A Disney Medley

Last week we asked our neighbours for their song suggestions for this week’s balcony concert and we enjoyed reading through those they put forward. Several of the songs were from Disney Movies and this inspired us to try our hand at creating a Disney medley.

It was a really fun task. We thought about which films we enjoyed the most when we were both younger, and let’s be honest you can never run out of excuses to watch a Disney film! We settled on a set of eight songs. We tried to pick songs dependent on their key signatures and tempo so that they would flow from one to the other. However, it was so important to pick songs that were special to us which is why I chose ‘Colours of Wind‘ as it’s a favourite of my Mum and my brother, Matt. I included two songs from Mary Poppins as they reminded me of the time that I played the role in a Stagecoach production when I was younger and always evokes special memories for me. George’s favourite Disney song is ‘A Whole New World’.

We opened the concert with ‘When Daisies Pied’ by Thomas Arne based on Shakespeare’s words in ‘Love’s Labours Lost’ as the children in our community love the cuckoo calls and it is so sweet to hear them join in.

To finish, we thought it would be apt to perform ‘Art is Calling for Me’!  A comic opera aria from ‘The Enchantress’ by Victor Herbert which opened in New York in 1911 – the song is about a pretend Princess called Vivian Savory (who is an opera singer), she sings of longing to be an opera singer in order to try to win over Prince Ivan of Zergovia, however, should the Prince fall in love with a commoner, he must abdicate, this story has Disney written all over it, I was introduced to the song by my first classical singing teacher Jayne Wilson GRNCM when I was about fifteen it was a tough song to sing then!  All that was missing was a tiara and full-length gown, maybe next time 😊.

What is your favourite Disney song? Have you any special memories that come flooding back when you listen to it?

When Daisies Pied – Thomas Arne

Followed by a medley of :
Colours of The Wind – Pocahontas – Disney
Whole New World – Aladdin – Disney
Part of Your World – The Little Mermaid – Disney
Some Day My Prince Will Come – Snow White – Disney
Spoonful of Sugar – Mary Poppins – Disney
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – Mary Poppins – Disney
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo – Cinderella – Disney
Under The Sea – The Little Mermaid – Disney

Finishing with:
I Want To Be A Prima Donna – The Enchantress – Victor Herbert

Thankfully sufficient progress has been made in containing the virus in England (its slightly different rules in N Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) with shops allowed to reopen with physical distancing now, I’ve not been yet though other than to my local mini-market so I’m not sure how it’s going. The pubs, restaurants, cinemas, and hotels are allowed to re-open with restrictions from 4th July but the large London theatres have said they’re unlikely to re-open until 2021 possibly March? This week we can allow two people to meet from different households as long as you don’t stay overnight, so no visiting my parents yet. I think we can meet in a group of six outside but a lot of people had been going to the beach in the heatwave we had mid-week and going on demonstrations in larger groups. If we travel there is a two week quarantine when we come back for everyone in each household group. Are you venturing out yet?

82 thoughts on “A Disney Medley

    1. Thank you Cindy, It was a fun medley to do this week.
      All my best wishes

      1. I love that you can catch the live streaming, fabulous. The Little Mermaid is an all time favourite Disney film of mine slightly behind Mulan.
        Best wishes have a great week,

      2. I just love your style. Do you practice and for how long before you step on the balcony? How long do you prep, learn the foreign words and practice for the bigger shows? I would love to read all about it. Perhaps a post one day?

      3. Good question, every week is different for the balcony concert because some weeks I know the repertoire well and other weeks I’m singing out brand new material I’ve never performed before. Rested repertoire, like some of the Mozart, can catch me out too because I’ve not sung them for several years. Even what you’d think would be simple material like the Disney songs it’s a bit different singing along to a video when you know the chorus well, we both have to learn the pitch, notes, rhythms, and me where to breath and remember all the words to sing outside! Hehe. I just love it though. The opportunity to sing out loud is a joy, I’m trying not to be too noisy inside.

