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This week is going to be full of mixed emotions. On Wednesday afternoon I will be singing two songs at the memorial service for Gary Waller, a friend and supporter who many of you that regularly read my posts know, I met a couple of years ago through my blog.  It will be an emotional event for me and I have chosen to sing two songs that I know were dear to his heart, Gersang (An Sylvia) by Franz Schubert, and Frühlingsmorgen by Gustav Mahler. I wanted my contribution to be a celebration of his life, to remember him as I knew him, as a happy man, an encouraging and supportive friend who had a passion for music. I will be accompanied on piano for the service by the very talented Waka Hasegawa who very kindly agreed to play for me.

In the same evening I have been asked to represent the Gustav Mahler Society here in London at the Combined Music Societies Dinner which is to be held at the Lancaster Hall Hotel, 35 Craven Terrace, London W2 3EL.  This is great honour for me, and a privilege to sing alongside accomplished performers for such an appreciative audience.  My programme for the evening comprises of four songs by Gustav Mahler, Frühlingsmorgen; Blicke mir nicht in die Lieder; Ich atmet‘ einen Linden Duft; and Liebst du um Schönheit.  For the performance, Dr. Leslie Howard has agreed to accompany me on piano and it’s a fantastic opportunity and privilege for me to work with him. The evening will also include works by Schubert, Wagner, Liszt, and Alkan, I’ll tell you all about it next week.

On Friday 19th January 2018 at 17:30 pm I will be performing in my first opera scene of 2018 here at the RCM in the Britten Theatre, performing the role of Blanche de la Force from Poulenc’s Opera ‘Dialogue Des Carmélites’ if you didn’t see my post from last week.   Tickets for the events are free and can be booked in advance on the RCM website.

2018 will be a formative year for me after I graduate from the RCM this summer I will be making a huge leap of faith from student to freelance artist, a bit like a Barnacle gosling ( please watch the whole video if you haven’t seen it before ).

That means taking on the daunting task of trying to seek out performance opportunities, finding work with Opera companies, setting schedules, and working privately with coaches.  If any conductors, concert organisers, opera producers, or agents are reading this and need an enthusiastic, hardworking and talented soprano or have any ideas, projects or schemes for me to look at please get in touch!! ( email me at enquiries@charlotte-hoather.com )

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Me with Prajna Idrawati

I will also be looking to expand on my work as part of Lieder duos and if you hear of any venues that put-on concerts for a Lieder duo then please let me know or pass on my contact e-mail details.  I currently perform with either of my good friend’s Prajna Idrawati or George Todica who are both looking to establish a career for themselves here in the UK, Europe and eventually Worldwide.



85 thoughts on “A Leap Of Faith

  1. It will be a testing moment for you Charlotte, and you will need more than your professionalism to get through it. Just remember that you are singing for more than a friend but a supporter of your ability, and you’ll do him the honour he deserves.

    1. Thank you, Martin, it is less emotional to sing at funerals and memorials of people I didn’t know. I’ve been asked to say a few words and I asked if I could do that after I’ve sung as any emotion really shows in the singing voice.

      Best wishes to you

  2. Condolences for Mr. Waller, it will be an emotional time. Looking forward to your new projects Charlotte. As always we will be here to root for you, Darlene

    1. Thank you, Darlene. I’m totally concentrating on this week’s performances but my next project is ‘Women in Music’ with the Royal College of Music, I’ll tell you all about it soon, I fitted in some essential reading on the subject over the Christmas break.

      Best wishes

  3. The world is yours Charlotte ! 🙂 hope and pray you find what you seek 🙂
    My condolences to passing of you’re friend..

    1. Thank you, Joe. I’m off plan at the moment and just trying to figure out how to make a living in order to continue with my opera studies, thank you for your prayers.

      Best wishes

  4. Life and performances are similar in having to be present for each key bit in order to do your best, and then there being other instants when withdrawing into semi-presence is most helpful, to restore and have the chance to be yourself without external demands.

    Best wishes in your week and beyond.

  5. God Bless you and your tender heart. I know that Gary and all others who knew him, will feel the love with which you present in his honor. I must say, there is such magic in your world as you stand, poised to jump of that cliff. I shall hold my gaze,ever upward and know that when I see a trail of stardust, that will be You!

