Let’s Glitter And Be Gay

We are happy to report that we have seen improvement in the WiFi quality in our home. Hooray!! This is fantastic news as our solution (a WiFi Booster) has enabled us to stream continuously whilst performing on our balcony. To mark this occasion, we decided to sing pieces that sadly suffered from our previous WiFi problems and that you may have missed. We combined these with songs from our first balcony concert on the 27th March 2020. Goodness, almost three months have passed – Time is whizzing by! 

We hope you enjoy the concert and we are so thankful that you have stayed with us on this crazy, wonderful journey over the past 13 weeks.

The program includes:

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Carousel – Rodgers
Somewhere – West Side Story – Bernstein
Me Voglio Fa’Na Casa – Donizetti
Over The Rainbow – The Wizard Of Oz – Arlen
Danza, Danza Fanciulla – Durante
Glitter And Be Gay – Candide – Bernstein

A special shout out to my Dad on Father’s Day, love you, and of course to George’s Dad and thank you to all Dads for everything that you do. We celebrate you all today 🙂

What have you been up to this week to lift up your spirits and cheer?

Have you made any homemade projects Glitter?

My good friend and authoress Noelle did an interview with me for her blog, Sailingaway and if you fancy taking a look here is the link :

54 thoughts on “Let’s Glitter And Be Gay

  1. Great performance once again both of you ..
    It will be lovely to hear our favourite songs again.
    Well done keep up the good work .

    1. I’ve been practising a lot of high note colourtura this week so some of these low notes were a challenge but it’s all good practise. It’s been interesting to get some feedback on which songs people would like to hear again.
      All our best wishes
      Charlotte and George x

    1. Haha the live link worked on Friday but there was a lot of wind noise and traffic sirens so we went with the backup recorder for tonight as the microphone points towards us and the sound was better, on the iPhone the microphone faces away from us when recording.

      I didn’t get around to cleaning the windows, me bad 🤫.
      Best wishes

      1. The sound was very good (I didn’t catch the live one this time). Depending on video software, you might be able to use the sound from this one, but switch back and forth between cameras.

        lol, I spent the day kayaking instead of working around the house today, so I guess we were both bad 😉

      2. Ooo! I like the idea of switching between the two cameras. If the quality is the same on both videos, I will watch a couple of YouTube videos and see if I can learn some Technical Whizz!

        Love the sound of kayaking! What a great outdoor sport.

        Best Wishes,

  2. Beautiful Charlotte. I played Jigger Cragen in a Connecticut production of Carosol and You’ll Never Walk Alone always got me on every performance. (Nothing like a sniviling villian) . Thanks for the concert, George and Charlotte. As far as glittler is concerned I try it each day in my writing. Bless you both.

    1. I never got to play Julie Jordan I would have loved to, I love these old musicals and films I always loved Anna in the King and I too the King of Siam was a bit of a villain.

      Get sprinkling that glitter this week, you can never have too much glitter.
      Best wishes

  3. I was privileged to have seen Carousel and West Side Story, and you brought back wonderful memories!! I can see your neighbors in the reflection of the sliding glass door enjoying it as much as I. The entire tape was grand. Charlotte and George, thank you for sharing your talents with us.

    1. I always wanted to play Maria and Julie, I would love to see these shows on the West End, the English National Opera did Carousel with Katherine Jenkins and I wasn’t in London at the time.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it GP.
      Best wishes

  4. Great concert !!!!! I can say, I was all in front of my screens (laptop, Tv, telephone ….) Me, I haven’t started in house yet, it’s the garden that occupies with this year, tomatoes, parsley, basil, verbena, plums ……

    Otherwise, too, start a new artistic project with images, song and music and several months of work to find the finances. Very difficult but so interesting to look for new ideas at each stage.
    See you soon my friend, best thoughts to you and George and your loved ones.

    1. I’m glad you are keeping busy gardening I bet lots of your time was taken up watering the plants we’ve had amazing heat spells so you must be very hot there.

      Good luck with your new art projects I have all my fingers crossed for you.
      Very best wishes

      1. So glad that you enjoy watching them weekly! It is weird thinking that we will stop soon, as they are relevant/dependant to the current situation. We will have to think of how this project can inspire new ideas… you’ve got my brain-a-ticking.

        Best Wishes,

  5. Dear Charlotte,
    Thanks for the Happy Father’s Day wishes and your Dad is certainly thankful for you and your soon to be husband. God bless and enjoy this wonderful day.

    1. Dear Rev. Tim, I am extremely lucky to have my Dad. He is so supportive and encourages me to follow my dreams every day. What more could anyone ask for. I cannot wait for him to walk me down the aisle.

      Best Wishes,

      1. Dear Charlotte, It is a blessing for every father to walk his daughter down the isle and I have done it for one, and just one more to go.

      2. I hope my Dad gets the opportunity at the end of October but now they’re talking of second spikes it’s all quite uncertain, I shall put a prayer out that we can succeed in overcoming this virus 🦠 without having to go in and out of frequent lockdowns.
        Best wishes

    1. Good Day to you Amritpal! May you week glitter and sparkle.

      Best Wishes,

  6. Happy Father’s Day to both of your fathers who did great jobs raising the two of you. That’s exciting you improved your WiFi. I had to upgrade ours at the beginning of the lockdown. It makes such a difference.

