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On Saturday it was lovely to see one of my old teachers from the RCS Helen McVey and her son Charlie who came to join in with one of the BambinO performances. I am glad that they both enjoyed the show. I would like to give a big shout out to the toddlers who came in their Halloween costumes to watch today as they were just SO CUTE. Lastly a big thank you to the family who came over from Switzerland to watch as part of a family birthday treat, happy 72nd birthday from me and all the team at Scottish Opera, it was lovely to meet you all.

Then after the last of my two performances of BambinO today David Sneddon the stage manager made sure that I had just enough time to meet some of the toddlers and their families before having to dash off to catch a train down to London. Tonight is the 21st-anniversary party of Improbable hosted by Nick Sweeting and Phelim McDermott. I was thrilled to be invited and jumped at the chance to join in the festivities as I have a couple of days off before the final week of performances starts again in Glasgow. I expect it will be a great way to have a little fun and relax for the evening.

Improabable Annivesary 2017

After the performances end in Glasgow next Sunday I will be finalising my rehearsals for the three concerts that I have coming up in December. The first of which is with Blackburn Music Society, conducted by Tom Newall with Samuel Hudson on chamber organ. The concert takes place on Saturday 2nd December at Blackburn Cathedral where we are performing Handel’s Messiah accompanied by the Lancashire Chamber Orchestra.  The performance starts at 7pm and details of how tickets can be purchased are available online at:

For those that won’t know until the last minute if they can come tickets will be available on door.

Blackburn Concert



File-13-03-2016,-19-00-16_ppThanks to a notification from WordPress I just realised this week in March is my third blog anniversary! This will be my 290th post.

At the end of March 2013 I was advised by a blog friend to set up a Twitter page to share my blog posts and music which I did that month, in July 2013 I joined Facebook, then Google+ what an adventure, so many connections, thank you all for visiting with me, I appreciate you all spending time here.



I hadn’t got a clue what I was doing when I first started writing my blog, in fact there were several months delay from when I first thought of keeping an on-line diary to actually publishing it.  Who’d have guessed how much I’ve enjoyed it, meeting all of you wonderful people, learning about all your passions and seeing so many of you successfully publishing books, your art turned into silk scarves, clothing and bedding, wall art, graphics. I’ve learnt about POWs, life stories, crystals, photography, gardening, cooking, DIY, music, farming, Greece and Greek mythology, India, Bollywood, China, surfing,  I could go on and on so much information, the community on WordPress is just amazing.  It helps me to be a more reflective thinker and encourages me to have a real awareness of myself. I would recommend blogging even if you just want to post very infrequently but still want to keep in touch with on-line friends.

This training I do is hard and very challenging and on some days when I’m emotionally drained I can always read the messages on my blog and read your blogs and get a positive boost of energy from you all.  I’m very thankful and I miss it if I’m too busy to visit as much as usual.

Can you believe my undergraduate course finishes in just over three months! It’s all coming to a head.  My ballet module was completed successfully, I’m so happy about that. Now I’m working on a module in Italian Opera History. I also have a performance/oral examination on my submitted research project. I have no academic writing scholars in my family to pick the brains of so I have to hit the books it’s been a really steep learning curve for me but very enjoyable.


The Four Gravatars That I have Used Since Starting Blogging

One tip to any new bloggers reading, please, please, please put your blog information in your gravatar so when fellow bloggers are exploring we can click through the links easily.  Some of your blogs have disappeared and I hope it’s not just the link that’s missing so if you haven’t heard from me in a while let me know.

Thank you all once again I couldn’t do it without your support and encouragement.

Give Me Your Word

March 23, 2014 — 87 Comments

I have been thinking recently about what binds a couple together and the love that they share for each other as both my grandparents are celebrating their anniversaries in the coming weeks.

Next year as it will be both their diamond and golden anniversaries I am going to try and compose a song for them and write the lyrics to celebrate what will be a wonderful occasion for them both.


On the 26th March 2014 my father’s parents will have been married for 59 years.  My Grandpa said that he met my Grandma when she was just twelve and then spent the eight years that followed persuading her that they should get married,

They married in a Methodist church in Manchester when Grandpa was 22 and Grandma was 20 and she walked down the aisle carrying a bouquet of cream roses.  Following the ceremony many of those in the church wanted to know how Manchester City were doing as they were playing in the FA cup semi final and there were many keen supporters in congregation.  Luckily they beat Sunderland 1 – 0. 🙂

The number one record in the UK charts on the day they married was “Give Me Your Word” by Tennesse Ernie Ford

When I asked my Pepa why they chose the spring time to marry I expected him to give a beautiful romantic reason, however he said that it was to make the most of the tax allowances LOL.

They have been very happy together and I wish them many more years in each others company.



Coincidentally on the 10th April my mother’s parents will be have been married for 49 years also  They met 14 months before they married, my Nana was 18 and my Grandad was 21.  They married in Staffordshire and they had a beautiful wedding with my Nana carrying a bouquet full of pink carnations.

The number one record in the UK charts on their wedding day was “Concrete and the Clay” by unit 4 plus 2.

However when I was searching on the internet I found this video of the record that was number one in the United States at the time and I wanted to share it, check out the dancing 🙂

To help celebrate their lives together I have written my first Haiku, I am still not sure that I should have used the word love twice 🙂

The sweet sound of love
Is the Charming songs of birds
That whisper “my love”