        Behind the balcony, I’ve learnt an opera role from scratch for a production I’m still hoping goes ahead in October it’s in English but I’ve set myself a target to learn it in German as well and I’ve been putting a lot of work on some quite complex new arias and preparing for a language exam so if I’ve been working on them there is less time to practice the balcony material. This weekend I realised I hadn’t stopped singing every day for fourteen days so I took a day off and rested my voice and caught up with a load of housework I’d been putting off!

        You’ve given me an idea though – I sang Je Veux Vivre in French and I know it in English so I’ll try to sing it in English if I can brush it up quickly, I also sang Mein Herr Marquis in German and I need to learn it English too so… I also learnt a song cycle in Norwegian with George for an International Masterclass in Norway it was very important to me to learn it in its original form so if we can put a little time aside to refresh it I might put that in with an explanation of the songs.

        Best wishes

  1. That was a lot of fun. It was fun watching you two enjoy yourselves with Disney tunes. Enjoy a little bit of freedom.

    1. So true we wouldn’t normally have time together to do that. I especially enjoyed Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!
      Best wishes

  2. Lovely choices. I have a Disney story to tell you. When my daughter was about twelve years old, an actor friend had an appointment with Walt Disney in his office and took her with him. With just the three of them in his office, Disney asked my daughter what film she would like to see on his weekly television show. She said, “Ferdinand.” Disney wrote it down on the pad on his desk. Three weeks later, “Ferdinand” was on the air. He did listen to children.

    1. Great story Patricia I love working and singing for children, they are so honest and forthright, one of the joys of the concerts was learning Baby Shark to sing for a surprise to my little neighbour upstairs. I wish someone had taken me along on a visit to see Disney what a lovely lifetime memory.
      Best wishes

  3. What a lovely mix of Disney songs, they all took me back to your childhood.
    Amazing we really enjoyed them, especially I want to be a Prima Donna, I love listening to you singing…
    Well done to you both once again.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😘😘

    1. Matt came to the courtyard to watch, I tried to encourage him to sing along 😀, when I didn’t sing fricassee in one of his favourite sing-along songs I thought oh he’s gonna be mad 😂, you know he remembers every word!
      All my best wishes
      Charlotte 😀

  4. Dear Charlotte,

    Another lovely concert! It brought back so many memories of watching old Disney Sing-Along VHS tapes as a child – now I watch them on YouTube. Times they are a-changing 😊.

    ‘Colors of the Wind’ has to be one of the most gorgeous songs ever written by anyone, not just Disney. It always gives me chills. And I loved how you sang the opening of ‘Part of Your World’ classically – never heard that done before, as Ariel basically talk-sings that part in the film. So nice!

    My very own favourite Disney song, though, I think has to be ‘Once Upon a Dream’ from Sleeping Beauty. (To be sure, Tchaikovsky takes some of the credit for that one.) Although it has recently gotten some stiff competition from ‘For the First Time in Forever’-I belong to the small but strong I-prefer-Anna-to-Elsa-in-Frozen component. Either way, I am simply a hopeless romantic! Full credits to George here – ‘Whole New World’ is my favourite romantic Disney duet. It was lovely to hear your single version of it today – I’ll admit, when I saw it on the programme, I thought you’d talked him into singing with you as well as playing! That would be quite the feat. My brother always clams up strangely when I suggest he play a duet for the two of us to perform together, although he has no trouble accompanying his own singing!

    It is great to be able to get out and about again, and catch up with all my friends who work in boutique shops and food trucks, whom I haven’t seen in months! Hopefully you’ll get to see your families soon; I don’t know what I’d have done without mine. Probably watched even more television. 😁

    You and George take care.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks for noticing the Ariel opened I’m working on it as you say in lots of these types of song singers speak opening lines (not easy to project soft speech without a microphone over a big area). I sang ‘Once Upon A Dream’ a couple of weeks ago in the Unwedding concert I love it, my Mum told me off for not singing the 🎶Ahh ahh traLalala 😄. Tchaikovsky is one of my favourite composers.

