An Interview With Pascal Barnier

The established photographic artist Pascal Barnier combined his holiday to Scotland with an opportunity to see me in my first operatic main role, as Eve in the Dove Opera “The Walk from the Garden” in Glasgow. He also came along to listen to me sing with my friends in the RCS Chamber Choir at our concert in St Mary’s Cathedral. Pascal is the artist that created several of my social media banners and I love his work and his passion for colour, vibrations and light that he says he imagines when listening to my singing.

Having My Picture Taken With Pascal Barnier Just After My Performance In “The Walk From The Garden”


Over the past few months he has been listening to my first album “Canzoni D’Amore” whilst he creates and I’m truly honoured that he has used my songs as inspiration for some of his work. He has decided to group these images together and use them in a book “A Collision of Classical Music and Photographic Art”.

We first met on Facebook about 18 months ago when Pascal created a blog of his works. It’s great to collaborate with other artists and the photographic creations he gave to my parents last month were just lovely. I have also helped him out by reading the French to English translations of his other books and made suggested improvements to his English translations, although I didn’t want to alter the flow too much as I felt that it was important that his work sounded authentically French.


I was thrilled when Pascal agreed to let me interview him for my blog.

Pascal did you study art or photography in Higher Education or are you self-taught?


I actually studied photography autodidact until I was 18 years old. I then took a degree in Graphic Art and Printing along with photography lessons and art history. Then a 35mm projection degree to explore the continuous use of light.

When I read a magazine or book on the art in printing, it inspired me to meet the artists, to find out about their techniques and to work with the best images for reproduction. I seek to know the history of my photographic subjects.

I was also Head of the foundation of a painter. It was in an old chapel, the wall covered with a fresco of 700 m2, which represented the vision of the painter, the Apocalypse of St. John.

For about two years I have done personal research on art and parallel research on light.

So I would say that about 40% of my studies were through academic routes and 60% through self-taught research.


Where does your passion for your work originate?

I have always been fascinated by light. The sunrise, sunsets and lightning during storms, sun rays through the clouds or through the branches of trees in the forest. At first I tried to draw, then to paint and finally I discovered photography.

When I was little, my grandfather always said, if you want to achieve something, work hard at it, keep learning until you arrive at what you want. So for 30 years, I have not stopped and my passion is still there. I can patiently wait for hours at sunset, or walk for kilometers in order to take a picture, and for me it’s magical every time.


What inspires you, for example in your flamingo series I wondered why watering cans?

I have a degree on the acquisition of language and sign language. For me, shapes, objects, colours tell stories, they produce vibrations and make music. Flamingos standing on one leg, remind me of Yogi or Egyptian scribes, observing the world like someone ancient and wise, their pink feathers to me take on the colour of the morning sky, in the light of the new day.

In my work, I try to offer the public a different view on the world. The flamingos are there to act as guides, which encourages the viewer of my images to visit the locations rather than just watch as a spectator.

Watering cans symbolizes sharing, I hope that my images carry with them lessons that flow like water. To me a safe it is filled, it is closed, it is buried, but a watering can when it is full, it can be emptied when you need it, and fill it back up and start again.

As an artist who is in a touring show, every day they start with a new audience, sharing their passion, their work to bring happiness to everyone who comes along.


What is your musical taste, do you play any instruments?

I love music that tells me story that fills the imagination with background images, such as classical, jazz and folk. I do not like repetitive music, containing a phrase that is repeated indefinitely.

I love the harp, violin, and piano because you can feel the music as the vibrations penetrate through your skin. Unfortunately, I’m not a traditional musician, but rather a different type musician, someone who plays the camera to compose visual melodies.


What inspired you to make me the subject of your work?

Your first comment on my blog attracted me to yours, a wonderful discovery. Which I have continued to read ever since. I liked the way you talked about your passion and I found so much in common between the ways we both worked. Then there was your voice, I had to organize recitals in the painter’s foundation and had come across many singers who I considered “technicians” of their art. But your voice overwhelmed me with light, colours and images. I knew then that our artistic worlds would in some way fuse together. Working with you is to be in a world where song gives birth to pictures and where images are singing. Why would I not want to share this with the world around me?


