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January 13, 2019 — 17 Comments

From a young age, I have many happy and vivid memories of performing in front of audiences. I was always thrilled to know that I could tell a story through dance, music, singing, acting, or speaking to a group of people, both large and small. I felt lucky that for every performance a selection of the audience would always be my supportive family but it was always special when a stranger came up to me and commented on my performance, especially if I had a small role and they noticed my constant focus and smile. This is why on Monday I attended the LSSO (London Schools Symphony Orchestra) New Year Concert at the Barbican. The young orchestra is a collection of children aged 12-18, who have been selected following an audition process to participate in courses that culminate with a concert. On this occasion, the LSSO performed ‘Death and Transfiguration’ by Strauss. Following which the performers were joined by soprano Rachel Nichols to perform three orchestra songs by Strauss then the Brünnhilde solo’s in ‘Twilight of the Gods’ by Wagner. At the start of a new year, it was energising to watch these players because they bowed, plucked and breathed life into the music with sheer enjoyment and wild enthusiasm. Their playing enthused my practice with risk-taking and the goals of seeking fun. It is always important to remind yourself of these two aspects when making music – especially when constantly focusing on the technical aspects of my singing. I felt lucky to have seen this performance and I’m glad that I went. The LSSO is funded by the FYM ( the Foundation for Young Musicians ) which also funds the Centre for Young Musicians.

Last Friday I bought some ‘Friday Rush’ tickets from the Royal Opera House to attend their performance of the Nutcracker. Even though my ‘seat’ was standing, I was chuffed to have got the ticket as I remember watching several touring ballets as a child with my Mum. We would go for my birthday if the company came to our local hall. I loved the glitter, the extravagant tutus, and the impeccable footwork and I was not disappointed with the ROH’s performance.

The Nutcracker

The character Drosselmeyer, entered the children’s home in a vivid blue cape with gold decoration and a splash of glitter, each time he entered he would clap his hands together creating an explosion of glitter creating a golden cloud on the stage. It was so magical, the first time there was a mutual gasp of enjoyment from the audience! I loved it and now I want to enter every room with a glitter cloud! Although hoovering it up afterward could become a chore, haha. Every dancer jumped with elegance and occasionally humour across the stage. Each arm gesture flowed from shoulder to fingertip – inspiring my practice for musical phrasing. I wanted to imagine that the air danced away from my mouth like a Ballerina’s gesture and arm line. The King and Queen of Sweetie land had exquisite onstage chemistry; their movements were so in sync and slick you that they seemed conjoined!

ROH-Nutcracker-Sugar Plum Fairy

I took so much personal enjoyment from the performance and many new ideas for my own work. It just shows you that sometimes looking at other genres and work can help inspire you and lift you forwards closer to your goals.




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    It’salwaysrefreshing to see that those coming up behind you are as eager and enthusiastic as you were, and remind yourself of what eenergised you then and can continue to lift you know. Plus it’s good to pay homage to the continuity of your art. Pay it back, in honour of those who paid it back to you.


    Looks like a wonderful performance.


    That looks great!
    Young performers fill me with awe, and when they are particularly young, with wonder and great admiration. I am currently star-struck with Alma Deutscher. For someone so young (born 2005) to have mastered piano, violin, and composing over disciplines from symphonic to opera is quite mind-boggling. Have you been exposed to/tried any of her vocal compositions?
    I want to do a post about this extraordinary young lady soon.


    Wow great ! Very nice share, merci Charlotte ! J’espère un jour pouvoir faire Toi en solo avec projection de mes création comme décor – Wish you the best !!


    I could feel the excitement and it took me back to the first time I heard a symphony, at age 7. Peter and the Wolf… enchanting


    Looks like a brilliant show Charlotte, thank you for such a lovely post😘


    Looked like a wonderful performance. I’m sure you gain experience from watching others perform. Hugs 😘


    ..Wow. Their movements seem so effortless. Another form of Art. I think this year, my focus is more on the Process instead of the Destination. I always focused so much on the Ending that the Present would drift away. However, the Process, the Learning, is just as important as the Accomplishment. You cannot have one without the other. I am inspired by your Work and your Passion and Dedication to your Work. Continue to find Balance in striving for Goals.


    I was delighted to hear recently that something is being done about the gradual disappearance of ‘music’ from schools. Your experience is just one example of why it is important. I’m not quite sure how important it is for “every child leaving primary school should be able to read music” but I have no doubt that appreciating music is very important.
    There was no ‘Friday rush’ in my day (I’d never heard of that before) but you took me back to my youth because I think every one of my visits to Covent Garden except one when I was young, for both opera and ballet, was standing. The one exception ‘inspired’ one of my short stories and even a chapter in a ‘novella’ in progress.


    Dear Charlotte,
    Great experience for you in your work history. May the Lord continue to bless you my Beloved.


    The first production on stage I remember was the Nutcracker. There is something very special about seeing performers on stage rather than on the impersonal ‘big screen’.


    Thanks for the report…beautiful photos!


    From now on, lieber Charlotte, I shall imagine you surrounded by a cloud of glitter wherever you go.


    The Nutcracker is always a treat – we took our kids to see it when they were young.
    Wonderful photos – I love the music, of course, but the dancing is fantastic!


    Looked amazing Charlotte, How exciting it must have been xx


    Sounds like you had a great time, Charlotte. The pictures are wonderful!
    Happy New Year to you and your family…..


    Wonderful post. And the last paragraph especially sums it all up.

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