Day Two : A Relaxing Morning and Adventurous Hike

Leogang’s time zone, an hour ahead of the UK, greeted us with a leisurely morning at 8 am local time. The hotel’s breakfast options left us spoiled for choice. From the delicacies market to ordering speciality cuisine at our table, we indulged in a delightful culinary experience to suit our taste, there is everything from porridge and cereals to continental selections and bacon, eggs, freshly made breads and pastries and lots more.  

One aspect of the hotel that impressed me was the assigned family table, which allowed us the flexibility to attend breakfast and dinner at our convenience without having to book specific time slots. Each morning, we found the “Morning Mail” waiting at our table, thoughtfully curated by the hotel. Printed in English, it provided a wealth of information, including local weather reports, last-minute availability for the waldSPA, guest experience recommendations, and daily schedules for both adults and the Kids Club. Among the tips collected over my three-night stay were examples such as a hike to Lindlalm, a climate-neutral helicopter experience over the Steinberge mountains, a private deluxe breakfast experience in the forest, and a unique camping adventure under the stars.   I hope you enjoy the little reels I made for Instagram.

Our exploration continued with a guided tour of the vast and pristine Naturhotel Forsthofgut complex and its extensive grounds, led by the knowledgeable Elizabeth. The hotel’s design seamlessly blended with the natural surroundings, offering both indoor and outdoor corridor connections. Accessible facilities, including lifts between floors, ensured a comfortable stay for all guests.  

Following our hotel tour, we embarked on a cable car mountain ride, presenting us with the opportunity to hike or mountain bike down the picturesque trails. At the mountain’s peak, we dined at Die Alte Schmiede, an Alpine restaurant bustling with mountain bikers, hikers, and families savouring the wonders of the mountains. I relished a delicious veal schnitzel accompanied by traditional Austrian potatoes, and the friendly and attentive servers added to the delightful experience. Nature hikes right at our doorstep, with the cable car station just a short walk from the hotel, made exploring the outdoors incredibly convenient. Naturhotel Forsthofgut even provided hiking route suggestions through their collection of books in the lobby.  

As I stepped out into the morning, the weather greeted me with a partly sunny, partly overcast sky. The clouds seemed mischievous, teasing us with their presence, but I didn’t let them dampen my spirits. Little did we know that despite their playful appearance, the sun’s rays were still shining through, and my mum learned cloud cover was deceptive as she got a little sun-kissed during our outdoor adventures. It was a delightful surprise to find out that even on overcast days, the sun’s rays can be quite strong, making sunscreen a must for us pale skin folk. If you are seeking a radiant tan, Naturhotel Forsthofgut offers a perfect spot to soak up the sun in the grounds surrounding the Seehaus. Just remember to be cautious and slather on that SPF to protect your skin while basking in the joyous warmth of Salzburg’s natural beauty.  

Returning to Naturhotel Forsthofgut, I had the pleasure of joining a Martial Arts class led by Roman at 4 pm in the active room sonnenGRUSS. Roman’s expertise, acquired through his army and bodyguard experience, made the class both intriguing and invigorating. As I was the only participant that day, Roman tailored the experience to my interests, incorporating boxing techniques due to my prior experience in karate. The class was conducted in English, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning various punching techniques, footwork, and boxing sequences during our hours work-out.  

To unwind after the class, I made my way to the serene adults-only whispering rooms in the spa. The gentle sounds of natural bird song created a soothing atmosphere, allowing me to relax and rejuvenate.  

As the day turned to evening, we savored a delectable dinner at restaurant 1617. My culinary journey for the evening included a fresh salad from the delicacies market, Heidewuggerl Prosciutto with melon, almond, and catuccini, a creamy sweetcorn soup (from their vegan menu), grilled redfish fillet with parmesan souffle and Sicilian vegetables, and a delightful baked cream cheesecake with black currant and violet petals. Ending the evening with a cocktail listening to the melodious live music drifting through the comfortable bar area.

Retiring to my room, I felt the stresses of everyday life melt away, leaving me feeling refreshed and revitalised.  

Stay tuned for the next chapter of my Salzburg journey, filled with captivating tours and unforgettable moments.

Thanks to Naturhotel Forsthofgut ,  Saalfelden Leogang Tourist Office

29 thoughts on “Day Two : A Relaxing Morning and Adventurous Hike

  1. Charlotte, you two know where to find the great places to see! The hotel and the mountains are very beautiful, thanks for sharing! ❤️

    1. Thank you John, I wish I had your photography skills to do the place justice. I had to get up really early to get most of the shots before the other guests starting to use all the spaces I didn’t want to disturb their holiday filming them.
      Best wishes

      1. Thank you, Charlotte, that’s very sweet of you! You’re photos are always very beautiful. ❤️

  2. Enjoyed the tour, Charlotte. Thanks for taking us along. I also enjoyed the card that instructs how to figure out a good bedtime for eight hours sleep.*slaps forehead*

    1. A lot of my friends call me Cinderella because I don’t like to stay out late 😆. Being one hour ahead of us when it was 11pm there I was actually going to bed at 10pm so I was getting up nice and early before lots of the other guests were stirring.
      Best wishes

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day in a beautiful place. I love hiking in the mountains and could spend all day exploring, though maybe hike up instead of cable car. One thing, if I ever meet you, I know not to make you angry… lol fun video of you doing the martial arts workout.

