Our Little Staycation

We hope that you enjoy our balcony concert this week, it has different moods inspired by memorable visits that George and I made together to Bergen, Norway and Paris, France, and the time that I have spent in Germany. 

We start with a joyful French aria Frère Voyez! Le Beau Bouquet! From the opera Werther by Massenet ”everyone is joyous; happiness is in the air!” One of my favourites.

Then two French songs: S’il Est Un Charmant Gazon – Liszt, a love song with visions of the lovely places his true love may walk ‘if there is a charming lawn’ a dream of love;  the second Chanson Triste – Duparc, a ‘song of sadness’ but very beautiful.

Next Three are Grieg songs from the Haugtussa cycle you can read more about these songs (HERE) and listen to the full album that we recorded when we returned from Norway (On Most Streaming Services) this album is also available to download at Amazon, iTunes etc.

Finally, a German aria Durch Zartlichkeit Und Schmeicheln by Mozart from the Opera ‘Die Entführung Aus Dem Serail’.  This aria is sung by Blonde, she was captured with her Mistress and sold to Osmin a mean man.  She is betrothed and remains loyal to him but Osmin has his eye on her and forces himself on her, she refuses him and fights his advances.  In this aria she tells him she can only be won over by kindness, tenderness, and flattery but Osmin isn’t convinced.

With the outlook for live performances looking pretty bleak for the months ahead we are looking for outlets to record and sell mini-concerts or small operas that we are hoping to put together with a few friends.  If any of you have any ideas of where to put these on-line with a pay to view element I’d be very grateful if you could e-mail me at enquiries@charlotte-Hoather.com.  We’re going to have to get inventive and find new ways of earning an income from our music as several of George’s online tuition lessons cease next week and government SEISS stops soon if necessary we could try to pick up more office work hours but six months without music work wouldn’t be good.

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  1. IF I can think of any outlets I will mail you. What I can say to you it is would be an absolute crime if someone with your voice was not heard again soon on a stage that voice was made to be heard on. .

    1. Thank you Shehanne I really appreciate your kind words of encouragement 💞.
      All my best wishes

      1. My very best to you. You have an amazing voice and it’s been wonderful to follow your journey, to read your posts and see you getting ahead, especially in the last year before all this hit, because none of your field is easy. Now, it’s just awful seeing how the arts are being hammered, I am so hoping you will be back out there soon and that in the meantime you can both keep going. x

  2. Why not a patreon account and then some of the videos can be perks that people get for supporting you for five quid a month or whatever…? If you make the range of support large, so people can give a small amount or a giant amount, it might be of help to you.

    1. I will check it out thanks a lot for your suggestion Donnalee 😊.
      Best wishes

      1. Some people make tremendous income on it, so perhaps there are ways you could make little lessons with performance examples, etc., as premiums for higher monthly pledges, plus enough at lower levels to make people feel invested a bit. It honestly helps that you are both cute–that will attract folks too. Good luck figuring what works for you–there are different levels of it, and they take bigger percentages as you go, but you should be able to find something good for you.

      2. I must take a glance at what people are doing on there already.
        My Pilates teacher is doing ok keeping on her clients online I can only afford one lesson each week but I practice what I learnt that lesson on other days, I hadn’t thought of group lessons so thank you for that.
        Thanks again, Charlotte 🙋🏼‍♀️

      3. People are so very inventive these days–it’s pretty much the main benefit of having a planet on lockdown, to have technology become more user-friendly. There are many folks doing things like dance parties online, some for free, and some folks are also doing great music things. One of my old arrangers who started Rock Voices has been doing single songs in four parts, and the people learn the parts the way we did as a choir in person, and then they try to match them all up in a video. The last video which they are still working on had 400 or so people taking part individually, so it should be interesting when they collate it. It required great effort to perfect the timing though, so that is above most people’s ability. Those has sliding fee scales so people could pay something like 10-40 US$ to take part, or more if they wanted to. One person whom I follow online gives weekly classes for pay in things like physic energy etc., and on her patreon site, donors have access to one of the free recorded class series per year, and maybe more at higher levels. I hope you figure out what works for you and enjoy!

