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Glasgow University

This Friday, 12th September, my family are dropping my younger brother Tom off at the University of Glasgow for his first day. My eldest brother Matthew and I have been trying to advise him on what to pack and to help him decide what items he needs to take with him for the big move. Luckily my Mum went to Wilko’s and bought most of the items he might need for his next few months of self-catering, self-laundry, and self-organisation. I wish him all the best with the next step and secretly I am quite glad he’s not too far from me, so I can give him a cuddle any time he gets home sick.


With just one week to the Scottish Independence vote we could both be studying in an independent Scotland from the 19th of September 2014. I wonder if that will make any difference to us, I read one article in the Guardian  that asked if I will need to show my passport to enter and leave Scotland! (the article says not). It is brilliant that Scottish teenagers can vote from the age of 16.

My brother Tom came to help me with my lunchtime recital today in Rochdale, with Russell Lomas accompanying me and with a very enthusiastic audience I had a great time. I performed alongside a fabulous clarinettist called Elliot Gresty, who will going on to study at the RCM this September. I wish him all the best with his studies, and I can’t wait to hear him in the future. At the concert I sang a collection of English Songs, which I had not previously performed. A first outing of a song is always exciting, I hope the audience enjoyed them.


My Recital Today With Russell Lomas In Rochdale.

My last recital before starting back to University will be in Preston, Lancashire on Friday the 19th September following which it is straight up the motorway and back to Glasgow ready for the start of term. The amazing Russell Lomas will be accompanying me and Elizabeth Lawton, (Flute) will be sharing the concert with me. Not one to be missed. 🙂


Autumn Hues

September 3, 2014 — 56 Comments


I love the colours of autumn, it’s going to be great to get back to studying full time mid-September. As the days get shorter I love to get up early and make the most of the sunlight. Though the Autumn brings the summer to a close I have always looked upon it as a time of excitement and new experiences.

I’ve been practising my cooking and baking during the summer at home and I  have enjoyed experimenting with the recipes everyone sent in to me to try. Matt, my brother, introduced me to sweet potato wedges, as well as cheering up the plate with their orange colour it’s a great source of vitamin C and is lower in calories than carbs such as pasta and potatoes. I’ve read that the body makes serotonin to make you happy from foods such as dairy, fish, bananas, dates, almonds and peanuts so I’m stocking up 🙂

It’s been lovely catching up with my girlfriends from school during the break and one of my best friends, we met at pre-school, Deanna is about to take an Erasmus year in Germany as part of her German/History degree very excited for her.


Deanna, Josie and Me from our high school days.


Me, Deanna and Josie at our Valedictory just before we all left for College.

I can’t wait to catch up with my girls in Glasgow too, Davidona sadly will be missing from the group but she has an exciting erasmus in Helsinki at the Sibelius Academy and no doubt plenty of fabulous experiences to share with us whilst she is there..

Before I go back to Glasgow I have two final lunch time recitals with the ever supportive Russell Lomas, the first on Wednesday 10th September in Rochdale, Lancashire and the second on Friday 19th September in Preston, Lancashire. I’ve learnt a couple of new songs for the occasion to keep me focused on practise during the holiday.


I’ve enjoyed my yoga sessions nearly every day using Internet training videos, my parents have a smart T.V. which made that so much easier than trying to watch the You Tube videos on my laptop.  I find that yoga is a great way to keep fit when your daily timetable is so varied.


This year I will be taking on a new language at school and starting to get to grips with French.  I have sung before in German, Italian and Czech but the French style of pronunciation when singing is so different.  It was great to listen to the way the French language was spoken whilst we were in Paris, boy those verb conjugations, informal and formal verb uses and le and la are tricky!  I tried out some of my very basic sentences in Paris, I even bored the restaurant cat to sleep ( very Parisian ).


Finally I’ve my 21st birthday this November and the weekend before I have two exciting concerts with Tideswell Male Voice Choir at Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield and the Buxton Opera House, Buxton.


My Birthday falls in the autumn break at College so celebrations may take some organising. I am still undecided on what to do and would love to know if you did anything exciting for your 21st birthday.


July In Song

July 2, 2014 — 41 Comments

It is the start of a new month and the summer is truly with us, I had a wonderful afternoon at St Mary In The Baum church in Rochdale, performing with flautist Elizabeth Lawton and accompanied by Russell Lomas.


When we set off this morning it was a beautiful sunny July day, ideal for travelling to the church. My Nan and her two friends Barbara and Jean travelled with Gill and I to the recital.  It was a great way to start the day and we were all  in good spirits when we arrived.


Jean, Barbara, My Nan, Me and Gill

The refreshments that the church make available to visitors were of there usual high standard and we were all very tempted to tuck in. I sang a selection of songs by composers such as Poulenc, Quilter, Handel and Schubert.


Elizabeth Lawton performed pieces by Kohler, Clarke and Dring before we finished the recital with all three of us performing “Une Flute Invisible” by Saint-Saens.


After the recital was over it was nice to catch up with old friends and discover new ones. My Nan and her friends enjoyed the performances and afterwards we all walked in the town where we found a great local market and had a good browse around the stalls.


My Nan and Me

It is a busy week ahead for me as I am to compete in two categories this year at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod in North Wales. It is a beautiful town and I do so enjoy performing there. It is so interesting to wander around the festival stages and venues and watch performers from all over the world.