BambinO Opens In Glasgow

On Tuesday I returned to Glasgow to begin rehearsals for the third set of performances of BambinO! I have really been looking forward to performing again in this wonderful production and to catch up with my friends and colleagues.

Musical rehearsals took place on Wednesday. These rehearsals were lead by Lliam Patterson, the composer of BambinO. The aim of this style of rehearsal is to ensure that the music is in tip-top form and to ensure that the balance between the quartet in the new venue is at the optimum level. In order to achieve this result, we performed the entire piece and then dissected the score into sections and then worked on those that needed more attention and polishing, experimenting with dynamics and new ideas that we wanted to try out since the performances in Edinburgh.

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On Thursday we visited Scottish Operaโ€™s fabulous costume department for fittings to check if any alterations were needed. The wonderful Ali and Lorna were at hand to refresh our look and make sure the costumes looked brand new. It was lovely to get into my Uccelina costume again, especially the feather-covered tutu! I do love that. In the afternoon we had stage rehearsals co-ordinated by Lissa, our Assistant Director. In this rehearsal, we performed the piece on the set and made any alterations necessary to move freely around the new venue. Another element of this style of rehearsal is to remind ourselves of the blocking and our interactions with props and other members on stage.

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Friday arrived with final rehearsals and brushing up. We began with a music rehearsal and then moved into combining this with staging to ensure that we were ready to open to audiences on Saturday morning.

It has been an absolute delight to have performed this show on Saturday and Sunday. I can never stop smiling after the interactions with the babies and their lovely families, each show brings new surprises from confident crawlers who giggle and gurgle.

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Thank you to Keith Bruce from The Herald for his lovely review in today’sย paper. The performances run through to the 5th November and if you want to come down and join in the fun there are still a few tickets left but donโ€™t leave it too long or you may miss out.

65 thoughts on “BambinO Opens In Glasgow

    1. So much fun, I really believe in the value of this project, not just for the babies but the parents and grandparents who come along too, maybe next time they see a full opera available to go to see to mark a special occasion they’ll go along.

      Best wishes

  1. Wonderful, dear Charlotte! Indeed! The World Bambino Tour is a great idea! Babies of all the world must participate in this wonderful musical idea! You’re great on the video! A true show star! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. The set is just super, we’ve had new pillows and the babies love them. I wouldn’t bother with toys for little ones just get them a pillow stack ๐Ÿ˜.
      Best wishes

  2. I loved it, Charlotte! You and the children were having a wonderful time. What a fabulous opportunity for these babies and their parents to take part in this fantastic show. Congrats to you and the rest of the cast for an outstanding performance. Hugs xx

  3. I have seen you involved in many projects and I find it refreshing that this one has been reoccurring. Mainly because it is so different! Very participatory for the infants which is great! And you seem to enjoy it as well.

    Enjoy this run!

    1. Thanks Steve, it’s been a lovely year so far working on this. I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for keeping an eye on me I appreciate it, I hope all is well with you?
      Best wishes

      1. It has been a bit turbulent but I think it is going to work out for the better. Things have a way of sorting themselves out in the long run.

    1. Emma and Giuseppe Belli really did a fabulous job, it’s been packed up for touring and laid and relaid and it’s still like new, the babies love the pillows and the eggs!
      Best wishes

  4. I never tire from hearing the short excerpts shown in the advertising of the show, and wish I could have โ€˜borrowedโ€™ a baby to see the full show when you were in Manchester but, it wasnโ€™t to be, ๐Ÿ˜ณ however, I have my ticket for your Messiah performance in December yay! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โœจ Bambino is a unique and fantastic show that has shown opera is for all ages, and should be encouraged in our schools. Love and hugs xxxxxx

    1. So happy you got your tickets for the Messiah it will be lovely to see you and Terry there as supportive as always. I love watching the babies reactions.
      Best wishes

      1. Thank you, Charlotte. I (of course) love the paragraph “All four onstage are excellent, but Hoather in particular is exceptional, singing beautifully and engaging with her audience every moment of the performance and beyond. She picks her way carefully between the rug-rats, eyeballing individuals with a vocabulary of expressions as eloquent as her sonic range, which takes in chirping and purring as naturally as coloratura.”
        I may be bias, but I could have told the critic that ahead of time!!! Congratulations.

  5. I loved this when I saw it in Manchester Charlotte,
    Must be fabulous seeing different babies every performance,
    With different reactions every show xx

  6. How many did I miss? Anyway, you are adorable in that headdress!
    Makes me smile, and I’m sure the kids & babies love it! โฆโฆ

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