Gothic Opera – Out with a BANG!

Curses have been lifted, and the cobwebs have been swept away with the final curtain call of Gothic Opera’s double bill at the Round Chapel in Hackney. Thank you very much for those of you who came to watch and as always, thank you for your online support leading to and during the performances. I have had a wonderful time learning and singing the role of Catherine in Le Loup-garou. I particularly enjoyed how she loved to be the bringer of gossip. I imagine if she had a Twitter account, it would be rather lively! 

I have a few more production photographs to share with you. These were taken by Craig Fuller. I hope that they give you a glimpse into the world that we created as a team. 

It was a pleasure to work with the Gothic Opera team. I wish them much success in their future endeavours as I think their entrepreneurial spirit is wonderful and worth celebrating. 

On the topic of entrepreneurship, stay tuned for next week’s post, as I have some exciting news to share. 

18 thoughts on “Gothic Opera – Out with a BANG!

  1. Another lovely set of pictures. I look forward to rue exciting news. The postmistress who ran the post office that is now our house was known as a source of all local gossip in the early 20th century

  2. This looks amazing. Your photos did help bring me into the world you created.
    Chapeau to you and all involved!

    Gown update…. sewing away (by hand) lol… slow and steady!
    Was going to go out and buy a zipper today, but it’s snowing like crazy. So, I’ll cut the waistband.
    I’m thinking my way along/trouble shooting, in the sense some alterations may be necessary.
    Waist, hems, bodice fit… all will be easily altered!

    1. Love your blog post, askimet won’t let me leave a comment again. i love mermaids 🧜‍♀️ I’m hoping this message comes through? The Mural blog seems to accept me? I still can’t believe you sew by hand I get bored putting up a hem lately. Snowing 🌨 oh my! I guess your City is used to it? Hope so. You are super cool. I went on a fashion shoot with university costume design students recently, I’ll reveal all soon, I had a super day. I wish you were over here in the UK I’d love to meet up for a chat and catch up. Maybe one day I’ll get to Canada, getting auditions abroad is getting so difficult since covid though.
      Best wishes

      1. I got your message! At least the Mural blog works.
        Well, I find sewing by hand to be relaxing. Usually I have music on or the telly, depends on how demanding the task at hand is. If it’s seams… the telly works.
        Definitely when I draw, I love the music.
        Ooooo, design students! I’ll bet you had a great day. I look forward to hearing all about it! My college days were ab fab! I was an honours student, got a scholarship and was on the front page of the newspaper once.
        I’d love to meet up, too! Covid sucks!
        I just got a flu shot and Covid booster last week. No sewing for a couple of days after that. LOL!

        Always a joy to hear from you. We should do something with those drawings I did. I know you have a surprise coming.
        Perhaps we could use them in a congratulatory post on Art Gowns?

        Have the best time dear Charlotte (& George!)
        Resa ❦❦❦

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