Jubilee Jubilations

This week London has hosted a multitude of fabulous celebratory events for the Platinum Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II.  There has been an amazing feel-good factor surrounding the events and watching the thousands of people celebrate the Queen’s life and reign has been a joy to watch. 

Earlier in the week, it felt like a wonderful little ray of sunlight shone down through the clouds as I received an email informing me that I had come second in the Ise-Shima International Singing Competition in Japan.  This was wonderful news and I am taking this as a sign as my lovely George is flying to Japan this week to take part in an International Piano Competition. So I will keep my fingers crossed for him and be with him in spirit as he progresses through the competition because unfortunately, I cannot join him as I am waiting on my passport renewal.

Finally, I wanted to share another of my recent audio recordings with you. A beautiful English song by Adrian Williams, Red Kite Flying. I do hope that you enjoy it 🙂

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  1. Celebrating the recognition you have both so deservedly earned. Lovely song, your voice carries me to places above the clouds! Wonderful there is so much joy around you. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Annette, I love the poetry in this song, to paraphrase – forward on my way, striding, no time for crying and feeling sorry for yourself look at the beautiful red kite flying and rejoice. It’s a tricky one this song, lots to work on still, glad you enjoyed it.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you John I will pass your message on, he is hammering the keys 🎹 day and night at the moment, so glad I got a silent function on the piano (headphones for George after 9pm), although when he isn’t in playing I miss the background music 🎶.
      Best wishes

    1. He had a super big win recently with the Overseas League Competition and now he is in their final too so he really does have a lot to memorise. Let’s hope he is on a roll 🤞🏻.
      Best wishes

  2. Congratulations, Charlotte! Wonderful news! Here’s hoping George enjoys his trip, even though you are not with him.
    We have been enjoying the jubilee immensely on this side of the pond, especially George. Charlotte and little Louis.
    The whole family is a joy to see but Louis is quite the clown!

    1. We never took a honeymoon just a weekend in Glasgow on my tour (although it was lovely) so we thought as his room and tickets were covered it would just be a flight for me in one of the weeks but not meant to be. I loved the skit for her grandchildren of the Queen with Paddington Bear when she pulled her marmalade sandwich out of her bag it was just lovely. I should have taken some photographs in Chelsea of the flower displays for the jubilee they were amazing but I didn’t get across town.
      Best wishes

      1. I adored the Paddington Bear skit – so sweet. The Queen has a real sense of humor, and I’m sorry she will not be ruling for another 70 years. The country needs her steady hand.

      2. Absolutely Noelle. The Queen isn’t too vocal in politics and so rises above the fray and doesn’t get blown around by popular opinion and I think that helps her. Marvellous woman I admire her a lot.
        Best wishes

  3. Your voice is absolutely amazing, Charlotte! ❤️ Best wishes for George, I hope your passport is renewed soon. I follow a few UK bloggers, it seems the Jubilee has been a great time for so many, wonderful! I would like to experience this too. I love the photo, your smile is so beautiful! Be well, Charlotte! 🇬🇧❤️

    1. Thank you John for your lovely message, I appreciate it. It is a great new song I’ve enjoyed learning although it is very tricky, a great message of hope and pushing on and not reflecting on the bad concentrate on moving forward. My brother Matt took the photograph.
      I loved all the positive spirit of the jubilee our Queen is a magnificent woman some people in our Country don’t appreciate how lucky we are to have her.
      Best wishes

      1. You are welcome, Charlotte! I am an American obviously and I find the queen to be a lovely woman and have great respect for her! I love the UK! ❤️🇬🇧

  4. Congratulations on placing in the Ise-Shima International Singing Competition! Hopefully George has good luck in Japan as well. Love the song! i don’t know if you ever bumped into Sue Vincent before she passed away last year, but I can’t think of red kites without thinking of her since the figured so prominently in her blog writing. Glad you enjoyed the celebrations. Though an American, the BBC is one of my biggest news sources, so I saw a lot about the Jubilee, but, unfortunately, the Queen’s and Paddington Bear’s tea party would not play, saying it was restricted to the UK. Oh well, maybe I should search for it on Youtube – I’m sure someone has uploaded it.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you Trent, George’s competition is a big one so 🤞🏻. I did bump into Sue regularly, her blog was lovely and uplifting and I was very sad with her passing. I knew I’d seen photos of red kites before but hadn’t linked them, now I know why. I think the Paddington bear skit is on YouTube now, it was short but cute and her grandchildren loved it.
      I wanted to get over to Chelsea because all the streets and shops had floral displays that were out of this world good but I didn’t get the chance to sadly.
      I hope you have a fabulous week too.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you Derrick, I’m glad you enjoyed the new song.
      Best wishes

