School’s Out For Summer!!

School’s out for summer!! (Well at least for me), on Wednesday 7th June I performed my end of year recital program at the Royal College of Music. I sang a program of Mozart, Liszt, Strauss and Moore.

Prajna and Charlotte
Amelia Widjaja, Prajna Indrawati and Me

My delightful singing teacher Rosa Mannion reminded me to think of it as a performance rather than an exam.  I thought this was a wonderful sentiment and reminds me to stay positive and share music with those around me.  My recital celebrated all that I have learnt this year and showcased some of the beautiful music that I had the pleasure of preparing with Rosa and my wonderful repertoire coach Andrew Robinson.

Rosa and Charlotte
Rosa Mannion and Me

On that note, It was a real treat to be supported by my friends and family who were able to make it to the performance and for all the many kind thoughts sent to me from those unable to attend. You all added to the magical atmosphere and boosted my confidence to get out there and shake a tail feather!

However, after a few photos, hugs and a quick celebratory lunch with my wonderful duo partner Prajna Indrawati and our friend Amelia Widjaja, who kindly turned pages at the piano, I jumped onto a train with my family heading to Glasgow ready to begin rehearsals for BambinO!

On Thursday morning I arrived surprisingly fresh-faced and full of energy for a day of music calls at Scottish Opera lead by composer Lliam Paterson. Laura Sargeant (cellist), Timothy Connor (Baritone), Stuart Semple (Percussionist) and myself started to work through the score scene by scene, marrying each independent instrument together. We continued our work on Friday morning and then in the afternoon, I had my first costume fitting with the wonderful designer Emma Belli. The costume looks fantastic and I can’t wait for my second fitting when the next layer of details can be added on. Plus anybody that has worked with me before technically, knows that I adore costume and the first fitting always gets me ridiculously excited!

On Saturday we were given a sneak preview of the set design by the fabulous designer Giuseppe Belli (who is Emma’s partner in crime). The set is in the final process of being built and should be ready for our production rehearsal beginning on Monday. We then continued our music calls by performing a little mini taster for the director Phelim McDermott and Assistant Director Lissa Lorenzo. So that they could hear the new music and allow their imaginations to begin bubbling with inspiration.

I will find out how much I can share during the process but one thing for sure is that I’m really excited and can’t wait to perform the production at the premiere in Manchester on the 4th July!  If you are in the Manchester area please check out the schedule.

45 thoughts on “School’s Out For Summer!!

  1. Dear Charlotte, what nice tidings! My congratulations! I wish you all the best in Manchester! Believe in your force & spirit! You’ll do it! 🙂

      1. I’m glad to hear that, dear Charlotte. Your creative field demands much work & much voice. 🙂 Though it leads to success and perfection. Have a nice week-end! I hope it’s not too rainy in the UK. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Oddly enough, your Manchester performances fit perfectly into forthcoming days off work, but I’m disqualified anyway due a complete absence of babies to tote along! Good luck, though I doubt you need it. As for the title of this post, though it’s a musical world and a half away, I still have fond memories of ‘School’s Out’ at no. 1 a tiny bit before your time…

    1. I remember learning Schools Out for the Summer for a song and dance routine at Zoe’s Love to Dance group I loved it. Lucks always useful 😀.
      Best wishes

  3. Glad the final exam/recital went so well. It sounds like your “summer project” got off to a great start. Hope all continues to go weel.

  4. BambinO sounds like so much fun, Charlotte. I’ll wager those costume will be beautiful too. Can’t wait to see the photos, hope that it is spectacular. Go Sumer Break!
    Keep up the great work, Darlene

    1. Final week of rehearsals this following week, there has been a lot of research into the sounds and music by the composer it’s been an amazing process, so pleased to be part of this.
      Best wishes

  5. Congratulations on the success of your end of year recital, Charlotte! m so happy that you put your nerves to rest and thoroughly enjoyed the event with family and friends around you. You deserve a great summer break and, from what you’ve shared about BambinO, it promises to be a lot of fun for you. Enjoy your costume fitting. Lovely, happy photos, by the way. You are so photogenic! 😀

  6. No babies but it sounds a fascinating idea and I really look foward to you telling us how it goes down with the little ones. You probably couldn’t take a baby to a grand opera performance but I bet there are many they would enjoy. I went to my first, Carmen, when 7 years old, though I heard a lot for years before that on radio or 78s and have loved opera ever since. Have a great holiday when you’re not doing BambinO.

    1. I hope people give it a trial and come along with their babies and toddlers it’s been specially created so it’s very exciting for me to be a small part of it.
      Best wishes

  7. School’s out and now it’s time to go out into the world and continue learning and experiencing on your own! What wonderful adventurers lie before you!!!

  8. It all sounds fabulously exciting. Congratulations on completing this year and have a blast at bambino. Beautiful pic

  9. What a fresh idea! The first time I heard of such a musical event. All the best in your performance and, have a great summer, Charlotte!

    1. Thanks Arti, it’s a cool idea, everything’s coming together and we have just one full week of rehearsals left before we go on tour 🙋🏼.
      Best wishes

  10. I am so pleased your end of year recital went so well. I wish you all the best with BambinO. I am sorry I won’t be in Manchester in July otherwise I would have come along, baby or no baby! We are off to Manchester this week for a couple of days to visit Richard’s family – what bad timing!

    1. I’d have loved to meet you too Clare 😊. Have a nice visit to Manchester I’ve been told you’ve got great weather down in Manchester too ☀️.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you Eric, it was the longest day of summer in the UK yesterday, although it’s not too hot in Glasgow I’m hearing from my friends still in London that they were sweltering this week. One University year anyway 🌪.
      All my best wishes

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