Der Puggerling

My Brother Matt and his Husband Alex have just brought home a new edition to their family, a little Pug, Kevin. He is so cute and I am sure he is going to be spoilt rotten. It is too young to venture out and they have spent the last week making their flat puppy-proof.

To celebrate I thought I would share with you this cheerful Schubert song that I recorded recently with George. Der Schmettering ( The Butterfly ) which I think echoes the sentiments as the lyrics are so happy and joyous.

Der SchmetterlingThe Butterfly
Wie soll ich nicht Tanzen,
Es macht keine Mühe;
Und reizende Farben
Schimmern hier im Grünen.
Immer schöner glänzen
Meine bunten Flügel,
Immer süßer hauchen
Alle kleinen Blüten.
Ich nasche die Blüten,
Ihr könnt sie nicht hüten.  

Wie groß ist die Freude.
Sei’s spät oder frühe,
Leichtsinnig zu schweben
Über Tal und Hügel.
Wenn der Abend säuselt,
Seht ihr Wolken glühen;
Wenn die Lüfte golden,
Scheint die Wiese grüner.
Ich nasche die Blüten,
Ihr könnt sie nicht hüten.  
Why should I not dance?
It costs me no effort,
And enchanting colours
Shimmer here in the greenery.
Ever lovelier
My colourful wings glisten
Ever sweeter is the scent
From each tiny blossom.
I sip from the blossoms
You cannot protect them.  

How great is my joy,
Be it early or late,
To flit so carelessly
Over hill and dale.
When the evening murmurs
You see the clouds glow
When the air is golden
The meadows are more radiantly green.
I sip from the blossoms;
You cannot protect them.  

I hope you enjoy it too.

58 thoughts on “Der Puggerling

  1. Awwww….. Der Puggerling is such a cute face! Your Der Schmetterling is just perfect in every way! Here’s to the new member of the family and a happy life!

  2. You and Der Puggerling are adorable. Der Schmetterling is beautiful. I’m seeing lots of butterflies these days. It looks like your brother needs to keep you from pilfering Der Puggerling. One of our recent staff is a dog. Buddy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He’s at the office every day. He’s more punctual and reliable than some of our staff. When Ailene comes in the door in the morning, buddy comes running into my office, gets in my lap and has to lick me, wrestle and play.

    1. Very sweet, I do like Spaniels. Matt has never had a dog before its been quite a learning curve.
      Best wishes

  3. Recommend them to Arthur Ransome’s ‘Coot Club’ and ‘he Big Six’, both of which feature a delightful pug called William…

    1. I will pass those on Martin, Alex has wanted a pug for a while.
      Best wishes

    1. It’s a massive learning curve for my brother Matt 😂, he’s never had a dog before and hadn’t anticipated getting up in the night on puppy patrol duty. Jabs this week then they will have a bit more freedom with Kevin the pug.
      Have a lovely week ahead.
      Best wishes

  4. That is one cute puppy! In that first photo he seems to looking to cause some major mischief. On the other hand, you look like you want to join him in some mischief 😉 Loved the song.

    1. I love a bit of mischief, mayhem and madness hehe. I’m learning lots of new material this is one of my new songs glad you enjoyed it.
      Best wishes

    1. He seems a very quiet and contented young puppy, they have a flat so a big dog was out of question, they considered a labrador but its not fair if you’ve no garden.
      I hope you have a lovely week John,
      Best wishes

  5. I’m giggling at the idea you can puppy proof a flat. I’m guessing who’ll win that round. But Kevin is so cute, how can he not be forgiven? And your singing and George’s playing have kicked my day off on a happy, light-hearted note.