    1. I hope so Annette my blog friendships mean a lot to me and I was grateful to have been given an opportunity to get to know Gary better and he passed on his love of Mahler to me so I need to do a good job of expressing that.

      As for cliff jumping…I jumped straight into the deep end of the local pool aged four, whilst the other kids were getting their armbands on, no-one told me I couldn’t swim! So when the instructor said ‘all of those that can already swim, get in and swim widths’, I just joined those that did and sank like a stone, she had to jump in and rescue me, my Dad was up in the spectator’s gallery on his feet banging on the glass apparently. But I got my armbands on and got stuck in afterward! He He

      Best wishes

  6. Good luck Charlotte. I love Mahler and I am sure you will be able to convey the emotions. I am so sorry about your friend. Life is so precious and little do we know when it will end. Enjoy it! Lots of love xx

    1. So true Christine, your time isn’t long sometimes it is hard not to concentrate on negatives and stop things getting to you but I’ve been brought up not to waste time on what if. I agree resilience is very important and life is precious so it’s important to enjoy every little thing.

      Best wishes

  7. Great, congratulations Charlotte – I will link this bolg on my socila web page and I hope that this yes we coud have some projects

    Take care, may energetics thoughts ! meilleurs voeux de succés, et comme on dit en France , un grand “Merde” pour tout tes récitals !

    1. It was so nice when I first came to London to know Gary was attending to watch my scenes or coming to support me in my recital, he had to come quite a way too. I miss his encouraging e-mails too. Thanks for the hug I needed it 🙂

      Best wishes

  8. Always so sad to lose a friend but I know you will do justice to his memory. Your on the brink of a wonderful career, of that I am sure. Stay brave, loads of love😘

    1. I could do with an Agent so I don’t have to think about it hehe. That barnacle goose was really brave wasn’t it, it was last to jump not first too he had seen others go first!!

      Best wishes

  9. I am sure you are honoured to be singing for your friend, sad as the occasion is. You will do him proud. I hope your leap into independence will not be as rocky as that chick’s. I almost couldn’t bear to watch.

    1. My Mum thought the video was motivational in some way and sent it to me over Christmas – I know right! Hehe. My Dad laughed and said it’s recovering from the knocks that build your stamina!! They think they’re helping.

      Best wishes

      1. That’s hilarious. “Here – our dear little chick who is about to launch herself into the big bad world – see how it is done in the animal kingdom. It’s scary, you’ll be terrified, and it hurts a lot on the way down, gosh, you may not even survive, but if you do, please take comfort in knowing we will be waiting there to pick up the pieces.” hahdehahaha. Perhaps I embellished their intent 🙂 Poetic licence.

  10. Sorry about the loss of your friend. Sing your heart for him and every time things get a little tough, sing a song that you sang at his service and it will remind you of his support and faith in you.
    As far as your upcoming leap of faith every time I leapt from an airplane, I had faith in my parachute. You must have faith in your parachute, namely your TALENT.

    1. I will take your advice, Don.

      The Barnacle gosling clip is amazing, it must leap over 400ft from its nest on a sheer clip top to reach its parents on the ground, with no wings, as it jumps when it’s just a few days old. It has to glide or plummet in a rite of passage. My Mum sent it to me thinking it was motivational because this one survives a few knocks on the rocks and just shakes itself down. He He.

      Best wishes

  11. I am sorry about your friend, though I think it is good that you will be able to help celebrate his life. Representing The Mahler at the Combined Music Societies Dinner sounds like a great opportunity. I actually have a CD of Dr. Leslie Howard playing some late Liszt piano works. I’m sure jumping out into the professional world this year will go well – you already have a great start! (I couldn’t play the video 🙁 )

    1. Yes, I read Dr. Leslie Howard is best known for being the only pianist to have recorded the complete solo piano works of Franz Liszt quite a fabulous opportunity I enjoyed meeting him, he’s a very busy artist.

      Sorry, you couldn’t see the video, Trent. I watched it over Christmas, my Mum thought it was motivational hehe, I was horrified when the poor bird crashes several times against the rocks before he reaches the bottom to eat the grass. They jump or glide really from 400ft up at just a few days old before their wings form. This one survives and shakes itself down when it gets to the bottom!