      4. I’ve done a couple of distanced arrangements with friends but we’ve not monetised them. Thank you for your help this has been very useful. 💞🙋🏼‍♀️

  3. You two give me such an education in music and the history behind them. I wonder if you could earn money teaching music, at least until this virus gets out of our lives!

    1. George does a little teaching but lots of his young pupils don’t have pianos at home and it’s not at all clear what the rules on studio teaching are at the moment so he does what he can online. I’m hoping to pick up some students in September after the school holidays.

      I just hope that if the government does release some money to the arts they also release it to the smaller opera companies where I get most of my work, I’m sure they can be quite nimble with smaller audiences and they make small amounts of money go a lot further and provide a lot of opportunities to a lot of musicians.

      Best wishes

  4. You and George are perfect together…..
    September or October?
    Love your piano playing Geaoge and Love your singing Charlotte!!!!
    Love to all!

    1. Thank you for your lovely message Darlene 😊.

      We were hoping for the end of October but the government has announced only 30 guests including the staff and your Dad can’t walk you down the isle – but it seems a blind eye was turned yesterday when lots of people went down the pub, if the infection rate soars up again we’ll all be in never ending lockdown.

      Best wishes

  5. Another wonderful concert. You two, like so many performers, are in really tight spots. If I come up with any inspirations I’ll let you know. If you were in the USA, all you would need to do is register your wedding as a protest and you could invited as many people as you wanted to, and they could attend. A lot of cities in NM canceled their 4th of July parades yesterday. I heard one city held their parade registered it as a protest.

    1. Lol 😂 thank you Timothy I needed that chuckle. An ‘Arts in Need’ protest hehe.
      Thanks for helping out.
      All my best wishes

    1. I’ve not been very good at asking for money. I tried hard to get scholarships at music college but couldn’t – it was working throughout the holidays that helped to cover my living costs, my parents assistance (who had three children they were putting through four year courses at University and fees only started in the UK the first year my brother started in 2008) and student loans even though I studied in Scotland for four years English tuition fees applied.
      No, I’ve not thought of question and answer sessions I’ll investigate how that could work.
      Best wishes and thank you,

  6. Beautiful concert Charlotte, you both performed really well. I hope you and George do find your way through this difficult time and that your wedding can take place as you planned. Fingers crossed that the restrictions are safely relaxed before then. 🥰🥰😘😘

    1. Glad you enjoyed the concert Gill you know we like to please. Last concert this Friday for a few weeks, we hope to pop back at the end of August with another idea. The wedding money I have saved on account for the wedding breakfast may get tempting lol so I hope they let us go ahead in October or it might be a ‘butty and bring your own booze party’ in Mum and Dad’s back garden next year.

      Best wishes

  7. enjoyed the concert. How about putting on a condert (Two people show) and charge for it. You could announce the program in advance and then sell tickets. Might be the first world wide two people show. All the best to you and George.

    1. That’s the bit I’ve got to sort out John, how to link a payment option to watch a concert and never having done it before I don’t know how to do it or how to persuade people to join. The Charlotte and George Show (alphabetical order hehe).

      Best wishes

      1. Use pay pal and call it a donation (Let folks send whatever they feel they can) Set up the concert and publish the offering. You could even do it from your balcony but sing directly into the camera. George can stay where he is currently performing on the balcony. All you need is a half turn toward the camera. It is so cute when you smile at each other during the performance. I think your fans would be tickled. If you don’t get donations then you could have some kind of subscription where people send the money by Pay Pal and you send them back the link. I seriously doubt that it will be a problemand just calling for donations would work. Good luck.

