Ready Or Not Here I Come.

Tom outside the main Glasgow University building

Well we dropped Tom off at Glasgow University he’s studying Geography and the university was in the top 5 in the UK for Geography in the 2014 guide he used, he is also taking archaeology and philosophy as extra modules in his first year. Then we dusted and vacuumed my flat ready for me to move back in next week. The weekend was a little emotional for me as this was my little brother venturing out into the world and as his big sister I felt just a little protective of him 🙂

Inside the quadrangle which house the Geography department.
Glasgow University As Night Draws In

“Did you pack every item of clothing in your wardrobe!” Mum said on the Friday evening as Tom’s student wardrobe was bulging. “Nearly” said Tom “then I don’t have to wash and iron clothes for a couple of weeks!” he added. The student village houses about 1000 students and we’d just done the car parking dance where there are about five spaces per block of flats and twelve cars vying for each of them, with abandoned cars blocking the roads. “Why on earth do they give everyone a 5pm start time!” Mum cried, she thought that was just his slot, but it seemed it was everyone’s. But once we managed to get the car unloaded it all seemed a little more relaxed and the number of people frantically running around started to dwindle.

The Murano Street student village in Glasgow

I thought my older brother Matt and I had given Tom all of our six years of collective University advice but we still forgot to tell him to take a padlock for the kitchen cupboard and a mat for the floor near his sink in the bedroom. We’d remembered plasters, headache tablets, Andrews Salts in case he gave himself an upset tummy, an extension cable and all of his clothes hangers (all essential 🙂 ) along with a long list of items you just cant live without as a student.

We lined his new Stabilo colour markers, pens, pencils, lever arch files, refill pads and notebooks on his desk shelves, I don’t know why but I love new stationery. Everything else was found a place to live for the next year and in the end it looked a lot more homely. The one thing we had to do once we had his new address was buy his TV licence £145 so that he could watch his football on his iPad (sadly no actual TV ). I think he’d want to come home if he couldn’t watch his beloved Manchester City.

Tom stood with the Capital One Cup and the Premiership Trophy on his last visit to watch Manchester City at the Etihad stadium.

I’m proud of my little brother today; he text us to say he’d walked to Tesco and checked the prices, OK he was buying unhealthy Pepsi Max but six cans for £3.49 and eight cans for £2.00 really was a no brainer but at least he noticed! He added three pasta meals for £6.00, bread and a bag of apples all for under a £10 so he was happy.

He just had to share his great find with us 🙂


The best thing is that I am only 30 minutes away if he wants to visit and chill out or pop around for his Sunday dinner.  We are also invited to some of the Freshers’ activities and I’ve been invited to a fancy dress party with friends as a character I just love, all will be revealed next week he he.

I will let you know what next year has in store for me at College after I am all settled in on Sunday.

Finally, if you missed it I added my end of Second Year Rusalka’s Song to the Moon onto my Soundcloud page if you’d like to take a listen.

59 thoughts on “Ready Or Not Here I Come.

  1. That’s a gorgeous university!
    There is always something that we leave behind, isn’t there? But considering how much he probably had to remember to pack, forgetting only two items is really commendable! 🙂
    Geography, Archaeology and…that’s going to be interesting!!

    1. It is gorgeous outside and inside. Tom wrote about it on his blog last August and said it looks like Hogwarts. He chose Geography, History, Maths, Psychology and English at AS level and dropped History in his final year of College so he’s always enjoyed the humanities based subjects. He’d always wanted to do Philosophy but it clashed with Geography so he gets his wish now.
      Best wishes

  2. He’s very lucky to have such a caring sister! Great that priorities were taking care of ie tv license! lol
    I guess this must be your final year so really interested to learn what you will be studying.
    Now I’m going to listen to “Song to the Moon” because I know you sing it so beautifully having watched you perform it on quite a few occasions now! 🙂

    1. Hi Michael, Haha, I didn’t bother with tv in my first year and I don’t really watch it very much now, but Tom is football mad. I’m going back into my third year of a four year undergraduate degree it’s a very busy year ahead. I am so sorry you missed the concert in Preston yesterday sometimes the old A to Zs are the best.
      Best wishes

  3. This made me feel quite reminiscent about taking my girls to university. It really is a big leap into the world for those who have lived at home. My husband and I were boarding school kids, so it wasn’t such a big step when we went. Just had another listen to the Rusalka, lovely and very moving, I think this is your best recorded song. I can hear the water nymph character there.

    1. He’d not really thought about leaving home until the day after he moved in, it was a bigger step than he’d prepared himself for but he’s been getting out and joining clubs and meeting people all week so he’s a lot more relaxed now. I love Rusalka too, thank you 🙂
      Best wishes

  4. proper fun! your brother’s settling in, you being so close and that beautiful song… your energy makes my day and I am honoured to be included… cheers

  5. Beautiful, beautiful campus and buildings. Congrats to your brother. You are a wonderful sister and I am sure he will appreciate your being so close by. What an ambitious programme he is taking, too! Your picture here is gorgeous, Charlotte. A lovely post all around.

    1. Thank you Beth :). We picked him up today after his badminton match and we’d cooked a beef casserole at mine, he said he was really happy to eat some home cooking bless. He’ll be eating anything I serve up in a couple of more weeks lol.
      Best wishes

  6. You are a wonderful sister to take care of your baby brother. I am sure he appreciates all the attention he gets from both you and your mother. He sounds like an intelligent young man who has a good head on his shoulders. If he has the same work ethic as you he will do well in life.