      Best wishes

      1. Hmm, looking deeper, I have a lot of his CDs! On my IPod only one shows him as “artist”, but I have a lot more in my collection. I got a boxed set from another artist but used Dr. Howard to fill in the gaps of the more unusual (and sometimes far more interesting!) works since, as you said, he is the only artist to do them all. I went through a short period where I was obsessed with Liszt’s works. To me they are even more of a bridge to the 20th century than Wagner, who is usually mentioned for that role. What a wonderful opportunity to meet people like Dr. Leslie Howard!

        The video said that it wasn’t available in the US. Sometimes they do that for copyright reasons. I may do a search and try to find it. And I’m sure your mom thought it was great motivation as she pushed you out of the nest 😉

  12. Hi Charlotte 🙂 you could look into acting also, audition for mastetpiece theater there in England.? Or be Dr. who’s next assistant 🙂

  13. Good luck with all your projects, dear Charlotte! My condolences due to the loss of your friend. But he will certainly hear your charming voice in Paradise! So, don’t worry! 🙂

    1. It would be lovely to think he could hear me, just to say thanks for his support and so that he knows I learnt them eventually. I was too busy with compulsory repertoire to learn when he first asked so he never got to hear them.

      Best wishes Maria,

  14. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s lovely you’re able to sing at his memorial service. I’m sure your beautiful voice will bring comfort to everyone there.
    I’m so excited on your behalf as you graduate and move into the next phase of your career. I know great things are in your future!

    1. His family asked me to sing which was just lovely, It was lovely meeting them, the church was full a very well attended memorial service. I certainly hope so.

      Thanks for your confidence Nanette.

      Best wishes

  15. I remember singing at a couple of memorial services many,many years ago. It is very difficult to keep one’s own emotions under control but I am sure you will manage admirably! I am truly sorry you have lost your friend.
    This year is going to be such an exciting and scary year for you! Best of luck with all you do!

    1. I feel more confident about the singing than the Tribute if I’m honest because the songs aren’t too sad, ‘An Sylvia’ is a German Translation of a Shakespeare poem from Act 4, Scene 2 of the play The Two Gentlemen of Verona that Schubert composed in 1828. It’s a beautiful song and was his favourite.

      As for this year – in the words of David Attenborough “the path of life is full of danger. Enjoy youth. Play while you can and use your wits. Respect your enemies. But when you have to, fight”. Yikes, hehe.

      Best wishes

      1. A wonderful quote from David Attenborough! I am sure you will cope admirably this year. You are so talented and hard-working you cannot fail to do well!
        Best wishes to you!

  16. You had a very busy week! I know looking not too far into the future you will be leaving school life to professional life.. That is exciting and you will be doing fine.

    1. I certainly did! Thank you for your confidence. When I was learning how to rollerblade in the garden when I was little my Mum pushed some of my little brother’s nappies in my shorts in case I fell, it’s one of my favourite videos and makes me laugh because all the while I sing ‘here I come ready or not’. It’s the same sort of exciting!

      Best wishes

  17. Wishing you all the best as you sing at your friends memorial. What a lovely gift. Good to catch up and see you in your roles. Happy 2018 to you and your new ventures.

  18. So sorry for the loss of your friend. Your parting gift to him will carry many others through this trying time as well.
    I wish you the very best in job hunting – we here know how great your talent is!!
    Sorry I could not watch the video, it said it wasn’t available here.

    1. Thank you, GP. I hope so. The next six months is going to go so fast.
      I’m sorry you couldn’t watch the video, as I said to Trent above I watched it over Christmas, my Mum thought it was motivational hehe, I was horrified when the poor baby bird crashes several times against the rocks before he reaches the bottom to eat the grass. They jump or glide really from 400ft up at just a few days old before their wings form. This one survives and shakes itself down when it gets to the bottom! After six years you get used to being a student and living in a nest hehe.

      Best wishes

  19. I think it is wonderful that you are able to use your talent to celebrate and honour your friend as well as missing him; that is so important. I just recently lost a great-uncle, so I know what it is like to balance our sorrow with our joy that we knew someone so wonderful so closely. I intend to dedicate my next book to him, and that makes me feel happy and close to him, as I am sure singing for your friend will do for you. Best of luck with everything, Charlotte! If I hear of any opportunities, I will let you know!

