Visiting The Shetland Isles

Our short stay in Shetland came to an end last Sunday, 23rd September and I wrote this whilst sat in Sumburgh Airport, with a hot cup of tea beside me and lots of sweet memories and photos to pass the time.

Island View

This beautiful island is home to many wonderful views and walks. The unspoiled countryside, dotted with herds of sheep and cows, the occasional Shetland pony, (who actually seem to come in pairs – ready for Noah’s ark perhaps) makes for a beautiful drive to the airport from Lerwick. I must admit one of the strangest differences in the landscape is that there were almost no trees, apart from ones grown lovingly on private property.

Beautiful Town

Fields were divided by walls of layered slate and grey rocks, it reminded me of one of my favourite films, Stardust where a dry-stone wall divided the real realm from the magical.

The air on the island is magnificently fresh, yet at times it can be quite ferocious if you get caught in between two winds on the beach that links to St. Ninian’s aisle. It was worth it though, as the team and I galloped across the sandy beach – with no plastic or human waste in sight! The crystal blue water kissed both sides of the shell-sand tombolo beach, creating a heavenly pathway to the quiet island.

Lerwick was a delightful town, decorated with bunting which reminded me of my childhood when Knutsford was decorated for the May Day parade. The cobbled streets were decorated with the quaint window displays of hairdressers, soap shops, restaurants, and an amazing Shetland Fudge Shop. One of their specialties is a candy called Puffin Poo, a tasty recipe of white Belgian chocolate with toasted rice and mallow, hand rolled in coconut. A local favourite.

Puffin Poo


As well as exploring the town, I performed in BambinO with Scottish Opera at the Mareel Theatre, who magnificently recreated the poster out of origami clouds that hung from the ceiling and a hand-drawn blackboard sign, which welcomed families in the foyer. The stage sat in a cosy wooden paneled venue and our four shows were welcomed by a friendly and very enthusiastic audience. I enjoy performing this show so much, because each performance is so different which in turns keeps the story-telling alive, and visiting places like this reminds me how important music and the arts are to local communities.


29 thoughts on “Visiting The Shetland Isles

  1. Oh what fun, Charlotte!! And it is a magical place. Loved your photos, from the team down to Puffin Poo and the Bambino!! How kind of you to take us all along on your journeys!! Thank you.

    1. Hehe The Puffin Poo made me chuckle and I bought a few bags for gifts 😄. I was grateful to Scottish Opera for the opportunity to visit and one Mum had come across from an Island by boat especially to have her baby experience the opera, just brilliant.
      All my best wishes

  2. A place I’d love to visit myself, so I envy you seriously. And agree wholeheartedly on ‘Stardust’ (have you read the Neil Gaiman story? Very very good but a lot heavier).

    1. Martin I can recommend it, a long trip from Cheshire but well worth it. No I haven’t read Neil Gaiman but you can see how great stories come out of these magical remote locations.
      All my best wishes

  3. Great photos Charlotte. We love watching Shetland. Your picture bring back memories.
    Puffin Poo sounds delicious! LOL, looks delicious. Thanks for all the wonderful information Charlotte, loved it. Darlene

  4. I love Scotland and Shetland looks to be an amazing place to visit. You look as though you had a fantastic time there. Love all the ‘Charlotte ‘ places. Well done 😘

  5. I am so envious! I would love to visit the Shetlands (not to mention the Orkneys, the Hebrides, the Faroe Islands and all of Scotland!). But that fun comes of course at the end of a LOT of hard work. I know that while we see the fun part of your trip, you have earned that with hours and hours of hard work that we never see. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  6. Wonderful photos, Charlotte, and what stood out for me was no trees and no trash on the beach. I live in northern California where trees are abundant, which I love, and no waste or plastic on the beach is such a wonderful concept – so simple, too, if everyone did their part. 🙂 I’m sure your performance was amazing, as always. Thanks for sharing with us. 💗

  7. Sounds like a lovely holiday and treat for you! How beautiful and picturesque this island looks… a nice place to visit, Charlotte. Enjoy the rest of your opera engagements and all good wishes! 😃

  8. LOL!!! Puffin Poo! Love Puffins… lol.. hahaha!
    You look absolutely marvellous in the shots with you in them!
    You speak of the wind. Perhaps your cold was in the wind? Perhaps the wind into your ears? Just a thought, as I wear ear muffs for that reason.
    Sending best wishes
    Resa 💖

  9. What a lovely read! You make it sound wonderful. Not only are you a talented performer/actress…you are a fabulous writer! Your posts always make me smile! Have a lovely day Charlotte! Hugs, Koko 🙂

  10. Beautiful photos, Charlotte! I would love to visit the Scottish islands – it has been on my bucket list for years.
    You are quite right about how important the arts are to people who don’t normally have access to them. We are always grateful to anyone visiting our local theatres and halls.

  11. These photographs are wonderful Charlotte. I have never been there, although I spent a lot of time in the UK back during college and grad school. I need a return trips. I love you in the costume, by the way, so droll. You are not only working, you are having fun doing it. What a talented person you are! And beautiful, inside and out. <3

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