    Best wishes to him and to you for a prosperous year ahead. xo

  7. This reminds me a little of when I started college. I brought a ton of stuff with me and still managed to forget some essentials. At least he has you relatively nearby. 🙂 Also, that campus looks GORGEOUS.

    1. Thanks Stephanie, I’ve moved in over two weekends for a change this year that was very useful lol. His campus is very cool, his first lessons start Monday I’m excited for him.
      Best wishes

  8. Best of luck to you at University this year, and of course the very best to you brother as well. Beautiful rendition of the Song to the Moon. Thank you for sharing it with us all. You’ve a lovely voice.

  9. I listened to the song. jeepers, Charlotte, when (or how) did you realize you could sing like that? Beautiful. You truly have a gift that you’re developing nicely. I hope you have lots of fun during the next stage of college.

    Congratulations to Tom. 🙂 Geography? Archaeology? Philosophy? No! I’d have nightmares! That’s why the world needs people like Tom. 🙂

    Yes, I spent many a day watching my favorite sports online (namely Football). And when the season was over, I began to buy full games on iTunes. It kept me sane. Nowadays, I still watch football my laptop…for some reason. Do you know I can get full HD quality of college football games on this baby?! Too excited? Okay, I’ll be quiet now. 🙂 All I’m saying is, my favorite division has their own Channel on YouTube now. So even if I miss a game, I can watch any them them whenever I want! No commercials. Isn’t that awesome?! Right. Sorry. Being quiet. 🙂

    1. I’ve always loved singing, very true about Tom we can’t all spend our days singing about rainbows and love lol :D. You sound just like Tom that’s just the sort of conversation I have with him :).
      Best wishes

  10. It looks like your brother has so much ahead of him. His department building looks inducive for learning. His sister appears to be having fun along side too 🙂

  11. Your little brother is so fortunate to have such a loving and caring older sister living close by. All the best to you two in the new term. Your photos are so sharp! What camera did you use? Beautiful.

  12. Thank you for sharing your family with us Charlotte! Sounds like his studies will make Tom a well-rounded man; and he’s blessed to be near big sis. My baby brother (now 46) is getting married on Saturday and they will be living nearby. Life is richer with the love of family. Best of wishes to Tom, and Matt and you, in life, always.

  13. Good luck this year to you and your brother. Your first day move in story brought back fund memories of my first days. As a freshmen at my college the upperclassmen moved all my stuff into the dorm. It took like 10 minutes. Sophomore year, my parents and I pulled right up in front of the dorm. I told them I’d be right back. When I came back all my stuff was gone. A minute later my fellow upperclassmen came out of the dorm and realized that they had moved a non-freshmen’s things. I was quite pleased especially since my room was on the upper floor. They weren’t as pleased. 😀

    1. That’s funny Colleen, I could just imagine that, my first year I had an attic room, no lift the two young men who offered to help were sure worn out after six or seven trips up and down :).
      Best wishes

  14. I hope you and your brother both have a good year. A lovely post. I too, was reminded of taking my eldest daughter to University when she was doing her BA and MA at Royal Holloway. I am married to a Manchester City supporter so know what they are like!

  15. I know how you feel about your brother starting university–my brother’s orientation at the University of East London was yesterday. He’s going to be commuting nearly two hours each way on the train! You’ll be closer to your brother on class days than I will be to mine (unless I find some excuse to go into London and shop . . . :-)).

    Good luck to both of you as you settle in for the next year at university!



    1. That’s a big commute Cate, I hope he finds a way of using his commute time well. He’s always wanted to study philosophy but missed out at GCSE and A level due to time tabling issues. Tell your brother good luck too.
      Best wishes

  16. Big day for everyone, for all kinds of reasons (new student: Hurray! parents: sob, sob; sister: Okay, here are a few suggestions about what NOT to do, at least not in your first week). Great profile headshot, by the way. Ken

  17. How sweet of you to share this touching moment in Tom’s new life.He is lucky to have so kind and caring siblings ! Strongly united families work miracles and I am sure Tom will be as successful as you,dear Charlotte !
    All the very best for you and yours and especially Tom !
    Have a beautiful weekend ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ).
    Doda 🙂 xxx

    1. Thanks Doda, Tom’s always been really supportive of me, he came along to all my singing festivals and watched all my shows, he’s carried my stuff, it’s nice to help him out too.
      Best wishes

  18. Your little brother is adorable, and all of us at Casa de Canterbury across the Pond in South Carolina wish him the very best – how lucky he is to have a big sister nearby!! 🙂

  19. Hi Charlotte – after receiving the notification that you followed my blog, I checked out yours and couldn’t believe the coincidence! I am also studying geography at UofG and I’m sure your brother visited the GeogSoc stall at the Freshers Fair (I am on the society committee). Small small world! I hope he’s settling in well and that he feels welcome to come along to some of our meetings! 🙂

    1. That’s cool Katie, it was probably him he’s kept himself really busy this week :). He has a blog too called Lets Geog 🙂 he stopped writing in April to concentrate on his exams but I must encourage him to get going again :). I’ll tell him we’ve met in the blog world,
      All the best

  20. I would give my eye teeth to have attended such a gorgeous university!
    Your checklist would have come in handy for Elder Granddaughter, who is starting at Bristol this year.
    Geogging – is that for keeping fit? 🙂

    1. He’s settling in I saw him briefly on Saturday but he’s been busy. He had a great offer from Bristol its a great university I hope your Granddaughter is settling in too. Some of the walks they have planned in the Geog dept will certainly keep him fit he had to buy walking boots :).
      All the best

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