A Blast From The Past

June 17, 2018 — 41 Comments

On the 29th June 2018, I am excited to be singing again with my friends from the Tideswell Male Voice Choir. It is quite a special moment for me as it will be my last concert as a student before graduating from the Royal College of Music on the 6th July 2018. The concert will be held at St John the Baptist Church, Tideswell at 7:30 pm.

St John The Baptist Church, Tideswell

I remember fondly first meeting Maurice Hargreaves and John Richie, members of the choir when I first competed in the Hazel Grove Music festival back in 2009.  It was my first time in the festival competition and they were so supportive and encouraging and made the day extra special for me.

Prizes From My Time At The Hazel Grove Music Festival

Having had such a great time, I decided to come back the following year and enter even more classes.  This gave me the opportunity to expand my repertoire and improve my performance skills and develop friendships. So, when I was invited to sing with the Tideswell Male Voice Choir at the Romiley Forum on the 18th August 2012 you can imagine how excited I was.

My First Performance In Romiley With Tideswell Male Voice Choir

Over the years that followed I continued my association with the choir and found the camaraderie of the members so encouraging, it was always a thrill to perform alongside them.  With performances at St John’s Church, Gawsworth Hall, Stockport Plaza,  and the Buxton Opera House in 2013 and 2014.

So when I return to Tideswell on the 29th June it will be a time to catch up with old friends, make some new ones, and create new memories to carry with me over the years to come.

St John The Baptist Church, Tideswell, 2013 Hosted By Edwina Currie

Singing With The Choir At Gawsworth Hall

Never Forget Remembrance Concert With The Choir, Buxton Opera House 2014


Here in the UK, it is Father’s Day today and I want to wish my Dad a wonderful Father’s Day and hope that all the Dad’s out there have a fabulous day too.


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41 responses to A Blast From The Past


    How wonderful Charlotte! You are flying my friend. Good for you!


      It feels a bit like free falling at the moment Cindy :). Working with professionals out in the real world this past year has given me a wake up call because they have been advising me just how difficult a profession this is, several have told me that not being accepted onto a young artist program or opera school with scholarship makes it so much more difficult.
      Best wishes


    Every day, we move from our past into our future, and leave behind things we will long to have again. Sometimes, it’s just more obvious than others. When you first left a message on my blog, years ago, you intrigued me, and created a follower who wishes you well. You changed the past into the future. Some days are bigger changes than others, such as the one now nearing for you. I believe in you, that you will make that future into all you want of it, and I am happy to be part of your wake. May you never need luck to lead you to what you are meant to do.


    This is awesome. All the best Charlotte.


    I miss so much, being here on this side of the pond. However, I can feel the excitement and it gives me such joy. Imagine how those who experience you in person feel. Brava!! <3


      Awww thanks Annette, I always have to remember I’m in this for the joy of singing, especially if I’m using my spare time caught up in administration to update my repertoire lists, cv, biogs etc, so it’s great to have opportunities to sing for people who have known me for years so they can see the progress for all these years of training.
      Best wishes


    Charlotte, congratulations on your graduation – you have worked so very hard – I am thrilled for you way over her in South Carolina…you go, girl!


    Looking forward to hearing you singing with tidewell male voice choir again Charlotte..
    It will be wonderful for you catching up with everyone again, and getting to sing in the beautiful church too..xx


    What beautiful memories and congratulations to remain faithful to friends and continue to take the time for them. Bravo Best thoughts for you.


    Lovely memories Charlotte. Me and Terry will be at your concert with the choir, looking forward to it very much. 😘


    It’s great that you’ve been able to keep the relationship with the people and the choir going. And after shows in France and the US I see that you are now considered an “International coloratura soprano” 😉 Yes, and there was Norway and all… Anyway, sounds like a great last concert before you graduate!

      Charlotte Hoather June 19, 2018 at 11:46 am

      😁 I’m going to ask Edwina Currie who created the poster to write my biography too hehe, she’s a retired British Member of Parliament who turned her hand successfully to writing books.

      I am willing to travel though 😜 and I also performed professionally in Spain. I should get a map now while there aren’t too many buttons and put map pins in 📍📌.

      All my best wishes


        The pins in a map is a great idea, though I bet it will get too full once you are singing professionally full time for a while.


    You look awesome from the pictures of these shows. Hope you had a great Father’s day in UK.


      Thank you it was nice looking through old photos and nice memories. Sadly I couldn’t spend Father’s day with my Dad which made me sad, but my oldest brother got to visit for the weekend and we had a facetime chat and I see him when I’m in Tideswell for a hug.
      Best wishes


    Charlotte congratulations on your up coming concert and graduation. The world is waiting for more of you, I believe.


    Congratulations, sounds like a fun time ahead of you 🙂 x


    This is wonderful. I am honored to know such a fine young artist!


    That’s pretty awesome. I can only imagine the adrenaline to step in a stage and sing to an audience. Really really cool.


      It’s a great adrenaline rush and it starts getting ready in the morning right up until you’re standing in the wings. Thanks for reading.
      Best wishes


    Whata wonderful event, Charlotte. A rose amongst the thorns! I’m sure it will be spectacular. I am not going to be online for a couple of weeks, so huge CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation. It has been such a fun journey we’ve taken with you and I’m looking forward to your future!


      Enjoy your break Noelle, thank you so much for keeping in touch I know how busy you’ve been with your book and promoting the work of others you are very generous.
      Best wishes


    Best of luck, dear Charlotte. I am sure you’ll shine as you always do… also, you are so close to your graduation, Congrats 😘💜 love and best wishes


    Charlotte, have a wonderful trip and fun singing again with the choir. Great photos.
    Looking forward to your graduation.

      Charlotte Hoather July 1, 2018 at 9:19 pm

      Just on the train heading up to Buxton which is in the Midlands of England and then the choir director is picking us up from the station and taking us for a run through in a retirement home this afternoon which I always love to do.
      All my best wishes


    Dear Charlotte,
    Congratulations on you graduation from the RCM and wish I could hear you sing with your heavenly voice. May the Lord bless you richly my Beloved.

      Charlotte Hoather July 1, 2018 at 9:19 pm

      Thank you Rev Tim, not long now until I’m singing in Tideswell Church tonight with the male voice choir, very excited now.
      Best wishes


    So happy for how far you’ve come. Keep rockin’.

      Charlotte Hoather July 1, 2018 at 9:19 pm

      Thank you Eric for sticking out the adventure with me. It will be interesting to see what’s coming up next.
      Best wishes


    You’re the star. I get to see some of your work on YouTube. So glad you post there!

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