Is there anywhere that people can see your work?

I have a website that I hope will integrate with my library and also my shop (late June) But you can find my work at the following sites :

and soon, I hope to exhibit my work at a shop in Brittany, in La Baule, with photos on paper, aluminum, plexiglass, books, CD, scarves and mugs.



When I was putting together my slides for my PechaKucha presentation last week it made me think about everyone that social media has introduced me to.  I have met such a vast array of gifted people passionate about what they write and so helpful in sharing their knowledge with me.

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  1. Well, what can I say….Thanks a lot Charlotte !! It’s a great pleasure to work with you !Merci beaucoup, trés touché d’apparaitre sur votre blog ! All the best for you !!!

    1. Merci beaucoup pour ton aide et d’encouragement, c’est mon plaisir d’interviewer et d’apprendre de vous. Thank you for your help and encouragement, it’s my pleasure to interview and learn from you.

      Best wishes

  2. A truly fascinating post Charlotte. I found it very interesting to read about Pascal’s work, what inspires him and why he does what he does. Pascal you are a genius with your art and I will look out for more of your work. A really interesting interview Charlotte well done to you both 😀👏

    1. Thanks Gill, I too found it fascinating to learn of Pascal’s artistic development. If you click on Pascal’s name it will take you through to his blog.

      Best wishes

  3. May the Lord bless Pascal, as he is truly a great artist, and good the Lord used him to help you. May the Lord bless you Charlotte richly.

  4. Really interesting to understand the thought process behind Pascals art especially his the medium of light. I have had a fascination with this since seeing paintings by Thomas Kincaid and how he brings pictures to life with light, and I see this in Pascal’s compositions.

    1. That’s interesting Terry, I’ve not heard of Thomas Kincaid I must take a look to see if any of his work is on the internet. Hope you’re good and fully recovered from your cold.

      Best wishes

  5. Charlotte, A brilliant interview once again, a really interesting life story. I love Pascal’s art especially the colours, flowers and of course when you are included 🙂 Thanks for introducing me to Pascal, and his wonderful artwork it would be hard to choose a favourite because I love them all.

  6. Another great social media story. It’s nice to read such positive ones when we read so much about trolling, and such genuine ones when so much is manufactured. An inspiring collaboration for both of you!

    1. I agree there are a lot of benefits being involved in social media communities, I have learnt so much and seen so many beautiful images that I wouldn’t have seen. I never get bored when I can log on at any time and read or chat with people in different time zones, it’s amazing. Pascal’s work really makes me think and pause to look; I see something different in the pictures whenever I view them.

      Best wishes

    1. They are truly lovely, I love the way he can add life and movement to still photography. I must have a thing for collages as they were always my favourite compositions when I studied in the art academy at school both in textiles and other materials.

      Best wishes

  7. How wonderful for us readers to be able to meet the person who creates some of the mesmerising images we have seen on your blog. I love Pascal’s flower and animal compositions too, because of the intensity of the colours.

    1. I think it was the colour that first drew me to Pascal’s art Hilary. I’m so happy to share, I re-read my interviews sometimes, and I have met and talked to the loveliest people including you.

      Best wishes

  8. The purple and red work is stunning. Lucky you to have this opportunity. Have fun in Norway this summer. My granddaughter is in Atlanta for her summer internship. Norway will be much cooler I think.

    1. Hi Dianne I’m very fortunate I agree. My brother did an actuarial internship in the summer before he left university and it led to his first job straight after finishing university what will your granddaughter be doing? A fashion blogger Emily suggested I take some trousers and clothes that I can layer as well as a couple of dresses.