    1. Hello Timothy, George’s Dad is a wonderful man and had a big impact on George when he was growing up. There is a delightful picture in our home album of George sat on his Dad’s lap at the piano with a milk bottle, he was so young for his first musical introduction! We are both lucky to have really supportive families.

      Wifi, was something I took for granted before lockdown and now I have realised how essential it is and I have learnt new ways to improve it. 

      Best Wishes,

  7. I was not able to take up your suggestion to pick some of my favourite pieces from your balcony concerts but if I had I could not have done better than the list you and George chose.
    Carousel is one of my all-time favourites among musicals. West Side Story, Candide and the Wizard of Oz are right up there among my favourites (I told you before I favour the ‘oldies’).
    And what a finish!! I’m not ashamed to say you had me in tears – of sheer joy.
    I was introduced to Donizetti at Covent Garden when the ‘mad scene’, sang by Joan Sutherland (now Dame Joan of course) just ‘blew me away’ (as it did the rest of the audience]. I think that was in 1959.
    My homemade glittering project was recovering from a week of intravenous strong antibiotics, and your balcony concerts (I’ve listened to many more than once) certainly helped a lot with that so thank you.

    1. Phew! Lucky that you have great taste and enjoy the classics too! 😉 I love these musicals and pieces from the same period. The combination of great singing and unbelievable dancing always blew me away when I watched the film adaptations growing up, and later the live productions. What a memory to have! I would have loved to watch her live. I think she has such a beautiful voice, which crystal clear quality can be compared to precious stones.

      I am blown away that our concert brought you so much joy. Thank you for watching. It really means a lot to me. I am sorry to hear that you had to take such strong antibiotics – I would struggle with self-administering the needle. But as ever you continue to be positive and that is so inspiring. Keep going strong my friend.

      Salută pe Petronela din partea mea.
      Cu mult drag,

      1. If I remember right when I heard Dame Joan live her diction was not nearly as clear as yours. From later recordings it improved a lot – maybe she worked on it like you!
        I agree about the dancing; the whole experience was a joy.
        Petronela thanks you for your ‘salutare’.
        I’ve never been able to convince her about opera though she enjoys individual arias. I tried to introduce her to opera taking her to La Boheme with Northern Opera. Maybe I should have begun with Carmen, which made me a fan for life when I saw it at 7 years old.

  8. Your concerts are the highlight of my week! I love them, they are the one good by-product of this lockdown situation. It was superb once again and I re visit them on you tube regularly 🤗👏👏👏 keep up the good work both of you🥰😘😘

    1. Hooray!! What an honour to be the highlight of your week Gill. Ilove preparing for them too and when I wake up on a Friday I love feeling excited and happy to perform – especially as I know you will be watching.

      Take care my friend,

    1. Thank you Annette 😊, ‘vibrations of love’ wonderful expression! We thought we’d be out of lockdown by the end of June but it looks like one more week for lots of people until 4th July.

      Best wishes

  9. Oh some of my very favorites here!! Can’t get enough of “Glitter and Be Gay.” Your performance of it is fantastic, Charlotte ✨ Beautiful work by both you and George. Thank you for sharing! 💗

    1. Thank you Katy 😊. How are you doing? Have you heard when you’ll be allowed to perform in public again in Hawaii?

      Best wishes

      1. I am hanging in there 💗. No word yet on when public performances will be allowed again in Hawaii… They are lifting quarantine rules at the end of the month so we will see what happens. What about there?

      2. I should have been in rehearsals next week for a series of shows in August but everything has been cancelled until October and those performances are only pending, some December concerts are no longer going ahead. George is busy preparing for a competition and projects abroad and I’m preparing for an exam so keeping myself busy and the tele-sales work is covering the bills so I guess we’re still hunkering down. Keep strong and safe 🌸🎶 and singing.
        Best wishes

    1. Thank you we went for the cheapest option WiFi when we moved in but now we’re working from home it just isn’t fast enough and the streaming just kept falling over so buying a low-cost booster helped with the streaming.

      Best wishes

  10. Another wonderful performance, Charlotte and George! “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is an old favorite of mine. <3

    A number of garden projects are in progress here at this time. The days are slowly growing shorter now, and I am in a race with the weather, hoping to have at least some things done before the really hot weather hits.

    1. I always sang ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ with the Tideswell Male Voice Choir I loved that.
      George is in his element now with all the plants on the balcony he’d love a garden like Candide, it’s been so hot here in London the past two days we’re sweltering.

      Best wishes

    1. Thank you, Sheila, we’re so happy to lift your spirits it lifts ours to hear that.

      All our best wishes
      Charlotte and George.

  11. Dear Charlotte,

    I think this was your most fun concert yet! I so love ‘Glitter and Be Gay’ – I used to imitate the laughing part, very badly, when I was a little girl and just getting interested in opera. It is so difficult to make those High runs sound like actual laughter, and your performance was truly the best I’ve ever seen or heard, and I’ve seen some great performances! You keep setting the bar ever higher, and I can’t wait for the next concert.

    You and George take care now.

    Best regards,


    1. Aww Cate thank you ☺️ you’ve made my day. I’ve been working on Offenbach’s “Les oiseaux dans la charmille” The Doll Aria on and off for weeks it’s so difficult, I’ve had to rest it this weekend because it tires me out if I do too much.

      How are you and your lovely family managing? Are you venturing out at all yet?

      Best wishes

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