Happy Anniversary Improbable

October 29, 2017 — 32 Comments

On Saturday it was lovely to see one of my old teachers from the RCS Helen McVey and her son Charlie who came to join in with one of the BambinO performances. I am glad that they both enjoyed the show. I would like to give a big shout out to the toddlers who came in their Halloween costumes to watch today as they were just SO CUTE. Lastly a big thank you to the family who came over from Switzerland to watch as part of a family birthday treat, happy 72nd birthday from me and all the team at Scottish Opera, it was lovely to meet you all.

Then after the last of my two performances of BambinO today David Sneddon the stage manager made sure that I had just enough time to meet some of the toddlers and their families before having to dash off to catch a train down to London. Tonight is the 21st-anniversary party of Improbable hosted by Nick Sweeting and Phelim McDermott. I was thrilled to be invited and jumped at the chance to join in the festivities as I have a couple of days off before the final week of performances starts again in Glasgow. I expect it will be a great way to have a little fun and relax for the evening.

Improabable Annivesary 2017

After the performances end in Glasgow next Sunday I will be finalising my rehearsals for the three concerts that I have coming up in December. The first of which is with Blackburn Music Society, conducted by Tom Newall with Samuel Hudson on chamber organ. The concert takes place on Saturday 2nd December at Blackburn Cathedral where we are performing Handel’s Messiah accompanied by the Lancashire Chamber Orchestra.  The performance starts at 7pm and details of how tickets can be purchased are available online at:


For those that won’t know until the last minute if they can come tickets will be available on door.

Blackburn Concert

32 responses to Happy Anniversary Improbable


    Great news, congratulation Charlotte ! happy, happy for You and very proud of you, and proud to be friend with you 🙂 !! Take care of you and have a fabulous week !!


    Such a grand time. Thank you for your always positive posts filled with so much love for life! God Bless you.


    What a nice surprise, keep enjoying life Charlotte. x


    Charlotte have a great time!!! Sounds like so much fun!


    Sounds wonderful!


      One toddler was a ladybird, one a spider and one from toy story super cute 😀. Lovely party celebration Sunday evening and a day resting today ready for our final week. 😊.
      Best wishes


    It must be such a thrill to see your name on the concert programmes. Have a wonderful time.


      It is, it’s lovely to have an opportunity to perform, I spend three years in Les Sirenes female chamber choir and four years the the RCS Choir but it’s nice to be singing the solos 😊.
      Best wishes


    This is all good news. And a little shared anniversary coming up too.


    Hope the party is fun. The concerts sound wonderful. Can’t be there though.


    Enjoy the celebration! I wish I could come to see you on the 2nd December but I have a busy weekend then xx


    Kool style…


    Enjoy your 2days off Charlotte,
    Have a good journey, and I hope the party will be good.xx


    I couldn’t resist sending this to you. Opera is sometimes purposely funny, and satires our psychological foibles and cultural biases. But this is a tour de force.



      thank you for sharing Cindy 😄
      It is interesting to see how Opera as a medium can be used for freedom of speech and modernised settings. It’s given me a good idea for a performance set 👍🏻.


    Wonderful, have a fabulous time, Charlotte!


    So pleased you get to perform Handel’s Messiah, Charlotte. It’s one of my all time favs.


    Hope you have fun and get to let your hair down!


    How I wish I could be there at the Messiah concert, Charlotte! I send my best wishes to you all. 🙂

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