Charlotte is in hospital – Sunday 8th Dec Update


Update on Sunday 8th Dec

It’s quite frustrating having your little girl hundreds of miles away on her first ever admission into hospital and not be able to help in any way. We called the hospital on Saturday evening as by then Charlotte’s phone had lost its charge and she could no longer send text updates. Whilst waiting for the ENT specialist to treat her she couldn’t drink properly and consequently she became dehydrated which compounded her condition.   We were told by the nurse on duty that she had been placed on a drip to combat the dehydration and was being given her medication intravenously.  She was to be kept in whilst her condition normalised and until the ENT consultant was happy to discharge her. Her flat mate organised her overnight bag for her when he got back from working at college,

After two nights of not sleeping properly she did get to sleep last night but had to be woken at 7 am. She was sick when she awoke but then managed to keep down two Weetabix. Her medication started to kick in this afternoon and she is feeling a little better now but is staying in again tonight so that they can leave the drip in and monitor her recovery.

Your messages have all been read by Charlotte and she has asked us to thank you all for your well wishes and lovely comments as they have really helped to keep her spirits up.  She has text us to say that she has been catching up on her sleep today because she’s already bored!  She even sent us a photo smiling to reassure us that her swollen face, which had prompted her Mum to tell her to call the emergency doctor yesterday morning when she called her on FaceTime, is looking more normal.

We both appreciate all your support and well wishes and I am sure that they will help in Charlotte’s recovery.


The Original Post

Hi Everybody, this is Charlotte’s Mum & Dad. She has asked us to let you all know that she has been in A&E all day today ( Saturday 7th Dec ) and has just been told that she is to be admitted to hospital for more tests. She has had her first ever bout of tonsillitis and the consultant wants to run some additional tests before she can be released from his care.

She put a post on her Facebook yesterday to explain her reasons for missing her concert bookings as these are the first ones she’s ever missed and it was the first concert she’d ever arranged solely on her own and was so upset to miss the engagement, she did manage to get a friend from the 4th year at RCS to cover for her so she didn’t let St Mungo’s Church down which is typical Charlotte, she was going to try to go until her voice went!

She asked me to pass on her thanks to everyone on Facebook and Google+ for their lovely comments and words of support as they have been a real boost to her whilst she has been all on her own.  I would also like to personally thank everyone for caring enough about our daughter to leave her such lovely supportive messages on this blog I know she gets a lot of pleasure out of reading them and regularly tells us so.

She has said that she will be in touch when she can.

Our very best wishes


158 thoughts on “Charlotte is in hospital – Sunday 8th Dec Update

  1. I ended up with tonsillitis, quinsy and a mouth full of ulcers in my first year at University years ago, so I really, really sympathise with Charlotte. It was just time and patience for me, so I hope she comes good soon. Best wishes to her and a speedy return to good health.

  2. She will be in my prayers! I’m a singer, too, so I understand. :/ Not sure if she can have hot liquids, but chamomile tea has always been my best friend. With a dab of honey it works great. Also, for immune support you may want to try oscillococcinum. It’s in a white and orange box usually and is found at health food stores and grocers. I prefer it even to the flu shot, as it’s natural and healthy and works wonders. Elderberry lozenges can also be of help. Lots and lots of water is your best bet to flush everything out and keep the vocal chords healthy, too! 🙂 Hope some of this helps.

  3. Get well – how frustrating to have the source of your talent and skill attacked. Covering you in prayer.

  4. I suffer from tonsillitis two or three times a year and it’s miserable. I’ve never had it as bad as poor Charlotte though. I hope she is feeling well again soon xx

  5. Get well soon! I think Laughter is still the best medicine. It speeds recovery. Comedy movies — Has she ever seen the Money Pit with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long?

  6. Sending prayers and healing wishes. Anti biotics, anti septic mouth washes after every meal and simply stay healthy meaning don’t over do it. Get proper sleep, meals and exercise.
    Much love and a speedy recovery.

  7. I wish you a speedy recovery Charlotte! I had acid damage on my vocal chords for about two years and it was horrible, I could barely sing at all. You are in my thoughts and I will send lots of positive energy your way!