    Best regards,


    1. Thank you Cate, the memorial service was so lovely, very moving tributes from everyone who knew him, his service was very well attended a measure of what a super person he was.
      Thank you for the good luck message too.
      Best wishes

  20. You will fly, Charlotte, but I hope to goodness it is a lot less terrifying than the little gosling’s experience. Congratulations on all engagements. I know these are the fruit of very hard work, not only on your music, but on all the networking that is involved in the testing singing world. Sadly we can’t make the Poulenc, but I keep telling people about your talent, so we will be seeing you in the future somewhere.

    1. I intend to give it my very best shot, I’m going to need plenty of padding and I appreciate your support and encouragement. I hope I do get an opportunity to sing near you soon.
      All my very best wishes

  21. How kind of you to sing at your friend’s memorial service. He is surely looking down and smiling upon you and our kindness. Best of luck in obtaining many venues in which to perform. With your talent and drive you will surely be kept busy doing what you love. Xxoo

    1. It’s the least I could do in the memory of a lovely supportive friend. The service was just wonderful, some beautiful tributes from his family and friends, my songs went down well and I just about got through my tribute that is harder than I thought it would be especially as my words were from my heart.
      I just need to find a way through, six years in further education is a long time and I have debts to begin to repay and an ambition to fulfill. I started with an awful cold the other day that I’ve had to sing on, so I’m taking a bit of time not to speak or sing let’s see how long that can last hehe.
      Warmest wishes

      1. You will one day be at the top! Take care of that cold. Chicken soup is the best and extra vitamin C. My escarole soup is perfect for getting rid of that cold. 🤗 😘

  22. I’m so sorry for your loss, Charlotte, but it is wonderful and loving for you to sing at his memorial. It also sounds like you have many amazing performances on your calendar, and I wish you all the best. I have no doubt that with your talent you’ll find much success…

    1. Thank you Lauren, one thing that London has taught me is that there are so many talented sopranos one can’t take anything for granted, I will just keep persevering, try to find sufficient work to live and continue with my singing lessons and coachings, I’ve met so many wonderful people trying to help me to improve.
      All my best wishes

  23. As have been for the past few years as you pursued your dream, my heartfelt wishes for you Charlotte for all the best opportunities in your future. Years have gone by so fast, but I’m sure these have been rewarding years and have well equipped a talented you for any dream jobs. 🙂

    1. Thank you Arti I’ve really enjoyed the whole training experience, fledgeling singers, now more than ever, are facing a very uncertain world. With cuts in the Arts and more singers in training than ever, I am forcing myself to think positively and creatively about how to generate my own opportunities to perform. It really isn’t easy without any backing or agent but I’ll give it my best shot to secure the extra opera roles experience I need to progress.
      All my best

  24. Enjoyed your post, but unfortunately, when I tried to watch the barnacle goose clip, I got “The uploader has not make this video available in your country [America].”

    May I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Who could be more blessed than to earn a living doing what he or she has a passion for!

    1. That’s a shame I think it’s because its a BBC program. I was horrified when the poor baby bird crashes several times against the rocks before he reaches the bottom to eat the grass. They jump or glide really from 400ft up at just a few days old before their wings form. This one survives and shakes itself down when it gets to the bottom! I just thought why not build the nest at the bottom but I was told foxes eat them, even after surviving the jump it really is a survival of the lucky. After six years you get used to being a student and living in a nest hehe. Only five months to go before I take my leap yikes.
      Best wishes

  25. Wow! I believe you will do amazing in your career. You are my favorite Soprano, ever!
    I will find a post of yours to reblog. If you don’t mind I’ll reblog your Christmas performance in a couple of weeks. UNLESS, you have another performance you will be posting before that, and you prefer it! Resa

  26. I am sorry to hear about Mr. Waller. As for your Career, every great Artist has a Beginning. No one started at the top of their Profession. I believe in you because you have a solid work ethic & are surrounded by a great support from your peers. The desired Life is created by your Vision. You have Vision for a Reason. You have the Talent & Skill to fulfill that Vision. As scary as it may be, you are equipped to Succeed.

    1. Thanks, Eric, just the right morning to read this. The problem is deciding where to begin with so much conflicting advice and rules to follow. My vision is simply to perform as often as possible :). It’s not been a great week but I’m sticking a smile on it.
      All my best wishes

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