      Best wishes

  9. when things like this happen it is special, I have had the privilege of working in a similar way with various artists and composers, it is a great lift, and inspiration. Good and interesting interview. Hope your presentation went off well, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    1. That’s just what I tried to get across in my presentation Charles that my blog started as a simple journal of my training, and instead it is my inspiration and guide. There was no grand plan, for the first few months I’d write about my training. I had no recordings and as people started to ask me if they could listen to me I had to figure out how to record and store recordings that people could access without them taking too long to load. We had some family camcorder videos and that was another challenge for my Dad to figure out how to use Vimeo and it went on from there. A lovely blogger friend called Ricardo suggested I link to facebook and twitter which took me a while to get my head around. Then I put some videos on YouTube and you automatically have to open a Google+ to do that and that’s where I’m at two years later. I’m as amazed as anyone.

      Best wishes

      1. I must say working out how this whole internet?blogging thing works has been a big part of the journey. I have now bought a book, to try and improve my blog. , but am very happy to be writing each night, and publishing the writing for people to read and enjoy. Now I am moving my Pilates class from Monday evenings, so that I can get back on the stage to do weekly readings. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      2. Pilates, yoga etc are so important I get up early to fit mine in this morning. I love poetry readings you should try to record a couple from your Monday night readings to put on your blog 🙂 use Vimeo it’s free.
        Best wishes

  10. PS. Love these photographic collages, the colours and movement in them. The ones with you in are wonderful as well. Have you put out a CD, as he says he likes to listen to your album? and is it available? Charles.

    1. Yes the album’s called Canzoni D’Amore – Available On iTunes and Amazon I recorded it with George Todica last summer just voice and piano; it took a while to sort out a paypal account so I didn’t create a cd at first just putting the album out as a download, you can read about the songs and watch the videos if you click on Canzone D’Amore in the menu.

      I do now have a CD for sale here on my blog, you can find it by clicking “Album” in my menu. I’m using all the funds raised from the album sales towards my training as I have another year of undergraduate studies, then two years of Masters, then two years of Opera School if I’m fortunate to carry out my goals.
      Best wishes

      1. Hi Charlotte, thanks for that I will look into to it, see if I can get a copy, but usually the postage is prohibitive, so might see if I can get the download . so that I can listen, have listened to the Song to the moon. Went onto your blog and saw the CD, and about it and all the peaces. A signed copy for ten pounds, very good value, will order a copy, when I am next in the UK or Europe, congratulations on the recording. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    1. Thanks Randall, I read an interview about the baritone Christian Gerhaher and the thing that stuck out to me was when he said “you have to learn your own way to express the content of a work of art.” I see this often in the blogs of my photography friends you each express, in your own way, the beauty of what is around us if we only take the time to look.

      Best wishes

  11. Great interview. You just get better and better. I have found that most great artists have a passion for a second art. Clint Eastwood plays and composes music. Tony Bennett paints.The thing you get from Pascal is that he has followed his passion wherever it leads. I think that is so important. And what glorious images he has created.

    1. I really like Pascal’s location photography but I must admit I love the light, movement and reworking of the images in his art images. I love fine art as well as performing arts I think everyone has creativity in them and I’ve just always been encouraged to show mine even finger paintings were blue-tacked on the display wall.

      Best wishes

      1. I totally agree with you about everyone has a creative spark in them. That was the reason I started my Friday’s series: Friday’s Creator Corner. Hopefully people will see the possibilities of being creative, not just in the arts but in every endeavor of life.

    1. It was, his first meeting with me in Glasgow was seeing me walking down the street with my hair in big hair curlers tucked under a bright pink scarf he didn’t seem surprised at all 🙂 Pascal came to see the show twice which is always fabulous because I like to bring something different to every show.

      Best wishes

    1. So happy you liked the post and photographs Ghanshyam, where is your hotel? You never know I might be there looking for somewhere to stay one day 🙂

      Best wishes

  12. How lovely for you to be an artist’s muse, Charlotte! Your interview with Pascal was so very interesting and I have always loved the banners he creates for you.
    With my very best wishes,
    Clare 🙂

    1. I enjoyed learning about Pascals journey too, it’s great fun to be a muse 😊. I love my banners, I rotate them on my website because I didn’t like replacing my favourites.
      Best wishes

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