      2. Life is the most difficult exam

        Many people fail because they try to copy other,

        Not realizing that everyone has a different question paper

      3. Thank you I agree, I seem to be forging my own path and it’s nearly impossible to copy another singers journey because everyone is presented with different opportunities. Have a lovely week.
        Best wishes

      4. Thank you, John, we have started to experiment indoors with recording and sound quality tests.

        All my best,

    1. Thanks so much, Annette, I did my dissertation on singing in the original language and why I thought it was important to sing in the composers intended language when at all possible, however, saying that I do enjoy the English translations of popular operas for none opera-going audiences because when the story isn’t known sometimes people don’t enjoy it as much. We always put an explanation in music programs or the words and translation when performing live.

      Best wishes

    1. Good morning my dear Amritpal thank you for listening and have a nice day too.

      All my best wishes

      1. The concerts are terrific! You and George transmit so much energy (Charlotte) and tranquility (George) at the same time. I will take the liberty to share with you the best that I can find in music. Hope you will be able to keep singing and playing. Thanks so much!!! 🙂

  8. Loved Friday evening again Charlotte & George.
    You both have lots of fans, I’ve been reading their advise on how to earn some money.
    You are both so resourceful, and inventive fingers crossed.
    Hopefully things will get before October 🤞😘😘

    1. We’ve got just over three months to work something out, we’ve just done our first paid on-line concert it took a day to set up the room, organise the run order practice, then the recording day and a day to edit the video and get it right because we were experimenting with a screen and new lights because the ceiling spot lights cast awful shadows onto the first check tape we did, it’s a lot more stressful than a live performance because we’re not used to it but now we’ve done it we could speed this up in the future.

      Best wishes as always
      Charlotte x

  9. You are such a lovely couple. And you’ve managed to hang together through all this with style and generosity. I hope you are going to be ‘let out’ soon!

    1. Sharing our music is very important to us, the freedom to sing outdoors at a safe distance to everyone has been a godsend. Lockdown is being eased but indoor performances, especially singing are banned still at the moment, there were a few bars and pubs in the main Cities that hit the news headlines for breaking 1m (with a mask) and 2m rules and overcrowding but most people I know are being cautious and sensible, I can see my brother now and he’s working from home so as a social bubble we don’t see many people indoors.

      Best wishes

    1. Thank you for listening and your lovely message Kally.
      All my best wishes

  10. Charlotte, I think Patreon is a wonderful idea. I also think you both might consider doing some online teaching via zoom. Maybe even target older students. Many adults are using this time to rediscover hobbies and talents they gave up – they might be quite happy to pay for some online tutoring.

    1. Thank you Lynn, we’re looking at everything 😊.
      All my best wishes

  11. Love the concert!!
    Your voice and George’s accompaniment are no less than special.
    Most of my friends are in the arts, most of those in performing arts, including me. I don’t think I’ll be seeing another film set for quite the while. I understand your situation.

    How about any of the small Opera Companies (or larger) that you toured with in past years? Are any of them planning to revise the operas in an online venue, that would be a pay per performance. Surely they would hire the same performers, as rehearsals would be inconvenient. Have you been in touch with them?

    Anyway, my Jimi post is up, and I’ll be doing the one with you next. At least we can plug all and any of the venues you get royalties from.

    Let me review my drawings, see what other new ones I come up with. (starting those tonight) I’ll revamp the rough post and send you a link in a week or so. Then we can begin to hone it.. what videos you want in it/ links etc.

    Take care!!!

    1. Hi Resa, I heard that Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible has started up filming so perhaps they’re finding ways to do it. We can just hope we find ways to live better with these viruses around us, I live in hope.

      Well, The Fire of Olympus was filmed last year I hope that Tim can find an avenue to get this out in a pay to view format. I know lots of these companies are very fleet footed and will be doing their best to find new outlets and I hope that some of the funding filters down to their level because they do give emerging artists opportunities to work with orchestra and without them many, many of us would just sing with piano.

      Several companies have progressed with shows outdoors (difficult with British weather) with artists they’d already booked this year.

      We’re trying to record another album but George has rehearsal commitments.

      Thank you my friend for your support, you take care and I hope that your livelihood isn’t affected too much 😳.

