BambinO, That’s A Wrap

November 5, 2017 — 54 Comments

As I sit on the train traveling down to London this evening looking through the window as we travel south watching people celebrate bonfire night with the most fabulous firework displays. It is great to reflect on our last two performances of BambinO today which like the displays I have witnessed tonight concluded in spectacular fashion.

Nov 5th 2017 03

This has been a fantastic production to be involved with and I have enjoyed every second working on stage alongside Timothy Connor, Laura Sergeant, and Stuart Semple. With over 70 performances this year at venues around Manchester, Edinburgh and now Glasgow David Sneddon our brilliant Stage Manager has played a huge part in allowing us to bring a little music and magic to the wonderful audiences that came to join us.

Nov 5th 2017 04

Back Line: Laura, Tim, Lliam, Rachel, Stuart Front Line: Me and Julie

With each show, our front of house colleagues have made sure everyone who comes to watch has an amazing experience and I can’t stress enough the importance they play in making each performance feel special.

From the fabulous and inspiring set and costume designed by Emma and Giuseppe Belli to the free-flowing and imaginative direction inspired by Phelim McDermott, this production has been a real joy to be a part of.

But for me the cherry on the top has been the music composed by Lliam Patterson which I have loved singing and which will stay with me forever.

Nov 5th 2017 02

To those of you who came along to watch one of the performances this year I want to thank you for joining us, it has been fantastic to meet you all and I will take away with me some very special memories. The most amazing thing about performing in this production is that each and every audience has been unique. The babies and toddlers have brought with them their individuality, interacting with us in unpredictable ways and making every show just that little bit different.

Not forgetting Scottish Opera, The Manchester International Festival and Improbable who made all of this possible sincerely thank you very much.

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    You look great in green 🙂 !


    It sounds like a wonderful experience in every sense, Charlotte. It’s always a shame when great things come to an end, but without endings there cannot be beginnings for fresh things to excite and inhabit and stretch us yet further. And think of how many seeds you’ve implanted. Be proud, and then be humble enough to take your experience into the next thing.

    And a very Happy Birthday for next Saturday, Scorpio Girl.


      Thank you Martin and 🎉 back at you my fellow scorpion 🎉.
      Back to the Royal College of Music tomorrow and a very full week ahead, excited to get back to it. Just got back home 😴 long journey.
      All my best wishes


    An experience I am certain everyone involved will remember throughout their lifetimes. The little ones will be music lovers from here on and the world will be a happier place as a result! <3


      What a lovely thought Annette, I really hope it encourages their parents to continue providing classical music opportunities for them. The World could do with more happy 😀.
      Best wishes


    You look great in green 🙂 ! It a pleasure knowing things went well.


    Bravo ! Tu es une Grande Charlotte ! Talentueuse, passionnée, belle, sincère et modeste ! Fabulous Miss Rainbow Voice ! Proud of You !


    It’s always a little bit sad when a performance comes to an end. What a wonderful success it has been and the reviews have been super. Congratulations, Charlotte!


    I am thrilled that your performance and Bambino as a whole was grandly accepted. Just wish i was one who had been in the audience!


    Congratulations on such wonderful performances! I can say that because I read your reviews Charlotte. Back to London, hope that you have a great evening and great reflections on your works! Thinking of you Charlotte!


      Thank you Darlene, having an horrendous journey at the moment, delayed two hours just outside London on the train and now the tube is cancelled and the other line is stationary. But I’ve just heard about Texas and what’s a delay compared to that ☹️. Thank you for thinking of me.
      Best wishes


    Bravo, Charlotte. I’m so glad you have fun and can’t wait to hear about your next adventure. I wonder if anyone recorded parts of the show to share online.


    I wish I could’ve seen it! It looks like it was a magical show. Congratulations on doing your part to bring joy and beauty into the lives of children.


    A wrap indeed. Well done, Charlotte


    I think the chance to do or perform the thing you love to do and it gives back to others as this BambiO is something that you can cary in your memory to the rest of your life.


    All good things must come to an end… It sounds like it was a fantastic journey, though! And since you were the first, you have helped to define that part. And, of course, in the future you will always be able to truthfully talk about when your career was in its infancy, just a little bambina in BambinO.


    “bonfire night” That is something I am going to have to look up. (Being from California)


      Hope this helps 🙂 Bonfire night is to remember the 1605 foiled plot of Guido (Guy) Fawkes and his compatriots when they tried and failed to kill King James I and blow up his government in the Houses of Parliament, it was called ‘The Gunpowder Plot’, the plotters wanted England to be Catholic again. We now have organised bonfires and firework, the fireworks use explosives similar to what Guy hid under the Houses of Parliament, displays are usually in fields and it is dark and sometimes very cold, but when I was little we used to have a box of fireworks and sparklers that we were allowed to hold as long as we were careful. The plot was foiled because one of Guy’s group sent a letter to his friend who worked in Parliament and the King’s supporters saw the letter and the plot was stopped, the plotters arrested and executed. Often on the top of bonfires, there is a figure of a person made of old clothes called a ‘Guy’.
      Best wishes


    What a fabulous year your having Charlotte.
    We were so lucky to see you performing bambino, the memory will stay with us forever.
    Looking forward to seeing you in lots more opera’s..😘💐


    Dear Charlotte,
    Glad you had the company to watch you perform in Bambino, as you are a smashing success. May the Lord bless you richly my beloved.


    Ah, the sadness of wrapping a show you loved working on is the hardest part of our business; but the memories will be with you forever. And such a groundbreaking show! Congratulations on a job well done.


    Well done Charlotte. You did a fantastic job with BambinO. here’s to your next venture. Xx


    It seems it was a wonderful experience… But I am sure there will be more great ones ahead!. Hugs and best wishes, dear Char! 😀


    Congratulations. Are you going to be looking into doing future operatic productions for little ones?


      I’d love to, there’s so much I’d love to do, this December I’m doing my first solo soprano performances in oratorio instead of being a choir member so that’s exciting for me.
      Best wishes


    Congratulations, Charlotte, on your wonderful production! What a special performance for babies! It must have been enjoyable for all including you and your fellow performers. Best wishes for more fantastic experiences for you! Hugs xx


    Looks such a wonderful experience. Many more to come i’m sure.


    This was a fabulous enterprise, which I am sure will be revived.

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