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October 11, 2020 — 76 Comments

I have spent the last couple of weeks reviewing your comments and suggestions regarding the photographs to be used in the Artwork for our upcoming album of songs that we performed from our balcony during the first 16 weeks of the pandemic here in the U.K.  It has been really useful to me and George to get your opinions which have helped us to narrow down our focus and work towards the final selection. 

Having the combined experience of so many contributors has made the task so much easier.  The concerts we performed were our contribution to our local community and through the use of streaming software, I found that we could share the experience with you, my friends, and supporters here on my blog.  It somehow seemed fitting that you should also be involved in the finalisation of this project, this shared experience, and I want to thank you all for being so supportive through what has been a particularly troublesome time for so many people.

Having listened to your suggestions I chose the three photographs that seemed to encompass as many of the points raised as possible.  Finding the best crop, making sure the verticals were correct, that the image included the balcony, and hopefully still shows the enjoyment we got from performing each week.

So here are the final photographs.  I have added the typography and tried different positions and backgrounds. Take a good look over each one, let me know your thoughts and together I hope we can pick the final image that I can send off with our tracks for publication before next week’s post.

Picture No. 1
Picture No.2
Picture No.3
Picture No.4
Picture No.5
Picture No.6
Picture No.7