My Brother Matt and his Husband Alex

Last weekend I had the pleasure of singing, with George Todica on piano, for my brother Matthew’s fairytale wedding to his long-term partner Alexander in Peckforton Castle in the Cheshire countryside.  This amazing venue was such a romantic location for a perfect day.  I was also a Groomsmaid so after singing I had a quick dash to the back of the great hall to join the procession.  When we were choosing wedding songs to celebrate the marriage service they had to be none religious as it was a civil ceremony so we selected songs about love and commitment it was very emotional especially when I was singing as they signed the register.

Inside the Great Hall at Peckforton Castle

George played Widmung as the sun streamed through the stained glass windows as we walked down the aisle in the Great Hall on a stunning candlelit and autumnal coloured rose petal strewn white carpet, Matt and Alex had chosen clear glass columns with white petal trees strung with candles in little balls it just caught my breath.

It really was an absolutely beautiful service with gorgeous promised vows to each other, there was just an amazing vibration to the day with six of Matt and Alex’s fabulous girl friends and me as groomsmaids and four groomsmen including my younger brother Thomas who did a reading with Alex’s brother Josef.

I’m just so happy to have a new kind, caring and talented brother in the family.





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    1. Thank you Alex, it was a wonderful day, my brother is just a fabulous party planner and this was his biggest celebration party ever 😊, he and Alex took two years from their engagement to get the day just as they wanted it.
      Best wishes

  1. What a wonderful location for a wedding! I was at my nephew’s wedding last week, also a civil ceremony where the “scripture” reading was from Neil Gaiman… Anyway, it looks like a beautiful ceremony, and I’m sure having you sing for it was very special treat. Congratulations to your brother and Alex!

    1. We used to go to the castle years ago when we were children before it was turned into a wedding venue, they’ve done a wonderful job of turning it into a great hotel and venue, I should have mentioned Matt’s friend Jo Higbee came over from the States and did a lovely reading from Lemony Snickett ‘letters’ and she looked like a real life mermaid with a long turquoise gown and purple hair – I hope to get some of the professional photos to share.
      When I first moved to London and I came down with a serious flu it was Alex that came dashing over during his lunch break with a food bag and medicine a really super man.
      Best wishes

      1. I hope you are able to share some of the photos. The ones that did are great. And I would love to see the photo of the Lemony Snikett reading…

        It does sound like Alex is a very nice man, one who was already a part of your family even before the ceremony.

    1. Thank you Pascal, Merci beaucoup 😊. It was a very energising day, we danced into the evening and as Matt was the President of Warwick Univerisities Ballroom and Latin Dance team there was some fabulous dancing too.
      You would enjoy photographing the castle and grounds they are spectacular.
      Best wishes

    1. Both Matt and Alex are very generous and like to make people happy, this two years of planning was a labour of love for them and it paid off. Thank you Clare
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you Cindy, the dresses were very comfy to wear but came with a bit of drama when three of them were cut too short and had to be reworked! Not only are they a good looking group they are the most amazing friends and all keep in touch even though they’ve all been out of University for six years, both men are great friends. In fact there could probably have been at least another four lovely ladies and four men, I know Matt was very sad he had to draw a line.
      All my best wishes

    1. The castle organisers were just brilliant, they helped move the trees to the dining tables that Matt and Alex and made centres from their favourite memories of childhood into their adult lives, so we had a Harry Potter table, a Nintendo table, a music table and a dance table among others everyone loved the ideas and talking points.
      Best wishes

    1. Absolutely, the smiles from everyone, some who didn’t know I sang were just lovely and Jo, and both brother’s Joe and Tom did such a great job with their readings too it just made it very unique and personal. Thank you,
      All my best wishes

    1. Thank you Col 😊
      We performed: You Raise Me Up; Let Me Be Your Wings; Nella Fantasia; and Song to the Moon during the register signing which had just a wonderful response. I had to learn two of the songs the week before which took a lot of intensive cramming and practice.
      Best wishes

      1. Funny; I had to source You Raise Me Up sheet music recently in a hurry for a memorial service.
        The week before? That was a challenge.

      2. It sure was, Westlife made You Raise Me Up famous and I knew of the song but it’s different when you have to memorise the words and music off copy, let’s just say it was intense and Let Me Be Your Wings is a gorgeous Barry Manilow Song from Thumbelina a special favourite of Matts, quite perfect for a wedding.

  2. Congratulations to Matt and Alex. It looked like a beautiful wedding and the cake was so cute. What a beautiful setting. I’ll bet that your song was breathtaking too. Loved the dresses. Happy Celebration to you all.

    1. The cake was super, it was from an award winning family baker’s in Liverpool called Terry Tang Designer Cakes, Terry is the chief designer with his daughter and his wife specialises in the baking, they were so welcoming and allowed the boys to get creative, in fact Terry taught himself the marbling effect specially.
      I was really happy with the celebration songs and the boys said it calmed them in the wings.
      All my best wishes

  3. Dear Charlotte, what a perfectly wonderful family celebration – we send warmest wishes from our family across the pond!
    The venue looked breathtaking, and I know for sure your singing was such a beautiful addition to the ceremony.
    We wish happiness and joy to the newlyweds…and to their family who will thankfully support their new home together in the years to come.
    Bless you all. We rejoice with you.

    1. Thank you Sheila, everyone was very complimentary after the service, Matt and Alex’s two years of planning and saving for a special day really paid off, it was great fun for all.
      It was a great foundation and their self-penned promises were perfect. He’s set a high bar 😄.
      Best wishes

  4. It was a fabulous day, everything was perfect and everyone had a brilliant time. You sang beautifully along with George playing the piano with his usual excellence. Matt and Alex were superb congratulations to them both for a long and happy life together 😘

  5. Congratulations to Matt & Alex.
    It really was a fabulous wedding day,
    Charlotte & George, you were both amazing as always, it was a fairy tale day
    From beginning to end.😘😘

    1. It was a great choice of location, we used to go to the castle as children before it was done up. They now have archery there and lots of activities.
      All my best wishes

  6. How fabulously wonderful! The wedding looks gorgeous! I wish the couple a lifetime of joy and love.
    Okay, you are by far the most gorgeous Groomsmaid in the group. Just my humble opinion. These are spectacular pics wherein the sheer happiness of the moments comes through.
    Congratulations to all!!!!
    Cheers – Resa

  7. What a fabulous and happy occasion for you and the couple. They were graced with your beautiful voice and face! It certainly looks like a lovely ceremony for the happy couple. Congratulations to your brother and his spouse. May they be happy and healthy and have a wonderful life together. Much love & hugs to you all! Xxoo

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