Day Three: Relaxing and Recharging in Salzburg

On the third day of my Salzburg adventure, I focused on indulging in the spa features that Naturhotel Forsthofgut had to offer. It was a day of unwinding and letting go of the stress of day-to-day life, surrounded by the serene beauty of the Austrian mountains.  

To start the morning, I took a delightful walk to visit the hotel’s stables and on-site farmyard, but I’ll save the details of this charming experience for another blog post focusing on family activities. As I strolled along a nearby river in front of the premises, I had the joy of watching sports enthusiasts paraglide above, adding a touch of excitement to the tranquil surroundings.  

The spa facilities beckoned me, and I heeded the call. I began with a refreshing swim in the adult-only sports pool, invigorating my senses and starting the day on a revitalising note. To fully recharge, I settled into one of the whirl loungers in the open-air lake pool – imagine a jacuzzi, but in the comfort of a chair. The gentle bubbles and warm water embraced me, and I couldn’t have asked for a more rejuvenating experience.  

Before indulging in the lake pool, I decided to partake in the onsen ritual at the waldSPA. Inspired by the traditional bathhouses of Japan, this ritual involves washing before each bath, using the waldSPA exfoliating soap to prepare the body for a serene soak. It was a time to reflect and be present in the moment, truly embracing the art of relaxation.  

At noon, it was time for the highlight of my day – a 50-minute meTIME waldSPA massage. The experience was individual, personal, and entirely tailored to my needs and well-being. As someone who enjoys taking on challenges, my shoulders and neck often get tense, so I asked Gabriela, the skilled masseuse, to focus on these areas. The massage left me feeling thoroughly pampered and renewed, the perfect remedy for loosening tensions and melting away stress.  

Feeling revitalized, I couldn’t resist taking a dip in the bathing lake, surrounded by the tranquil Seehaus. The cold water provided a refreshing and invigorating experience – a true delight on a warm day. The benefits of a cold bath include improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and enhanced mood.  

After a relaxing day at the spa, I retreated to the Bergstille room, where large panorama windows offered views of the picturesque surroundings. With my audiobook, “The Maid” by Nita Prose, playing softly in the background, I felt completely at peace, absorbing the beauty of the moment.  

As the hours whisked away, it was time for dinner. I returned to restaurant 1617, a place that had already impressed me with its culinary excellence. Each meal looked like a work of art and tasted heavenly. On this particular evening, my dinner consisted of a fresh salad from the delicacies market, followed by a delightful Grilled Vegetable Tartare with a brioche and roasted onion mayonnaise (a vegan option), and a creamy Beetroot soup (also vegan). For the main course, I savored a crispy Friedpike-perch fillet with spelt semolina dumplings, creamed kohlrabi, cucumber, and lovage – a truly delectable dish. The dessert buffet tempted me with its array of sweet delights, and I enjoyed a plate of bright cake pops, a heavenly hazelnut and chocolate cake, and a refreshing raspberry parfait slice.  

The standard of food at the hotel was beyond fantastic, and during my stay, I learned that Michael Helfrich, the hotel’s head chef at “echt. gut essen,” had been awarded a prestigious prize recognising the hotel’s exceptional culinary performance.  

To cap off the evening, I savoured a delightful mocktail in the bar, celebrating the blissful day I had experienced. A leisurely evening stroll amidst the tranquil ambience of Salzburg’s natural beauty brought my day to a perfect conclusion.  

Stay tuned for more adventures as my Salzburg journey continues, filled with captivating moments and unforgettable experiences.  

To close today’s post, here are a couple of videos from my balcony concerts featuring songs from the sound of music. The story on which the film was based was centered in and around Salzburg.

