life. He also had a keen sense of motivation and a sense of responsibility in which he wants to provide for his loved ones so that we can do anything we dream of as long as we all work hard for it. He is extremely intelligent and honest, even though I joke that this was soaked up by my elder brother Matthew who is incredibly smart. My dad loves Manchester City Football Club and this love and dedication continue in my younger brother Thomas. My dad’s undying love for my mum is also something from a fairy tale, and did I mention he makes the most amazing mash!! (Mash potato)

Keep being amazing Dad!!

In London At Christmas 2016

52 responses to Happy Father’s Day 


    Cherish him as long and as hard as you can, my dear


    Happy Father’s Day to your FATHER, and to all of the other Great Dad’s out there!


    Aww your love for your Dad shines through. So happy for you xx


    He sounds like an amazing Dad. Here’s hoping my daughter will talk me up that much when she’s older!


    How Wonderful to have such a great dad, and I bet he is stoked to have you for his daughter too!


    A beautiful post Chatlotte. Lovely pics too!


    I, too, have a super hero in my poppa! God Bless us, everyone. ❤


    Great Dad.. Happy Father’s Day!


    The love, support and encouragement of a father who believes his daughter can accomplish anything she wants to do is priceless. Treasure that belief.


    A lovely post Charlotte. 😘


    Well written Charlotte. A lovely post.
    And you are right about working towards a successful outcome. It does involve a small number of big steps, but it also requires many many tiny steps. Every tiny step helps you to move towards your goal.


    A lovely, heartwarming post, Charlotte. It’s so beautifully expressed it brought a tear to my overly emotional eye. Memories and photos to cherish, along with your wonderful, ongoing relationship with your dad.


    Adorable photos, Charlotte. This is a remarkable tribute to your father and so wonderful to hear someone say they appreciate their parents!! Cherish every moment – I know they do!!

    Rev. Tim George June 19, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Happy Father’s day to your dad Charlotte, and I am glad you have such a wonderful father.


    This is a wonderful tribute to your Super Dad, Charlotte. I hope he had a great day.


    Beautiful post…. moving and heartfelt tribute. I love my dad so much too!.
    The photographs are lovely dear Charlotte…. sending love & best wishs to you & your family ❤


    Awww, what a lovely post. Great photos, too


    Charlotte what a fabulous post .
    I was in tears reading a wonderful read from the heart.

    Good luck with rehearsal s for the opera .xx


    And he has an amazing daughter too.


    The sort of dad with whom your considerable natural talent has been encouraged to bloom and flourish. If only all fathers were such examples.


    What a fantastic tribute to your father. He must be proud of you too! He sounds like an exemplary father. You are truly blessed. 😘🤗


    What a beautiful, beautiful tribute! This was heartwarming to read. How blessed you both are! 🤗

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