      I prefer Anna’s songs too! George can sing he used to sing in chorus and choir but he’s reluctant now, then again I can play piano but doing it in public😱 I remember doing my A level music exam I could either sing a duo as a second element or play piano, I’d arranged to sing with another girl and she pulled out so I had to play in exam conditions at short notice 😵 I had a sleepless night the night before the test. If I played piano and he sang it would be too much stress 😂! My brothers Matt and Tom both sing too but as they’ve got older they’re more reluctant unless we’re having a Disney or music theatre sing off competition then the gloves come off!

      I’m glad you’re able to meet up with friends face to face it’s so much better than FaceTime or Zoom.

      All my best wishes,
      Charlotte 🙋🏼‍♀️

    1. I love ‘It’s A Small World’ you took me straight to the ride at Disneyland, I’m going to be humming that all night.
      Best wishes

  5. Beautiful!! Disney has put out quite a number of excellent songs and you two have done them justice. My favorite Disney is, “Somewhere Out There”, mainly because I it holds meaning with me and the memory of my son, but the “Colours of the Wind” is a close second!
    (Sorry, but “It’s a Small World” can drive people insane! )

    1. Somewhere Out There was from American Tale wasn’t it with the mice gorgeous song, I remember my brother repeatedly watching the film. I love Once Upon a December from the film Anastasia too.
      My Dad groans whenever he hears It’s A Small World, I remember the queue was always massive to go on the ride but we used to want to go on it every time hehe.
      Best wishes

      1. Yes, it is from American Tale – your brother has good taste! They have so many good ones, but I groan too when I hear Small World!
        You and George stay safe!!

    1. Oh yes American celebration day. Thank you Darlene we’ve enjoyed the time to practice together more regularly.
      Love to you 💞
      Best wishes

  6. Hi Charlotte, I’ve been walking the dog daily since lockdown, so been able to get out to my local park. I’ve been trying to get to the Lakes for a swim but this weekend the weather was against me. Maybe next weekend. We have booked a couple of nights stay in our regular B&B in Keswick for August as the restrictions relax. Hope you are doing ok? Thanks for your lovely concerts xx

    1. It must have been terrible for all these b&b’s to have to shut with all of the fabulous weather we have had since April, when my Grandpa came out of the Navy he sold the family home and took a risk on a b&b on the beach in Dinas North Wales. My Mum told me today the rain up there has been off and on all weekend fingers crossed for you next weekend.
      Best wishes

  7. So glad I was able to listen to this week’s concert. It was lovely. My husband and I are about to celebrate 26 years of marriage, and our favorite song is Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast. Have a great week!

    1. Many congratulations on your wedding anniversary my school friend Deanna was always Belle in my mind and sang Tale as Old as Time beautifully. My brother Tom was the Beast one year too fab memories with that Alisa thank you.
      Best wishes

  8. Can I just say I love George’s faces when he plays? It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who does that.
    My favorite Disney song? I don’t know if I can pick just one, but the first one that comes to mind is Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins. I love all the songs from that movie, but that one is especially beautiful. I get chills every time I hear it. (Can I request this song for the next time you do Disney? I’d love to hear your rendition of it.)

    1. When I watch back I look at his face I don’t usually get to see, he did a great job with the musical connections on the melody.

      I love Mary Poppins and Feed the Birds is a great song and suggestion, another favourite was Mrs Banks song ‘Sister Suffragette’ I sang it at Primary school.
      Best wishes

  9. Wqw, was great !!!! My first disney, first movie in a cinéma was Bambi, but the most important is “the Sorcerer’s Apprentice” hihihihihihi – And I love that you song so many different kind of songs. And how you are in the role of the character! Really . The best for you x

    1. I must rewatch The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, we had a videotape of Bambi but my Dad let them all go when everything went digital. There are so many songs to choose from each song, in turn, suggested the next to flow on. I must brush up some French repertoire, I’ve been doing a lot of other languages recently it will be good to revisit some French.

