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British summer time ended on 24th October, the clocks go back so we have more light in the morning but this means now its dark at 4pm.  It’s getting much cooler now, the heating is on more and germs are spreading maybe because we’re inside more?  A cold is a nightmare for singers and can mean having to rest your voice.

As a singer your body is your instrument and prevention is often better than a cure so you listen to all sorts of advice to keep a cold at bay from avoiding sneezing people; washing your hands regularly, taking honey; lemon drinks; chewing garlic cloves; steam inhalation; drinking infusions to constantly wearing a scarf and protecting your ears when walking outdoors in the cold.

I found this fascinating blog post on Opera Pulse that even warns singers of the dangers of molly-coddling and reports that the famed coloratura Luisa Tetrazzini in The Art of Singing (1909) says; ‘Personally I never wear a collar and have hardened my throat’.

As a general rule when I walk around outside I wear a scarf but tend not to wear one indoors unless it’s say a chilly church or rehearsal room.  It was wonderful this birthday to be sent scarves as gifts from family and Pascal Barnier and Nicola Heales, a lovely twitter friend of mine, so unexpected and immediately put to great use.  I’ve even been on-line to learn how to tie them better.


Some Great Ideas For Knots From ‘’



Pascal Barnier’s Designs

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Here is a short demonstration ( click below )

I entered this year’s Scots Song competition at the Conservatoire I didn’t place but I thought you’d enjoy listening to one of the songs that I’d learnt for the occasion it was recorded at our Edinburgh Recital. I didn’t compete last year so this was a nice gentle competition to get back in the swing of things. I am still working on the Scottish accent 🙂

Happy St Andrew’s day to everyone in Scotland for tomorrow, 30th November.

‘Ay Waukin, O’ – Francis George Scott ( 1880 – 1958 )