    1. Me too Gwen, puppy proofing 😂 now I’ve seen Kevin in action he’s teething. I went to a Costco last week and saw some puppy wee pads for the floor so I got a box for them.
      Have a lovely happy week ahead,
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you Cindy, it is a new song I’ve learnt recently glad you liked it.
      Best wishes

    1. Kevin can’t come out to play yet he’s got to have his jabs and Matt says they can’t walk far at first but I do enjoy doggy walking, I sometimes look after a lovely terrier called Velma and sometimes she just looks up at me as though to say ‘haven’t you had enough yet!’
      Best wishes

    1. Absolutely, but nice to cuddle, nice to play and nice to give back at the end of the day hehe.
      Best wishes

  6. Der Puggerling, Kevin, is adorable! You are a wonderful aunty. He is one fortunate puppy to have found his forever home.
    You look totally in love, and I don’t blame you.
    Just love hearing you sing.

    SO, I’m commenting from my street art blog. I’ll be heading back to Art Gowns soon(ish).
    The green pillow case gown is in the home stretch! 90%

    AND.. I found and bought the black voile. I bought 20 yards. It’s hard to find, and I’m happy to have leftover, if.
    Did you like the newest sketches with the red dress and bat flowers? I’m quite happy with them.
    Okay dear Charlotte, I wish you a wonderful week, and I’m off to listen to Der Schmetterling, again! ❦❦

    1. I do love your street art blog, you find the most amazing artists Resa. Go you for the last 10%. Yes the newest sketches are fabulous did you see my e-mail, I’d never heard of bat flowers until I saw them.
      Best wishes

      1. Charlotte!
        I check every day. I read 1 email, and you chose the first dress. It’s a perfect choice. I sent an email back with a question (re: Romania) and what I was up to. Did you get that one? If you answered that one, your email has not come through!
        I check Spam, and they are not going in there.
        If you didn’t get my mail with the question, maybe it’s in your Spam?
        I’m just about to read your new post. I knew you would do something for the Jubilee!!!!
        Cheers! xo

    1. I think you would like him he’s only tiny and quiet (well for the time being).
      George is hammering away at the keys 🎹 day and night at the moment in preparation for competitions.
      You have a super week too, hope you enjoyed your birthday 🥳.
      Best wishes always,

  7. Thanks to you and George for sharing this Schubert piece. A delightful performance. Congrats to your brother and his husband on the new addition. Dogs are great companions.

    1. Thank you John, its a new Schubert piece for me so I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      First pet other than goldfish that Matt has had so lots for him to learn.
      Best wishes

    1. Alex has always loved pugs and they fit well in a flat. I’m sure you’ll see some update pics on Kevin in the future hehe.
      Best wishes

    1. Oh, me and hubbie too, him a few days ago and me yesterday. They don’t tell us which strain. I have plenty of writing to do but am just feeling so flat. But I’m not really sick, as such. All the same, pug pics brightened my day. Hope you are fighting fit soon Jguenther5

      1. My wife & son remain healthy, somehow. I moved to spare room at first sign of virus. This was no worse than an average flu in bygone days. Not feeling motivated, much, yet. Get well!

    2. I hope you are fully recovered now and the writing is going well. I hear its like a bad flu. Thank you on the Schmetterling its a new song I’ve learnt recently.
      Best wishes

    1. He’s going to get spoilt rotten Sheila 😂. Matt’s already got him a lovely bed and a safety run area (don’t know the real word for it).
      Best wishes

  8. Oh, enjoy your little baby!! I have a Pug, and she is my little girl! They are like children, as most pooches are. Some do suckle on their toys as mine does. She came home from the shelter with a Teddy Bear, eleven years ago… She still has it, along with many many other toys. She is fourteen years old, now; and the years have been so much more sweeter with her. They are awesome to have and raise as your own companion.

    1. I’m glad to hear your pug is fourteen, ever since they decided to have a pug everyone is telling them there are lots of health problems but fingers crossed if they look after Kevin well and keep him in good shape he will be fit and well.
      Best wishes

      1. I lost my baby girl three weeks, this Friday. She was close to, sixteen years old. I miss her so much… However, I know my mother has her in her arms.

      2. Aww so sad. Im glad you have the comfort of that picture in your mind. Best wishes Charlotte

  9. Kevin the little pug is very sweet! And I enjoy the music, always!

    I am sorry I got behind here, and I am catching up with many of you. I had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. I am back home, and doing well.

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