Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

April 14, 2019 — 19 Comments

Taking the time to re-visit my trip to Seoul over the past few blog posts have been really fun. This post is going to focus on sharing a video from my performance in the Recital Hall at the Seoul Arts Centre and the Instagramable Food Treats Inspired by K-pop culture.

One of the verses of Muttertänderlei, is about comparing her gorgeous baby daughter to sweet traditional German baked goods such as Zuckerwechen (Sweet Bun). I think this metaphor describes the deliciousness of cute babies and how you want to gobble them up. Which as a concept can definitely transferred to Korea. Cute cartoons, bold colours and celebrations of K-Pop stars decorated public areas and in turn went on to inspire food!

Rainbow Crepe Cake

The colour palette of magical unicorns, for instance, may have inspired this rainbow cake created by Billy Angel Cake Company in Seoul. This colourful cake is created from 20 individual crepes coloured with different fruit flavours and delicately divided by layers of spread mousse.

Bedazzled Ice-cream

Bistopping ice-cream cafe was a favourite find of mine. Imagination exploded here, in the form of embellished cones (with hundreds and thousands, painted icing, colourful sugar loops), chocolate phrases and crazy cookies which could be added to your ice-cream to produce your own unique design.

Ginormous Gateau

We found a little cafe called Conversation Cake from posts of Instagram. These cakes were  gorgeously decorated with macerated fruit and indulgent layers of sponge. Our most expensive cakes of the day, and sadly on our visit a little dry, but with a glass of refreshing iced coffee they became well-balanced.

Flower Pot Mystery

Bananatree cafe was unbelievably cute from its hand-drawn menus to its quirky presentational style of its delicious food. We tried Candifloss covered coffee, Eggyffogatto and a Flower Paap. The flower pot cake was an outstandingly yummy experience. From the chocolate soil and truffle stones which deceptively hid the delectable strawberry gateau beneath – found by trusty miniature shovel shaped spoons.

Fizzing Refreshments

We delved inside the wonderful world of Line Friends at their flagship store and Cafe and tried a selection of jazzy and vibrantly colourful drinks inspired by the characters. From marshmallow white hot chocolate to a mysterious blue soda float and a popping candy strawberry slushy. Our tastebuds tingled from the experience.

19 responses to Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice


    Fab ice-creams!


    Wow , very nice !!! Have a great week my dear !!


    Ooo.. they look so great. I think I like try them but just look at them I am already happy.


    I want to reach out and try one.


    Amazing creations. Looks like a sweet tooth paradise.


    My goodness! I have never seen anything like those cakes! I loved your video very much and think you sang beautifully!


    Wonderfully illustrated post as always! Glad I could finally here you sing. Beautiful voice. Like the pastries. Looks yummy. They like bright colors in Korea. Find some frozen custard. One of my favs. Get it at Coney Island whenever I’m there. Shoot more video, sing some non opera stuff for your followers. (if you like.)


    You sound amazing! You just get better and better, this is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pics of those wonderful treats, it looks like you had a great time enjoying them with your brother and his husband.


    Fabulous blog and photo’s Charlotte, which bring your experiences to life ..
    I loved the video and song, it’s always great to see you performing,amazing dress too.
    Wow the cakes looked brill my idea of😂😘


    Fantastic video Charlotte and the cakes!……… my goodness, I think I put half a stone on just looking at them. 😱 lovely to see Matt and Alex enjoying their visit with you. Love to you all.😘


    Fabulous voice and scrumptious food. Congratulations on your wonderful performance.


    So great to be given another video of yours, Charlotte, thank you. Also good to see that you tried the local cuisine; it’s all part of the traveling experience.
    Have a wonderful week!


    Awesome singing and foodies dear Charlotte. I am sure that your singing will take you on more wonderful adventures in the future my friend 🙂 <3


    Loved the video.


    Dear Charlotte,
    I see Seoul really brought out the Poet in you and that rainbow cake really did look great that you ate. May the Lord bless you with justice from His eternal throne in heaven my Beloved.


    You have a beautiful voice! I have a sweet tooth, so I think I’d enjoy visiting Korea with all those lovely cakes and treats.

    Amritpal Singh April 17, 2019 at 6:18 am



    Amazing!!! You sound fantastic. The dress is super gorgeous on you. The food adds weight to my thighs just looking at it! I must say those cones are Super Fun!
    Sending all the best to you, and I left another update on Char! I hope you like what I did!!! Resa


    Wow, Charlotte that looked like so much fun. Especially the ice cream cones. Your voice is so lovely. Glad that your brother made it with his husband. Thanks for posting these pictures, it gave me baking ideas, Darlene

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