  5. “I saw an eagle’s shadow
    Like the wind, it soared up
    Heaven is his world
    He danced with the cloud in the light of day… ”
    A fragment of a Polish song fits this picture. You look beautiful !

    1. It absolutely does fit, beautiful poem, The Red Kite Flying is also an uplifting song reminding you to concentrate on moving forward out of despair.
      Best wishes

  6. Ahh, listening to you sing, Charlotte. Thank you!!!!
    I watched a lot of the Jubilee celebrations on TV. It was wonderful, and it was so great to see the Queen out on the balcony with some of the Royals.

    So, the emails…. After you chose the first gown, I sent a reply. The reply had a question in it, which I thought “maybe” we could use in the post. If you replied to that, I have not received it.

    Hey, you commented on my GLAM blog! Was it normal, or did you have to sign in?

    Anyway, I have to run out for a bit. When I get back I’ll start the secret post. It will be quite open to us figuring out what we want to say in it and what song you will use. I’ll leave a comment in this post that I sent the link and passcode.

    Thing is once you have the link and passcode, we can always communicate through comments therein, and perfect the post.
    This can be a way around relying on emails, if they are not working properly.

    Congratulations on second place! I wish it could have been 1st, but hey…you are in the running!
    Wishing George the best of luck, because sometimes sheer talent is not enough. George is a super talent, just like you!!!

    Resa xoxo

    1. I had to sign in on my desktop, i think the problem maybe on my iPad or my laptop which used to be my Mums and when my laptop died she loaned me hers, I meant to get my Dad to check it over and ran out of time. I’ll check out my spam on the e-mails what day did you send the reply?
      I’ve recorded some new songs so we’ve a bit more choice. I’ve had a couple of people telling me I haven’t responded to e-mails recently, oh heck!
      No competitions are very much a wheel of chance and trying to second guess what judges might like isn’t a good strategy. Piano competitions are extremely competitive too and just getting in is an achievement.

      I will ask my Dad to review my e-mails and get some help, I’ll get back to you.

      All my best wishes,
      Charlotte ♥️

  7. Congratulations on your place in the competition! Good for you, and keep at it! Best wishes to George in his piano competition, too!
    You are making memories…treasure this time.

  8. Thank you for sharing your amazingly beautiful voice with us. Well done on the competition and good luck to George. Often see red kites when I visit West Yorkshire. A stunning musical reminder of these wonderful birds. Mx

  9. Love the song Charlotte.
    Best wishes George for your competition.
    I love the photo of you too Char. The Queens tea party with Paddington was really funny,
    She is such a good sport.

  10. The blue-dressed along crimson path. The orange bird through narrowest cotton field, evening’s trailing clouds afire. Poetry aside, tis spark through fuse, through thine eyes. With love, Hero

    Great news on your successes!!

  11. Oh Charlotte, I thought I had commented and congratulated when I read this some time ago. We both send them now, I was thrilled about the competition place and loved the Red Kite Flying song. We see these amazing birds most days as they live around here and give us wonderful aerial displays – and cause a lot of mayhem among the locals rooks, jackdaws etc.

    Last Wednesday we finally stayed at your wedding hotel and went to see Onegin (a fabulous performance) at Opera Holland Park!

    1. Thank you Hilary, Red Kite Flying is a tricky sing but lovely and I’m growing to enjoy singing it now. It is nice to get back in a recording studio.

      So glad you stayed at the hotel I hope that you enjoyed it, it is very convenient for Opera Holland Park, so glad you saw a fabulous performance. I was hoping to go but it fell through.
      Best wishes always,

  12. Congratulations to you, Charlotte, and I wish George all the best in his upcoming competition. It is always good to hear your voice. Thank you!

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