    1. We walked up to the very top from the cafe, my parents were saying they felt a bit breathless and the bike riders that rode up the last bit also seemed a bit out of puff trying to cycle up the steep incline. George wants us to save up to go back together so we can do the biking.
      I signed myself up for the 2* martial arts class, my Mum said, are you sure its been a while since you did regular class, she was sat outside the room chuckling when she saw me getting such a good workout for a whole hour! My wimpy feet got a blister which never used to happen when I did Karate twice per week.
      Best wishes

    1. George wants us to save up to go back, he couldn’t come with me because he was in Japan, he loves the outdoors, mountains and just that sort of break.
      Best wishes

    1. I enjoyed the sparring so much I want to try to find an exercise class like that near where I live it was a great cardio workout and my arms were still surprisingly strong, my feet not so much so my skins gone soft 🙄.
      Best wishes

    1. I enjoyed it so much Annette, thats why I’m doing two posts per week instead of just my usual Sunday post, if you write too much in one post it gets too much. I’m putting the posts together after work in the evening and George is looking over my shoulder going aww I’d have loved that 😂.
      Best wishes
      Charlotte 💕

  4. Another splendid day. The second video is so well panned to fit the music. Your boxing one reminded me of the splendid surprise you gave a TV talent presenter when you opened your mouth to sing in your martial arts costume. That was wonderful, but I can’t remember what the programme was.

    1. Thanks for noticing the video timing with music it took me quite a while to figure out how to do that. The show was I Can See Your Voice, Derrick, the very first UK series. It was a great reaction. The ICSYV team shot a video clip at a karate gym working out but the guessers didn’t ask to see my video sadly, and I’d done a couple of online lessons with my home Sensai to remind myself of the katas 😄. My clips got seen on Gogglebox too which was great fun, my phone lit up with family telling me. Happy memories.
      Best wishes

    1. Fingers crossed I hope it does, I keep being told by my Dad you’ve only got one life take every opportunity and run with it.
      Best wishes

  5. It all looks so delightful and makes me envious I wasn’t there.
    Good to see you keeping your guard up in your sparring match. I had a brief moment in my early fifties when I was fit enough to do that and a bit of kick-box exercise. It’s like it happened for another person now.
    And when you come to Australia – the skin cancer capital of the world – you must remember the cloudy days are the most dangerous because you forget to apply blockout!

    1. Luckily Mum had put sun protection on her face and neck it was her shoulders. I usually always wear a hat in summer. I wish you’d been able to join us we’d have had some great discussions, its that sort of place where you can just sit and chat and enjoy the sounds around you.

      In karate you always draw your punch back deep to your waist in order to get a stronger, harder punch or hand flat strike, so this was a different technique that I enjoyed learning, I like kicking because you can keep further back from your opponent, strike and move back out. It made me really miss my twice per week sessions so if I can I might pick it back up locally, I need to squeeze my class ballet training back in too, it was hard to commit to a weekly class though because I was travelling a lot for work.

      Best wishes

      1. I remember seeing some of your earlier karate posts and recall you in that stance. In fact, you still seem to do it instinctively when you are drawing yourself up to evoke an emotion in your singing or dragging air into your diaphragm. (Not sure if that is the right word to describe that action).
        But if you kept your hands at your waist in boxing you’d end up with a broken nose.
        All the same, I liked your leg “spread” in that sparring session. Very athletic and gave you the opportunity to dart forward and back out of trouble quickly. For a moment I thought you were a southpaw, but no, you are leading with your left leg. Made me nostalgic for exercise – but not enough to get away from the keyboard, LOL

      2. In karate I was able to stand further away, get a punch in or a kick then draw back, in boxing you are much closer to your opponent hence needing to guard your face you are correct you would end up with a broken nose! I thoroughly enjoyed the training.

  6. It is a good thing you were so physically active because those meals you were served were something else. And all the while poor George was dining on rice.

    1. Haha you are so right. George stayed in one of those single bed pods have you seen them? He said it was comfy but tiny.
      Best wishes

  7. Wow, Charlotte! I feel relaxed just reading about this wonderful experience you are having/had.
    Everything is so rich and beautiful.
    The boxing clip is captivating, and lots of fun to watch. You are very good. Fortunately your instructor is better, and so will live to box another day.
    Best relaxed wishes to you!

    1. 😂 I used to have a slam man at home, it had lights all over its body and they would pop on and you had to punch them fast to score but it was much better with a real life partner.
      I hope you are having a lovely summer, we’ve had lovely weather today after it being very rainy here.
      Best wishes

      1. A slam man, lolol!
        New one to me.
        Got the new address, and answered.
        Summer is pretty good. It’s been too hot & humid for long walks, but it could be worse.

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