  8. I echo what others have said – enough sleep and keeping stress levels within reason will give stronger levels of immunity to the bugs that will always be there. This is especially true for a singer who travels and meets so many people, not to mention having your mouth wide open a lot of the time! My prescription – one no blog/Facebook/tweet/email afternoon a week? One sacred stay-in evening per week. Best of luck and give yourself long enough to recover fully.

    1. Hi Hilary my mouth certainly wasn’t wide open this week lol. I couldn’t even get the cutlery in 😉

      Honestly I stay in most of the time, it’s usually only one night per month I go out. I haven’t been out since my birthday I’m not very cool. Don’t drink, don’t smoke, but I do hug lots of people and kiss cheeks 😉

      I am very serious about my singing and about my health I take vitamins and drink lots of water. I do love my blogging though. I have a very low boredom threshold and if I feel lonely I just visit my blog pals ;). I don’t spend as much time on Facebook and twitter because WordPress is where I started but I do enjoy meeting and reading everyone’s comments and feedback, it really is fun for me and fills waiting time in my day. But studying always comes first.
      Best wishes

  9. I do hope you’re feeling much better soon, Charlotte. I know that missing the concert was so disappointing for you. But soon you’ll be well again and things will look much brighter for you. Keeping you in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

  10. So sorry to learn of your illness Charlotte, I hope you have a speedy recovery and wish you well on our path to well being. I know only too well what is like to be side lined. Thinking of you xx

  11. I just wanted to say get well soon and may she has a speedy recovery. Few people in my family suffered from Tonsillitis, so from the experience I would advice you to go for homeopathy treatment for it. It has cure and has no side effects.

  12. Hello,

    Thank you for letting us know. .
    There are some years I spent with the Faculty of Pharmacy degree on the use of plants. For amugdalyte, there is the infection sides, which can be treated preventively with thymus and salvia officinalis, drink or gargle. After returning to normal, throat, used by professionals for years, infusion of violet (viola) and purple (malva officinalis). It’s magic for voice. use after training and after concert.

    My best thought, for her and for you.

  13. Get well soon. Our prayers for you. My songbird eventually had to her have tonsils removed. It got to the point where she had a little problem opening her throat prior to sound check. Mom and Dad, thank you for letting us know.

  14. Am sorry to hear about Charlotte’s hospitalisation. I’m sure she’s in good hands and will improve as the medical team treats her. My thoughts and prayers are with her and the family. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

  15. Dear Gary & Tracy

    Thanks for keeping us in the picture. Such a shame and frustration for your daughter. Mine flared up over 50 years ago and were promptly removed, though as /i could never sing, it made no difference to my voice.

    Here’s to this being a temporary interruption. You’ve raised a lovely daughter.

  16. feel better soon – when I was young, my mother used to have us gargle with a mixture of warm saltwater – of course that was a long long time ago. It seemed to work with my kids.

  17. You asked for suggestions to treat sore throats. (Disclaimer: I’m a certified herbalist and medical lab tech, not a doctor.)

    1.) Suck lozenges containing horehound, zinc, and Vitamin C.
    2.) Inhale Friar’s Balsam (Tincture of Benzoin) in steam.
    3.) Drink tea containing any of the following herbs: Cherry bark, goldenseal, mullein, aniseed, slippery elm, marshmallow, licorice root, ginger root, hyssop, or peppermint.
    4.) Eat small quantities of horseradish and lemon balm as spices in the regular diet

    Hope this provides some symptomatic relief.

  18. Very best wishes to Charlotte for a speedy recovery. I suffered with regular bouts of tonsillitis when I was younger – the best thing was always good old penicillin. For those occasions when it was deemed to be a simple throat infection, the doctors always advised gargling with tepid salt water with aspirin dissolved in it – either a soluble tablet, or one crushed between two teaspoons.

    Really hope Charlotte is on the mend soon.

  19. Thanks for the update Gary & Tracy.
    All we can say is “Geçmis Olsun Missy H”, which is Turkish for “Get Well Soon Missy H”.
    Very best wishes for a speedy recovery….

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