      Love and hugs 🤗

  12. Hi Charlotte (and George). I agree with the above comments. Many things are transferring to online venues. You can Monetize YouTube. I believe you can create a “Premiere” on that platform (or Facebook) and treat it as an Event with Ticket Prices.

    You can also build a Live audience with Twitch Streams, which helps you interact with people in Chat rooms. The audience can also give funds through these Twitch Live Streams. I also think you and George can teach your respective professions through Streaming online.

    And I’m not sure if you have a “Donate” feature on this website or a “Shop” page just in case someone simply wants to support you both that way.

    Ultimately, it’s about Marketing your Albums and online services. Jot down what your Services are, the prices for each service, and the allotted time for each service. I noticed that you average around 2,000 Likes on Instagram posts. You can Create a Shop on Instagram/Facebook and sell CDs or autographed items from there. That would be cool.

    The internet definitely makes the world smaller.

    By the way, I am building up a Network in the Film Industry on Stage32 as a Screenwriter/Photographer. Perhaps, you and George could share a Profile there to feature your Videos. Filmmakers need Music for their Projects. My personal page is stage32.com/ericcjackson

    1. Hi Eric,

      I’ve never monetised YouTube but some of the balcony concerts get adverts attached to them by copyright holders of the music to claim revenue for themselves even though I don’t get anything for performing, some people even claim it when it’s not their version or their artist singing which is odd.

      I’ve not heard of Twitch Streams I’ll take a look, I wouldn’t like to chat whilst performing because it would interfere with the flow too much but after concerts, it would be nice to chat.

      I have a ‘Discography’ button perhaps it should just say ‘Shop/Donate’ although I don’t know how people could donate so I’d have to investigate that. I’ve always enjoyed support with Spotify, Napster, Deezer listens and Amazon downloads when I first put the albums out years ago which I’m very grateful for as it helped me to pay my own way through my four years undergrad where I received no sponsorship plus the two years postgrad Masters where I did receive about 13% of my total tuition fees.

      I have a ‘shop’ button on Facebook but I must look into how to put them on Instagram. I’ve got to get my act together hehe.

      I’ll look into that Eric thank you very much.
      Best wishes

  13. I enjoyed your beautiful music again, Charlotte and George! It is a real treat to be able to hear you both.

    Some people I know are using something called “Tip Jar” and “Paetron”. I don’t know how well either of these work, but they might be worth investigating.

    1. Thank you Lavinia 😊 I’m happy you are enjoying the concerts. Thank you for your suggestions we are checking out possible ideas.

      Best wishes

  14. Since you have a Youtube channel perhaps you’d be eligible to add a membership button to your channel. The memberships allow viewers to join your channel through monthly payments and get members-only perks like badges, emoji, and other goods. Otherwise set up a Patreon as another reader suggested and hold back some of your content only for paying patrons. Wishing you well.

    1. I’ll check out the membership button I didn’t know there was such a thing so thank you. We have some ideas for new music concerts there are all sorts of issues with copyright and rights issues so we’re investigating everything.

      All my best wishes

  15. Thank you so much for your concerts. I feel like I’m a bit of a neighbour or yours. 😉(They must love you. You brightened their lockdown.
    I wish I had an idea to give you, unfortunately Internet does give “audience” but it is free. And the minute you start charging, well, all flee…You can always try to put a subscription link, but I’m not sure it will generate great revenue.
    Do you have any studio recordings?
    One idea occured to me right now. Do a Zoom conference with some of best musicians buddies, performers, do a brain storm. If you know a psychologist or market researcher in the UK, invite him or her. (the ones I know are all retired).
    Easy technique:
    Start with the problem: e.g. “how to get revenue”. Name a problem-owner, can be you, or anybody else who wants to own the problem. And a moderator. Have to be different people. (Rule #1). And a secretary. Who will write on a paper board.
    Then once the problem is stated, participants have to offer solutions starting by saying “I wish”. Rule #2. Any solution offered without saying “I wish” has to be reformulated. Build on solutions offered. Do NOT criticize a solution. If someone does not agree with a proposed solution, can’t say no. Rule #umpteen. Has to formulate the counter proposition by saying “I wish”. After a while, you all go back to the paper board. The problem owner chooses one “solution” that looks promising but has problems. Reformulate the problem, and start again. (Have plenty of beer ready. Helps loosening tongues)
    Bonne chance.

