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This week as April draws to a close I am really happy to share with you that I will be working with Scottish Opera again on their Pop-Up Opera tour around Scotland in May and June.  This year we will be performing three separate shows aimed at audiences of all ages:

A Little Bit of Iolanthe │Gilbert & Sullivan arr. Derek Clark

“ Iolanthe is banished by the Fairy Queen for marrying a mortal. Now, 25 years later, two worlds again collide when her son announces he’s in love. Unfortunately, his beloved is a popular girl and he has some serious competition… Light-hearted satire at its best, Iolanthe is full of fun.”

A Little Bit of The Magic Flute │Mozart arr. Derek Clark

  “Tamino is in love with Pamina, the daughter of the mysterious Queen of the Night. When she is abducted, he sets off to rescue her but soon realises all is not quite as it seems. A beguiling mix of comedy, fantasy and pantomime, The Magic Flute is also a profound story of the search for love, wisdom and truth.”

Puffy McPuffer and the Crabbit Canals │Music Marion Christie Words Allan Dunn

  “A tale of the five waterways that link Scotland from the North Sea to the Atlantic. Like most families, each one is different: Caledonian – the longest; Crinan – the most beautiful; hard-working Monklands; Union – the fastest; wise old Forth & Clyde. Each one thinks they’re the best. Can an ordinary little puffer boat make them think again?”

The tour will include dates at the Perth Festival of the Arts, Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival, Old Kilpatrick, Barrhead, Giffnock, Borders Book Festival, Dirleton, Callander, Cupar Arts EDEN, Aboyne & Deeside Festival, Haddington Show.  You can see the times and dates for the shows here:

For these productions, I will be performing alongside Jessica Leary ( Soprano ), Aidan Edwards ( Baritone ), Ross Stenhouse ( Storyteller ), Lizy Stirrat ( Accordion ), Sharron Griffiths ( Harp ), and Yorke Sinclair ( Harp ).

Some Of The Places We Will Visit On The Tour

If you have the time I would appreciate it if you could please check out the new Kickstarter page of my friends at Improbable who have been responsible for some really amazing and innovative projects. Watch their video and if you can spare any amount to help them to bring their imaginative plans to life I can assure you that it will be gratefully received as they only have until May the 15th to hit their target.

48 thoughts on “Pop-Up Opera Tour

    1. I love this little dress, I visited my parents and it was such a good weather Easter weekend we were outside for most of the visit., fighting over the shaded seats.
      Best wishes

  1. Wishing you all the best with your next project, it is certainly sounding exciting! It looks like a terrific tour – take plenty of pictures, Charlotte!!

    1. Thank you GP, it’s a fabulous oportunity to do a small taste of operas to encourage people to give a full production with the main opera house a go and to take opera to small communities.

      I’ve got two tours in England as well that i’ll tell you more about soon.

      All my best wishes

    1. I have loved learning the Iolanthe I started with the role of Phyllis, then when the score arrived I was thrilled to learn I’d be singing a bit of the fairy song and an aria of Iolanthe too.
      The dress is one of my favourites, so nice to have good weather over Easter.
      All my best wishes

  2. If you’re doing part of The Magic Flute then i wonder if you have seen, or even heard of, P Craig Russell’s adaptation of it in graphic novel form? Russell has a very delicate, precise, stylised line and a penchant for opera as a subject. It can currently be had off eBay for about £12, second hand, and it may be of interest to you. PS, liked the dress as well.

    1. Thank you Martin, I hadn’t heard of the adaptation, I have storyboarded the story out for myself to help to learn the lines so I’d love to see someone else’s realisation of the story in graphic form thanks for the tip. 😊.
      All my best wishes

  3. Good luck Charlotte! What roles will you be singing? I love Iolanthe–I think it has the most sophisticated music of all the G&S operas–and one of the funniest plots. I especially adore the fairies Celia and Leilia–they have such witty lines! Have fun!

    Best regards,


  4. You look lovely in that dress dear friend 🙂

    Come on. I won’t tell a soul. I can keep a secret. Gretna Green ? Say no more *wink wink* lol. 🙂 <3

    1. Haha I had friends that got married in Gretna Green 🙂 it wasn’t a runaway wedding though lol.

      I loved learning about the history there and how English underage couples would runway to the Scottish town because with Scottish law you could marry on the spot and without your parents consent.

      All my best wishes

      1. That must be a great way to start one’s married life, don’t you think my friend ? Anyway, I am sure that your overseas readers will appreciate your explanation of Gretna Green 🙂 <3

      2. I’m performing in Gretna Green on 30th May, just putting it out there 😜💋

    1. I love meeting new people I’m excited to get started today, I’ve done my yoga, worked on my words and music in preparation and I’m feeling pumped :).
      All my best wishes

    1. I would love to come out to Texas one day I have several blog friends that live there too and I love meeting new communities. I’m meeting the team today so that’s exciting.
      All my best wishes

    1. I love visiting new places and meeting new cast and crew, I’m excited to get started this afternoon and have finished my preparations just now in order to get lunch before setting off.

      Thank you for sharing and making a donation I’m hoping the project gets what it needs to get off the ground.

      All my best wishes Clare,

  5. Glad you’re on the go with these lovely programs. The map you posted makes me want to visit the UK again! All the best in your upcoming tours!

    1. It’s nice to be performing again after a few months of preparation, competitions and practice. They are lovely programs I’ve enjoyed learning them and I’m excited to get started in rehearsals this afternoon after arriving up in Scotland yesterday. Thank you Arti.
      All my very best wishes

  6. Pop-Up Opera is a great scheme and I hope it is as much fun as it sounds. I finally got to the Kickstarter page for Future Sounds and we have contributed. I wish it could have been more, they have a a very tight date to get to their goal. I have put it on my Facebook, but don’t have a large friendship group.

  7. Congratulations! The tour will be fabulous, and I just know you are getting better with every note you sing!
    That is a cute little dress in the opening. You really know how & when to wear certain clothes!
    Cheers -Resa

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