Sir John In Love – In Pictures

May 14, 2015 — 56 Comments

Here are some pictures from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland “Sir John In Love” opera production.  Firstly here are a few behind the scenes photos that I managed to grab 🙂


I managed to take these pictures after each costume change for “Sir John In Love”


Some of the  cast in costume and ready to go.

I am sure I will not be alone in saying a big thank you to the designers Guiseppe and Emma Belli for creating the stunning stage sets and for setting the mood with the fabulous costumes.  I found this great stop motion video created by Stuart Leech of the stage and sets being constructed by the RCS workshop staff at Spiers Lock.

The following pictures are copyright of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland ( KK Dundas ) and appear on their Flickr page. I have tried to include a good selection of their images to help you get a sense of the production as it has been so much fun to be part of it.

RCS-Sir John in Love
RCS-Sir John in Love
RCS-Sir John in Love
RCS-Sir John in Love
RCS-Sir John in Love
RCS-Sir John in Love
RCS-Sir John in Love
RCS-Sir John in Love
RCS-Sir John in Love

The opera was fabulous to be part of and judging by the review in the “The Herald” newspaper the audience enjoyed it too 🙂

I have also included an audio interview with head of Opera at the RCS Timothy Dean that a fellow fourth year B Mus student Max Fane recorded.

Update : here is a lovely explanation of the story along with a fabulous four star review by bachtrach check it out

56 responses to Sir John In Love – In Pictures

    Peter Alexander May 14, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    Wonderful pictures! What a delightful production. Thank you for sharing these.


    Thanks you som much Charlotte bring us in the backstage world of Opera ! I think that it’s a place were one day my flamingos will make a trip….:-) All the best for you !!


    wonderful show …great casts


    Very informative post, and the stop motion video was great – lets you realise just how much work went into the production.


    A smile is always becoming 🙂


    Beautiful pictures


    I enjoyed the photo stream at Flickr. You seemed to have fun on stage.


    Very cool! Thank you for sharing!


    Love the pictures of you and the rest of the cast. Looks like quite a production. Congrats! Xo

    Annette Rochelle Aben May 15, 2015 at 1:35 am

    As a lifelong thespian, I am over the moon excited that you gave us this inside scoop! I can about taste the energy and am convinced that regardless of the role one plays in this production, no matter which side of the curtain, a good time will be had! Brava!


    Looks like everyone too besides Sir John!


    Great sharing . And thanks to updates this busy world.


    Absolutely stunning. I wish I could have been there to see it! Such a creative setting and costumes for the story. And you deserve every compliment for having time to take pictures after costume changes–I always had difficulty just getting back on the stage in time!

    Best regards,



    What a great insight to the stage production end, I am in awe of all the work!
    Thanks Charlotte, for the video and photos, it was highly informative, and fun to watch.
    Kindest regards, Darlene


      I love stage production, my flatmate is a scenic carpenter so I see how exhausted he gets at show time. Great to be able to share the video.
      Best wishes


    Love all the photos! And that video is fabulous. You had quite a few costume changes!


      Great photography, six changes! In total just Brilliant 😄.
      Best wishes


        Hi Charlotte! First of all , you look absolutely Gorgeous….. No matter what you changed into. I’ve never been to an Opera Show before but the pictures are really beautiful and I can say by the way you smiled in all of the photos that you really had a wonderful time. I wish I could’ve been there because I know your performance was even better.
        Best Wishes to you , Fredrick Halcrombe


    My favorite part of the post is the photo of all the beautiful young ladies with the red lips!


    Fantastic post Charlotte! I loved the photos – yours and the Flickr ones – the stop-motion video was so interesting and so was the interview. Wow! I am now following Les Sirenes on Facebook. Hope the concert on Thursday went well. The reviews look good.


    This looks like so much fun, Charlotte, but much, much better being there and taking part!
    So glad you are enjoying yourself!


    Nice post. Loved the photos. Looks like a fun production.


    Looks like so much fun (and a lot of work!). Great photos! 🙂


    You all look and sound as though you are having a ball. The sets look pretty exciting too.


    How wonderful! Aside from my children, you are My Favorite Artist.

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