      Best wishes

      1. Nice 🙂 …. With french songs, there is the “Opérette” . You can look at “Luis Mariano”. Lovely cute songs like :
        -L’amour est un bouquet de violettes
        – Rossignol
        – La Belle de cadix
        To work French it’s very interessting –
        Then, you have Offenbach – more classic, but full of happyness too.
        And of course Charles Gounod ; Camille Saint-Saëns Jules Massenet.

        Last but not least “Bizet ” and Carmen…..

        With your voice and your talent in acting and danse, I think it will be very interesting for you to mix opera and operette.

        But, of course, it’s just my point of wiew .

        Wish you the best my friend.

      2. I was Frasquita in a Carmen production in French lovely music, lots of dancing in that show I enjoyed it a lot. I know a few French melodiés and arias I must brush them up into shape. Thank you for all your suggestions 😊.
        Best wishes

  10. A lovely concert Charlotte. We are not doing much going out. The virus cases here in Texas are on the rise and the governor is trying to slow things down. I’m staying put.

    1. I read there had a been a couple of new spikes in the States after easing lockdown eek, we’ve had a spike in the Midlands that they need to get to the bottom of so people to know which activity the risk is highest from or how it caught hold again after 13 weeks of lockdown. I must admit we’re getting like a pair of hermit crabs.

      Best wishes

      1. We all resemble hermit crabs for sure. The reason the virus spreads is people get close and don’t wear masks when they go out. Be safe. Keep resembling a hermit crab.

  11. Again, lovely concert. Disney song – Since I come from a different era, I choose When You Wish Upon A Song. As far as venturing out, we will wait. And I will Continue to wish upon a star that people grow up and realize we must listen to the medical scientists, not the politicians.
    Stay safe you two, stay safe.

    1. Beautiful song choice and difficult to sing, I prefer lots of Disney’s early music it suits my voice type better I think. I don’t blame you for waiting especially if you can get everything you need at the moment (other than family hugs ☹).

      There is certainly lots of conflicting advice, don’t wear a mask, wear a mask, keep 6ft 6” now 1ft 3” is ok, not safe to eat and drink, ok now its safe. We need to keep a close eye on how these spikes catch on.

      Best wishes Don,

  12. Sitting down on a Friday evening for your balcony concert is our weekly treat – they always feel too short, which is a feature of really good entertainment. I never got around to making a request, but I would have asked for the Prima Donna aria, so I got lucky and, like George, I love The Whole New World. So clever to put together such a long medley and make all the songs segue into each other. If you are doing any more repeats I would love to hear the Waly Waly again. I know it must be so disheartening for you both (and everyone in the arts) to have your careers on hold for such a long time. You are young, keep practising, keep hoping and planning and there will be open theatres, opera houses and concert halls again one day.

    1. Was it Barnham who said ‘Leave Them Wanting More’ lol. Our concerts are usually 45 minutes to an hour in length so they are short but we get to reuse material in different venues normally.

      The Disney took a while to work on so we selected an aria we both know well that fit the theme that I thought the children would enjoy too. We’re going to try to brush up some of the Haugtussa, maybe some German lied or French melodies, George will have a performance in Europe in July so I may have to rest the concerts as he is busy preparing every day.

      I’m trying not to get despondent I’m keeping on with my lessons and even got a couple of masterclasses arranged so we’re keeping busy. George is preparing for a trio concert and a competition so he’s staying focused too and it’s been an amazing opportunity to work on our duo work.

      Best Wishes

  13. So much fun, thank you! 😀 Here, we’re staying in for a very long while, since so many of our fellow Arizonans seem to have a death wish and our cases have been rising. Here’s to some hope for next year, or at least the year after that. <3

    1. How long have you been in lockdown Karen 14 weeks like us? It’s quite a scary prospect to have lots re-opening if you’re having a spike I understand why you want to hunker down. I’m hoping for October!