    1. Je vous en pris 😊. I’ve loved getting to know my neighbours better, I’m trying to learn a new song for one of my new friends ready for tomorrow. I fear you are correct, so much content on YouTube is free, why pay?

      We don’t have new studio recordings and our home keyboard isn’t up to studio grand standards, when we can get out of lockdown more we may be able to go to friends to record, we recorded my last album in Edinburgh.

      Your Zoom conference sounds an interesting idea. Definitely an idea to explore.

      Best wishes

      1. I guess we’re all stuck with patience I’m afraid. Do explore the creative session. It doesn’t need to be “perfect”, it is normally fun. And a few good ideas can emerge.
        Bon week-end, as we Frogs say. 😉

  16. Two more words. 1) The separation of problem-owner, moderator and scribe/secretary is critical. Normally, the Boss has a problem, calls a meeting, moderates (shuts the juior execs up) and takes notes. Not good. The problem owner should not moderate and should only listen or ask for clarifications. The moderator makes sure everyone speaks up and follows the IW (I wish) rule. Moderator also must check with the problem-owner regularly if we are on the right track.
    2) After the problem is exposed to the group by the problem-owner (briefly) the moderator asks 2 questions:
    a) Why is that a problem?
    b) What have you done about it? (Eliminates tried and failed solutions. Saves time)
    Can’t remember the name of the technique right now. Lemme search my memory.

    1. I have experienced something like this in the office environment when we were creating a new customer relationship management system. My youngest brother Tom has just passed an exam at work in something relating to project management I must pick his brains. 🙂

      Best wishes

  17. LOL. Praise to Internet. I remembered the technique’s name. It’s called “Interactive innovation”, was developed by my colleague Alex Biel at Ogilvy & Mather. Here’s a link to what he now says:
    I suggest you give it a try. The more diversified the participants the better. And it’s a fun exercise, though Alex says 4 hours, I would limit it to 2 hours. Possibly doing another session afterwards if there are promising solutions.
    Best of luck

    1. Thank you very much I will try to put this together. I’ve just looked O&M up very interesting company, I particularly enjoyed ‘do you bend and break’ as that is a line from a song I sing. I feel I am resilient, even when my plans are completely upended (which they frequently are 😊) I try to find new ways through.

      Once again thank you for all your suggestions and thoughts I’m very grateful.

      Best wishes

      1. David Ogilvy was a great advertising man. My friends and I learnt a lot form his philosophy and writing style.
        Resilience will take you anywhere. I hope the thoughts help.
        All the best

  18. That was a very beautiful concert. Werther one of my favourites! I wish we had something useful to say about places for online concerts, but we are not very savvy in this field. We will certainly tell friends about them when they come out. I would love a mini-opera for children. Our grandson listened happily to quite a bit of one of your balcony concerts and you have all the skills you learnt touring BambinO to draw on. Very interesting thread and advice from Equinoxio21 – we will support whatever you do!

    1. I’d love to play Sophie in Werther she is full of joy, I’m pleased you enjoyed the concert :).

      I have thought of creating a mini-opera for families with young children, I would have been reprising Uccelina this summer at the Edinburgh Festival. I’m sad not to entertain a new group of babies and toddlers they have so much fun in that setting. I also toured as Jessie Jnr in The Little White Town of Never Weary all around Primary schools and village halls it was brilliant fun and gave me plenty of experience.

      I can’t thank you and Edwin enough for your support Hilary, truly.

      Best wishes

  19. Such a lovely concert! I am so far behind looking at my emails but I finally had the chance to enjoy your concert today. Thank you both for sharing your wonderful talents!

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