If you want to watch the whole balcony concert followingthe links:

The Sound Of Music


Thanks to Naturhotel Forsthofgut ,  Saalfelden Leogang Tourist Office

32 thoughts on “Day Three: Relaxing and Recharging in Salzburg

  1. What fun. I take it you were not one of the para-gliders. Excellent video. Was that you parent’s work?

    1. I think it was my Dad that did the video of the paraglider although I also took some video on my iPhone. I would love to go on a paraglider but I’d have to get my nerve up first.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you John, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post and my songs from the Sound of Music.
      Best wishes

    1. The spa looked so good my parents booked themselves in too. My Dad had a proper sports massage to help with an arm and shoulder pain and my Mum had a back, neck and shoulder massage and said it helped a lot. We enjoyed the balcony concerts they became a highlight of our lockdown week.
      Best wishes

  2. Oh my gosh, Charlotte, I love this post so much! Your singing is so beautiful as is the piano. I love the little girl dancing, she made me laugh. very sweet. I love this series! 🥰

    1. Thank you John, they are my favourite songs from the Sound of Music, you can see why Salzburg has a very musical history and so many fabulous festivals of music, the landscapes are very inspiring.
      Best wishes

    1. My parents and I felt very relaxed after this day, I can see why Salzburg has such a musical history it is very inspiring and these were my favourite two songs from The sound of music.
      Best wishes

  3. Once in a lifetime experience? No, bet you’ll be asked back and you will be able to bring George, who is eating rice and sleeping in some small uncomfortable bed in Japan.
    Have fun, Charlotte.

    1. 😜 George said the pod bed was comfortable, and the manners in Japan were something else, no-one made much noise which he was worried about when he first saw the layout. He said the Japanese etiquette was amazing. He ate lots of Japanese food loads of unusual things, tuna flakes that looked like they were still moving.

      I’m putting my last Salzburg post on tomorrow.
      Best wishes

  4. Fantastic, Charlotte!
    You deserve the pampering on this wonderful relaxing getaway.
    Love the videos, and the food looks divine.
    Thank you for the added songs. “Songs From Our Balcony” is one of my fave albums in my collection.
    Cheers! ❦

    1. Thank you Resa, I feel like I could use another pamper day like that right now 😃. I will be putting out my last post about Salzburg tomorrow I had a great time, a proper treat.
      Best wishes always,
      Charlotte ❤️

  5. Dear Charlotte,
    I enjoyed catching up on your adventure.
    What a time I had vicariously. What a time you had for real.
    Thank you for sharing all of this!

    Now, to share with you that the gown will be finished by end of this week.
    The last email does not impart all that has been done. The sample of what I intended to do is now done. The beading/sequining.. a couple of last minute inspirations, and testing what lights I have at various times of day.

    Of course there will be a big clean up that will take a few days, then I will shoot it off and on for a week.
    This is the most exciting time for me with the gowns.

    Okay, have a great week!
    I’ll be by in a week to see what you are up to, and to say…It’s done!

    Best to you,
    Resa ❦❦❦

    1. I’ll get in touch with you personally because my e-mail account has changed so I’m not sure what happened to your last e-mail but I’m thrilled the gown is nearly complete and eager to see it and your fashion shoot. I’ll be over soon xxxx

  6. Such a fun, relaxing day at the spa! Pretty loves a massage, too – says it’s very relaxing for her so she has scheduled one every two weeks. This is her week!

    1. Oh, how fabulous I’d love a pamper treat like that every fortnight. What a joy, good for Pretty you should join her. I was so surprised how knotted my neck was and full of tension, it felt lovely afterwards.
      Best wishes

    1. Now I’m back into planning, full time work and preparing an opera role it feels a long time ago 😂.
      Best wishes

  7. What a beautiful place, and you seem to be in your element there (great opening photo!), and just a nice, relaxing time ~ and well deserved!

    1. Thank you Randall, it has been my first few days off work this year, I was so busy with Down the Rabbit Hole at the start of the year, then stepping in to a cover role from April I hadn’t realised how much I needed a complete wind down and rejuvenation. I wish I’d had a couple of days more to be honest. I hope you are keeping well.
      Best wishes

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