      Best wishes

      1. Not sure if I’d call it a lockdown here. Our governor isn’t at all concerned and there’s a lot of stupidity to be found nationwide. We’ve both been home since the second week of March, though. Masks and precautions if we must venture out. We’re hoping for 2021. Stay safe and happy! *hugs*

  14. Lovely program! One can always fill a heart with smiles with Disney, but you two surrounded everyone with love. Thank you. Wishing you all the best with merging the outside world with your inside world. Here’s to ever deepening joy!

    1. Disney’s always been a favourite of mine, our neighbours are delightful. It’s a bit daunting re-opening isn’t it! What better wish is there than ‘ever-deepening joy’, perhaps that should be the name of your next book, how to find ever-deepening joy 😊.

      Best wishes

  15. I loved the Disney songs Charlotte, but you finished with my all time favourite Art is Calling for Me. Brilliant! We’ve only been out to food shop up to now, but I’m in no hurry to face crowds yet. Can’t wait to see your mum and dad again, and hopefully you and George next time your up here. Meanwhile take care and we’ll be watching next Friday!🥰😘

    1. I always think of you when I sing Art is Calling for Me Gill I know you love it. Mums hunkering down too she even hates going to the Supermarket you know what she’s like with queues! It’s a good thing they’re working or they’d be going stir crazy. I’ll be up as soon as it’s a bit safer and they allow overnights.

      All our best wishes
      Charlotte and George

  16. I think you are doing great work. You give your neighbors a break.
    My musical miss is doing songs from our living room. In my world of touring musicians — rock, jazz, blues.– we won’t resume touring until October 2021 at the earliest.

    1. We’ve been told it starts the weekend off proper for them, a marker to say work over because many are working from home and it’s a taste of freedom if only on their own balcony.

      Eek next October!! I’ve read all sorts of warnings about wind and brass instruments and singing in large groups being considered a big risk factor. Can you record an album perhaps?

      Best wishes

      1. I’m sure that matters to your neighbors a lot. But, you can go out for groceries and the like, yes?

        I can’t speak for large groups of singers, but in New Orleans where I live, we are limited to 25 people in a group. All of the jazz musicians say that their instruments send mist across the air for a lot more than 6 feet.

        Can we record an album? We released it on 12 June. In my world we tour to support the album. But, musical miss has played 15 concerts from home. They go over pretty well.

        Take care and be safe, Ray

      2. I’m pleased to hear you got your album recorded and out in June have you found any new channels for promotion? and good to read of the success of the home concerts. We planned to record a studio album in July. You stay safe and well too.

  17. Walt Disney means to me, like musicals, oldies when cartoons were hand-drawn. Musically, I didn’t take much notice with the exception of ‘Fantasia’ which introduced me to ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ and Dukas, but also to Bach’s ‘Toccata and Fugue’, ‘The Rite of Spring’ and Stravinsky, ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ and Mussorgsky. The rest of the music and composers were well known to me by that time.
    Then came ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, ‘Pinocchio’ ‘Dumbo’, ‘Bambi’ (during which I had to be removed from the cinema temporarily as I screamed the place down when Bambi’s mother was killed!), ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Peter Pan’ but I don’t remember any of the music. I do remember the cinema, which became known to me as the Walt Disney cinema, no longer there.
    As far as ‘lockdown’ is concerned I have not yet been out (with one exception before my time in hospital). I have no longer any faith in the Government nor the British public which swarmed to beaches and other beauty spots, so I expect many more deaths, ‘spikes’ and it will be a long, long time before this is over.

    1. I remember seeing some artists doing hand-drawn cartoons in Disneyland once. We need modern Disney to get back in touch with some classical influences don’t you think and open the classics up again to a wide audience.

      I have been a bit shocked at the big groups gathering it is not finished here yet and Leicester has had a spike this past fortnight so until they tell us how that is happening after fourteen weeks of lockdown I don’t want to take too many risks and I don’t blame you for keeping safe when you’ve been poorly Roger, stay safe and well.

      Best wishes

      1. I agree completely it would be good to see Disney “get back in touch with some classical influences” but it’s not likely to happen as the computer generated fantasies of today seem to attract a large audience (and a lot of money), The computer generated horrors now even dominate the advertising world; I really dislike them.
        I’ve completely lost all faith in this Government being able to deal with this pandemic. It was no surprise to me that UK deaths per ‘000 population are the worst in the world however this is calculated.

      2. The recent announcements on weddings have just completely thrown us up in the air, no receptions advised, yet they’re allowing restaurants to re-open because that’s considered safe from Monday? Only 30 people including staff with no idea for how long, even in a large venue that can provide physical distance space, no dancing, no singing, only two households indoors – washing hands before giving each other rings – why? Fathers not able to walk their daughters! They suggest you postpone but don’t say when to? It sounds like we’re in this limbo until sometime late next year or 2021? Wedding Venues aren’t going to be able to re-open for ages!

      3. I’m really sorry Charlotte but it’s just another example of the muddled thinking of this Government and the inability to communicate clearly. They have no idea what they are doing. The murky shadow of Cummings is in the background of everything; God help us all. I was not surprised at all to see that the number of deaths per ‘000 population, no matter how you measure it, is the highest in the world in UK.
        And, as I predicted, the opportunity to really tackle global warming is just paid lip service to.
        Our lovely young neighbours who have been doing our shopping for the past three months are in the same boat as you but they have decided to go ahead with the civil wedding (next week) while they wait to be ‘allowed’ to have the bigger one they planned.

  18. Great performances again. Keep sharing your talents with your neighbors and the world. One of my Disney song favorites is Zip-a dee doo dah, which unfortunately has its origins in the poorly conceived and no longer viewed film Song of the South. The song is still wonderful on its own merits. Another of my Disney favorites is from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Age of not Believing.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the performance John thanks for listening, great song choice I don’t recall ‘Song of the South’ film but I know the song. I love Bedknobs and Broomsticks and The Age of Not Believing, it used to be on a sing-along video we had.

      Best wishes

    1. Thank you 😊 we try not to overstay our welcome. Thanks for watching.

      Best wishes

  19. Nice, I love Disney songs, I don’t think I can pick a favorite one. We’re still staying in since we’re in the older age group. Be Safe! Sher

    1. It’s going to be hard to decide when it’s safe to emerge without a vaccine or better treatment isn’t it? I know that’s what my Nana is worried about most. Keep well 😊 and thanks for listening to our concert.
      Best wishes

  20. I’ve been working so hard on book 2 (Melee Mage – I have a title now! Woot!) that I haven’t had time to catch up on all your wonderful videos. I love me some Disney!
    So – when the book is published (hopefully this Friday) I’m going to have a nice glass on wine on Saturday, pull up my laptop, and enjoy all your music I’ve missed.
    I’m so glad you are doing these! You and George spread such wonderful cheer and happiness in this world. In gamer terms – you are a +10 voice of happiness! 🙂

    1. Michael congrats on getting your book ready for publishing this week is it about magic?

      Hope you enjoy the concerts, know we’re celebrating your success.

      Best wishes

  21. Many thanks to you and George for another wonderful concert, Charlotte! I would also love to be your neighbor and hear you in person! 🙂

  22. I missed commenting on this, because I couldn’t comment on many blogs.
    It was an issue, but WP has fixed it now!

    1. I’ve heard a few people having problems. It’s no problem.
      All my best wishes
      Charlotte x

  23. Lovely again. Reminded me when I saw Mary Poppins on its release in Amsterdam. I was a child then. Subtitles in Dutch and I didn’t speak so much English. But it was fun. Merci.

  24. great mix of Disney songs! it brought back so many memories! thank you for sharing💞

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍

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